BAL HARBOUR – ( – Two people were shot Tuesday evening at the entrance of Carpaccio restaurant, party of the exclusive Bal Harbour Shops, after a fight between two men injured one of them and a bystander, both with gunshot wounds.

Bal Harbour police spokesperson Capt. Greg Royce said the attack happened around 6:30 p.m. Investigators believe two men were fighting outside of the restaurant, which is part of the high-end Bal Harbour Shops at 9700 Collins Avenue.

Police said one of the man pulled out a gun and shot the other man. The gunfire hit one man in the knee, and a second woman was struck in the foot, apparently by the same bullet. She was taken by air-rescue to Ryder Trauma Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

The other victim was struck in the knee, and was also transported to the hospital.

The gunman was seen getting into a black car that drove away southbound on Collins Avenue.

Police said the man who was shot may have known the shooter, as witnesses allegedly saw the two arguing together earlier in the evening.

Police said the shooting apparently had nothing to do with the restaurant or the mall, and happened off the mall property. The victims were pulled into the Carpaccio restaurant for their safety.

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  1. Me says:

    That is why I am staying practically a hermit living Miami until I move the hell out of here. You can’t go to the store down here without encountering someone rude. It could even escalate to getting shot. I just don’t feel safe anymore living in Miami unlike when I was younger. Miami was a lot more, American, back then. Now, it’s third world.

    1. You says:

      sounds like this little incident is americans buddy, you’re going to have to claim this one whitey, get your facts straight before you start with your racist comments

      1. Jane Doe says:

        How is that comment racist? The person said thrid world and did not mention any countries. If you assume hispanic then you need to go bakc to school and learn your races. Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race. As for the shooter it makes you wonder if no information is give about them besides a vehicke.

  2. him says:

    i take it you mean native americans……didnt think so!

  3. carmen says:

    lol…whitey is quick to say that America is changing. I guess they forget the things their forefathers have done in this “great nation” created by murders, rapists, & crooks. Whitey has a selective memory.

  4. hernan rojas says:

    witness said they got into a car….how many camara Bal hourbour shop owns botheway there is a Police station on the 2 floor , so it dosent motter where you came from ….it you go to the Europe Deli in Sunny Isles…….. You will see the Russian Mafia with all there criminal activity and the Police or the FBI or DEA or t be anybody …none would do nothing , couse all would be out of there jobs. Just be careful……….

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