Police ID Bicyclist Struck, Killed In Davie

DAVIE (CBS4) – A man on a bicycle was struck and killed early Monday morning on University Drive in Davie.

According to police, the accident happened just before 6 a.m. at the intersection of Griffin Road.

Paul Steven Dippolito was pulled out in front of a red Nissan as he tried to cross University when he was struck.  Police said the driver of the Nissan had the green light and stayed on the scene until police arrived.

Chopper4 over the scene spotted a red Nissan parked in the median; a body covered by a yellow tarp yards away in the southbound lanes.

Police said the driver was not cited for the accident.

  • Maggie Joseph

    Are you kiddling me? Do you know for a fact this person was Cuban? Someone just died for crying out loud have some sympathy!

    • rausky

      It really goes to show the real lack of compassion and hatred that exists here inSouth Florida. I can’t wait to retire and LEAVE this LOUSY, RACIST place!! To those who hate us Cubans, we hate you one hundred times back!!

      What a bunch of schmucks! People what goes around comes around!! ENOUGH OF THE HATE!!

  • Maggie Joseph

    I was responding to a comment that was left prior to mine, thanks! Sorry I had to response

  • mimi

    what comment was that Maggie? Who was cuban?

  • Maggie Joseph

    yea mimi, someone wrote yea just another cuban, that should have been bombed a long time ago, and so i just had to say something.

  • drrick1999

    at some point, legislators will make it a point to institute a law that makes it illegal to text and/ or use a handheld cell phone while driving and make it a manslaughter or 1st degree murder charge. A little common courtesy probably would have saved this cyclists life. The drivers get a second chance, the cyclists get a funeral. Unbelievably stupid.

  • Greg Henderson

    may not have been the driver’s fault at all. i have observed flagrant disregard for the law by many cyclists—breezing through red lights, stop signs etc…

  • Evelyn

    Where did someone say “Cuban”? Florida is not bicycle-friendly, and that’s a busy intersection; in addition, 6 a.m. is quite dark. Add the usual driver distractions and you have a recipe for a tragedy. My condolences to this man’s family.

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