HOLLYWOOD – (CBS4) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who was shot and killed by deputies near Hollywood Beach on Sunday.

According to BSO, 42-year-old James Purdue was agitated, angry and apparently suicidal when he made threats against police.  When BSO deputies who responded felt threatened by his actions, they opened fire and shot him dead on State Road A1A in Hollywood.

It all started shortly after 4:00 p.m. Sunday when deputies answered a call made to 911 about a suicidal, armed man in the parking lot of a Winn Dixie in Dania Beach. The caller said the man had threatened “to kill a cop,” according to BSO Spokesperson Dani Moschella.

When deputies arrived, Purdue was already gone but deputies searched and found him at nearby Dania Beach Pier. They asked him to surrender, but he refused, and instead got into a white pickup truck and drove away, deputies following.

Purdue stopped again at the Dania Beach Grill, but once again, Moschella said he refused deputies’ requests to surrender peacefully.

Driving once again, the man crossed into Hollywood and stopped in the center of A1A at Evans Street.

At that point, BSO said, Purdue got out of his truck and started walking toward the deputies. Swearing at a deputy and a sergeant, the agitated man told the officers they would have to shoot him.

Moschella said when the man reached behind his back, the BSO deputies opened fire.

“At some point, the deputies perceived the same threat and opened fire,” Moschella said.

Purdue died at the scene.

Sgt. Tom McPartland and Dep. Ray Herrera were automatically placed on administrative leave, and an internal affairs investigation is underway.

Comments (13)
  1. ekim says:

    These damn cops keep killing people. I BET THIS GUY DIDN”T EVEN HAVE A WEAPON. This is what happens when you have uneducated people become law enforcement. They should require cops to get a college education instead of letting these power hungry bullies be in charge of law enforcement. Unacceptable. Trigger happy cops seem to be a trend in south florida. This must stop. Unacceptable They murdered this man.

  2. steph says:

    This is totally unacceptable. You give these idiot cops a little authority and they take it to the top. Couldn’t you aim for the leg or something like that. The man probably didn’t even have a weapon. It is totally isn’t right they can MURDER people and get away with it. Any one else would be locked up. THIS HAS TO STOP.

  3. MiamiMex says:

    Okay, perfect judges out there, you go get your badge and weapon and show how it’s really done.

    I hate corruption but this is another justified shooting. Obviously ideally there would never be ANY shooting, but someone has to protect the public and it’s obvious they were doing just that.


    1. God Knows The TRUTH says:

      Protecting the public and killing the public are 2 totally different things. I was raised by an officer and BSO is a disgrace to law enforcement every where.

  4. Kelsie Perdue says:

    This was my father. He didn’t even have a weapon! These dumb ass cops killed my father, & left his 3 children & wife to suffer! My father was a very good man & he supported our family for many years! I’m 13 & now i have to grow up without my father! He wont be able to see his grand kids or be able to walk me down the isle! We don’t have any money to pay for his funeral , he didn’t deserve to be killed! Both cops fired & thats unacceptable! They didn’t see the “gun” , they had no right to fire! I promise i’m gonna fight for justice until the day I die! My father meant nothing to those cops but he meant everything to me, & they took him away from me without even caring! .R.I.P. DADDY! 143 ❤

    1. Alexandra says:

      Kelsie, I am sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through right now. I agree with you 100% that what happened to your father was unacceptable. When my friend lost her son tragically last year, she had a posting similar to yours with her bank information where people can make donations to help cover the funeral costs. My prayer to God is that He may comfort you and your family during this time of sadness, Don’t listen to what the media says-they are always judgmental without knowing the heart of your beloved father. You are portraying the wonderful father and person he was and I commend you in honoring your father, you are a wonderful daughter. I am truly sorry for the loss of your father, it is sad that his life had to be taken this way.

  5. PO'D says:

    This man was my uncle……. I can’t say much about what’s going on, but I can say DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE PRESS. My uncle was a good man and a wonderful father to his children. You people (press) are trying to make him out to be a monster of sorts when nothing is further from the truth. This man was a GOOD MAN. NOT A CRIMINAL.
    Further more, why is it that this took place between 4pm and 5pm yet it was still undetermined if there was a weapon at the scene of the crime at 10pm? You mean to tell me you really don’t know if there was a weapon, a life threatening weapon, within 5 hours?

    1. PO'D says:

      Rest In Peace Uncle Matt

    2. Kelsie Perdue says:

      Who’s PO’D? This is Kelsie, his daughter!

      1. PO'D says:

        This is your cousin, Chas. Tina’s oldest son. PO’D stands for P!ssed Off. If there is anything I can do, let me know. I know we don’t know each other that well, but you are family and I love you very very much.

  6. Kelsie Perdue says:

    oh thank you! i love you to!

    1. steph says:

      My prayers and thoughts go out to you Kelsie and your family. As I stated in my comment of yesterday, this was another useless murder. There was no reason for it to have ended the way it did. THe cops down here don’t know how to protect or help citizens. If they need target practice that bad go to the dam range. I have little to no respect for these idiots anymore. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  7. colleen says:

    kelsie u dont no me but im bryans step doughter.an i want to let u no how sorry i am for tha lost of your dad.he was a good man .what they did was cold.bby girl dont let tha press get to u. keep your head up girl. an be strong. an just remember one thing tha good man above knows what really happen. an as long as u got him on your side.u cant lose justice will be served one way or another.

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