HARTFORD, CONN. – (CBSMiami.com) – Former Ocean Drive mogul Jerry Powers, now CEO of Plum TV, is heading to court to keep from losing his assets over a $1.2 million gambling debt he has refused to pay.

The debt is with the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut, which won a court judgment allowing it to seize Powers’s assets because he refused to pay a marker, or line of credit, granted so he could continue to play blackjack one night in May, 2009.

Powers is appealing the original court decision, claiming that since the contract was issued on native-American land, the court decision to enforce it is invalid under state and federal law because they have no jurisdiction on sovereign native-American land.

Previously, Powers claimed he was pressured to take out the credit while he was intoxicated so he could continue to play blackjack.

He claimed the contract was illegal under Connecticut law, the state bans both gambling, and the borrolwing of money for the purpose of gambling.

Judge Robert C. Leuba of New London Superior Court rejected Powers’ arguments, and permitted Mohegan Sun to begin the process of seizing his assets. The motion before the appeals court has halted the seizure process.

The Connecticut Court of Appeals has not said when it consider Powers’ request.


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