By David Sutta

After months of stories we can finally put the recall of Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Natacha Seijas to bed.  It’s clear the media has been in love with this story from the beginning.  It had everything a good story needed.

david sutta photography

Personally I liked the story because it inspired.  People were suddenly empowered to take an interest in local politics.  This was NOT a Republican vs. Democrat thing.  It wasn’t another corruption story either.  God knows we have had plenty of that.  People suddenly took action instead of shaking their heads in disappointment.  It was great to see.

david sutta photography

All images are from Mayor Carlos Alvarez hosts a farewell conference Wednesday following the recall. CREDIT: DAVID SUTTA

Now that it’s over though I just find it… sad.  Whether you liked Carlos Alvarez or not, he is a good man, arrogance aside.  From what I saw he lived by a good set a morals and ethics and he brought that to a government that needed it badly.  If only he had been a better judge of the citizen’s pulse.

I wonder where Miami-Dade heads next.  Will the new mayor carry the torch of ethics while instilling a cost conscious form of government?  Or will corruption and spending behind the scenes return?  History says it will.  We’ll see.  And you can count on the media to be there reporting on it.

As for Natacha Seijas, now missing in action, I can confidently say, “Good riddance.”  I never understood how a person elected by the people could ignore the people and do as they please.  I tried repeatedly to give Seijas the opportunity to speak on issues only to be treated with disdain.  After years of disrespecting the community, the media, and her colleagues I believe this recall is a sobering dose of reality.  I don’t think you have to be a friend of the media to be a politician.  There are plenty of those.  However you do need to respect your constituents.  They are the reason you are there, not the other way around.

I wish the incoming manager and mayor all the luck and the outgoing county manager and mayor all the best.  I believe it’s time to do all those things you passed on during your 30+ years working for this community.  And you won’t have us looking over your shoulder anymore.



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