MIAMI (CBS4) – Fresh off his recall campaign that ousted Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, businessman Norman Braman is now asking that charter amendments be put on the ballot when a new mayor is selected to finish Alvarez’s term.

Braman held a press conference Monday afternoon where he asked all mayoral candidates to sign a pledge for 8 specific charter reforms he calls the “Pledge To The People Of Miami-Dade.”

“If the commission fails to give the people the opportunity to vote on this, we will try to figure out a way to give them that opportunity,” Braman said.

Braman considers his charter amendment proposal “step 2.”

“It’s up to the commission to avoid steps 3, 4, 5,” Braman warned.

The charter changes included a call to reduce the number of commissioners from 13 to 9. In addition, Braman wants the nine commissioners to be made up of 7 district commissioners and 2 at-large commissioners who would represent the entire county.

A similar idea was endorsed by former Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez in his final press conference.

Braman’s reforms included some new limits and rules for Miami-Dade Commissioners. Braman wants term limits for commissioners of two, four-year terms. Commissioners would be forbidden to have any outside employment and they could not lobby for 10 years after leaving office.

In exchange for the new rules, Braman said that commissioners should be paid a reasonable salary.

The charter amendment changes would also include aligning election dates for county government with national and state elections. Braman also wants to reform the size and reduce the cost of county operations.

Finally, Braman wants to fundamentally alter the recall process to make it easier for citizens to initiate the process.

“I believe they should be in the general election,” said Miami-Dade Commissioner Bruno Barreiro. “I think right now the voters are the ones that I work for. So if that is something the voters say that they want, I would have no other choice but to support it.”

“I don’t think he’s dictating,” said voter Will Arthur. “I think basically what he’s doing is he’s setting parameters in which elected officials would be more effective in their jobs.”

The Miami-Dade Commission is set to meet on Thursday.

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  1. Jason White says:

    This guy actually wants a government that is for the people and works for the people? I can’t believe it! What a concept?! I wish more wealthy individuals for once cared about society versus all their special little interests.

    Good job Braman! I’d vote for you if you ran for office!

  2. REFORM NOW says:

    Besides Commissioner Gimenez, who has pushed these Charter Reforms for years, the rest of the Commission is playing games, and either don’t want Charter Reform with the Special Election for Mayor, or want it during a run-off. Please. There is no guarantee for a run-off. Don’t bet on there not being a run-off with my money Commission. The timing works if they set the Charter Reform questions for May 24th, then hold off for a few weeks to formally set the Special Election for Mayor (and Seijs) on the same day!!! Stop Messing Around!!! Lets Vote for Both on the 24th!!!

  3. William says:

    Some great ideas. Wonder why nobody has pushed for these things before now. We need all kinds of limitations on our elected politicians, from city to county to state to federal. And with mandatory punishments so some liberal judge can’t let them off. What’s needed is more ordinary people in government, with regular turnover so that they wont become career politicians. Outlaw pork-barrel earmarks, excessive entitlements and make everybody pay tax in proportion to their income, with no reverse taxation, food stamps or welfare checks, so that all able-bodied persons will go to work. Charity is for family, church and charitable organizations, not government. And we can all work now until 70, to increase productivity and reduce dependencies and keep Social Security alive and well. We’re all to lazy and spoiled.

    1. Frances says:

      Lets hope you never get sick and see WHY you need social services..

    2. EOS says:

      William is another greedy me me me person not one of gods caring children

  4. AZ says:

    Wow, a Government for the people by the people…. Where have I heard that before…. Ia this a new concept. Ah yes, we still live in a Democracy. Thank you, Mr. Braman for caring enough to bring changes to our community where definite changes needed to be made. May this be a wake up call to our Public officials when they clearly deny to listen to the voice of the people who elected them and negate to make ridiculous decisions basing them on the betterment of our community when it was clearly an uproar…

  5. Pedro Lara says:

    The only reason Norman Braman is doing this whole thing is because of him losing money on the OB deal. When the OB was torn down for the new Marlins stadium and he could not sell his used cars anymore on the OB lot he was going to lose a lot of money that’s the real reason why he even started this. He will make everyone to believe that he only has the best interest at heart but in actuality it’s his way of getting back at the city of Miami by putting on a phony front. Yea right he cares about the city bull he does. Please people don’t let Norman Braman manipulate you with his actions about reducing the commissioners to 9 it’s just a smoke screen to the real reason.

    1. Braman supporter says:

      I’m sure he sold so many cars on the old OB lot compared to his many classy dealerships throughout FL, you are a joke, the only people who sold cars at the OB where crooks during repo sell-offs to no credit having low-lifes.

    2. Paul says:

      Regardless of his reasons what we did by recalling alvarez had to be done just to send them a message that you either listen to the people or your out plain and simple. They are supposed to be there for us not to serve themselves, are you trying to tell us that when you heard that the mayor and commissioners gave the Marlins a new stadium and then later raised our taxes just to give themselves raises you didn’t feel like getting rid of them immediately because we did. You probably don’t own realestate in Miami-Dade MR.Pedro because if you did then you might understand and stop worrying about his motives atleast he came up to bat for the people of this county because i haven’t seen anybody else do it.

  6. justme000 says:


  7. RAllan says:

    I am not in favor of reducing the number of commissioners. Why reduce the number? The recall election was about our politicians not being responsive to the citizens. How would increasing the amount of citizens a commissioner represents help responsiveness? I don’t get it.

  8. Mayda says:

    Braman a true AMERICAN that cares for his community. Finally we are seeing someone stand up for interest of the community.

  9. Mr. Miami 2011 says:

    in having a non biased view to either position.
    Maybe Braman should run a local position if these are things he wants. Who is he to dictate to the people? Even if his ideas are good he should run a campaign for position that gives him the ability to petition for changes . isn’t he lobbying???? look at the local media pandering to him because of the advertising revenue he spends with them. I know an old saying about trades and at the bottom of a 55 gallon bucket of scum you’ll usually find car salesmen. the CEO and founder is usually the thickest scum of them all. Corruption is no good from the commissioners or Braman.. if Braman has a true bi-partisan interest shouldn’t his approach be to sell off all of his business ventures to a non ally or non family member or better yet place it in a blind trust and run for a local government position??????

  10. EOS says:

    What is a “reasonable” salary? $ 7.25 hr. since the are entry level employees i think that sounds fair. lol….

    1. Paul says:

      Yea right. not only that but most are just a bunch of lazy employees with a whole lot of benefits that we all have to pay for. I guarantee you that if i were elected Mayor i could probably do a much better job and you won;t have to pay me a few hundred thousand to do it right and honest. They are just a bunch of crooks lining their pockets with our hard earned money

  11. Marian says:

    What about ruling that recalled officials can not walk away with benefits or any kind of compensation, we are rewarding bad work now! Just see Burguess and Alvarez

    1. Blanca says:

      I agree!!! No benefits or compensation for none of them. This would be quite a a slap to the future crooked politicians.

    2. Paul says:

      You are right! Why should we compensate these people with such big payoffs when their performance was less than good. The problem is that the idiots that are negotiating these contracts with these county employees don;t give a damm because it;s not their money that they are giving away and besides they are giving it to their buddies.

  12. Blanca says:

    I say, “all those salaries that were raised during this bad economy by this crook, should be lowered back to what it was or to a reasonable salary.” If lowering our property taxes back to what it was too, GREAT!!! I give you a 10 Mr. Bramman. Can this be done??

    1. Paul says:

      I feel the same way. It should be lowered back to what is was and our taxes too. These county employees are always crying but they fail to realize that most people out here in the real world have to pay their own medical and most of us don’t get pensions so why are they always crying, they want so much for these entry level jobs that any monkey can probably do better, i say NO more pensions you want retirement here is a 401K now contribute if you want a retirement account just like the rest of us.

  13. Luis Bonilla says:


  14. The_prince says:

    The crooked politicians in this town….which probably represents about all of them should be running scared right about now. This community has needed a Norman Braman for quite some time. The evidence is in the creation of the financial windfall approved by these same politicians for George Burgess. Anybody who can voluntarily leave their position and walk away with that kind of money….it’s criminal. And if these are the types of decisions those jerks downtown make…..they all need to go. Kudos to Mr. Braman…my hat is off to you. If you can rid this county of the other 13 idiots that occupy the county commision seats….more power to you.

    1. Paul says:

      You are 100 percent right. we need to get rid of the rest of the commissioners and start fresh. Who the hell do these commissioners think they are giving our money away like this. I think the problem is simple they take care of their buddies and the hell with the people, they don’t care about us.

  15. QI77 says:


    Reducing the number of Commissioners will SAVE money … and it will help to cut down on corruption …

    However, I would suggest that all of the Commissioners be “at large” they would then have to represent the entire county …

    If they were concerned with getting votes from the entire County … there wiould be less corruption ..

    Less “lets spend the money in MY local district so I can get the Votes” …

    They would all have to stand for election at one time … and none of the Commissioners would have a permanent local base of voters that would re-elect them over and over again …

  16. TIDE ferrari racing palm beach,tom davis says:

    “SAVE the MIAMI MARINE STADIUM” Make the billonare Marlins / minnow ‘s owners pay 4 their own stadium like JOE ROBBIE did 30++ years ago!

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