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TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – Florida state senator David Simmons’s bill to loosen Florida’s class size limits unanimously cleared a Senate committee Thursday without debate.

The bill (SB 1466) would allow schools to exceed the limits by three to five students per class in order to accommodate those who enroll after an annual count is taken every October.

Simmons sponsored a similar bill that unanimously passed the House in 2008. But, it stalled when the state Senate refused to consider it saying the limits could only be changed by a constitutional amendment.

The Legislature put an amendment on the ballot last year, but voters rejected it.

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Comments (7)
  1. S. says:

    One of my colleagues had 60 students in one class, no exaggeration. The kids used it as a bird course. A couple of years ago, I had 37 students in my elective course. Again, same issue. Why? Because ONE teacher can not pay attention and TEACH all those students at once. This isn’t college. In college, students are, rightfully, responsible for their own education. In high school, teachers are made to hold the hands of students lest a student complains that reading a book in a 9-week frame or writing in a daily journal is too much work. The school system sucks beyond belief. Florida sucks. There’s just too much corruption and short-sightedness for this state to be nationally competitive.

  2. Patriot says:

    I was a teacher twenty years ago and if it was true then (and , it was) it’s definitely true now.

  3. RSG says:

    Let’s get this straight. shall we? First, they decide that our teachers are to “privileged”, so we get that Merit pay BS. Now, 30 kids in a class isn’t enough – so we’re going to up that too.

    This is not the solution to the problem of education in this country, it’s a major step back. For years, I’ve believed that our education system is broken – it doesn’t really seem like we’re teaching independent thinkers anymore. Let’s just encourage teachers to teach the tests, not help their students learn to think – that’s really going to help. Education is a three party process and the Teacher isn’t the most important part. Students and their parents have more than equal parts in the students’ education – it’s time to stop pointing the finger at the teachers for the parents and students shortcomings.

    There are good teachers and bad teachers – having our school system like this will not encourage the good teachers to even think about helping our students.

  4. M Westie says:

    Simmons obviously does not have any children in the FLA public school system. Despite the so-called cap on class sizes that was to take effect last October, classrooms are still filled beyond capacity. My daughter’s second grade class was recently cited by the fire marshal for having too many students in one class, a potential fire hazard. And didn’t the voters of FLA vote twice for a cap on class size? Not only is it unsafe, but it begs the question- How can anyone be foolish enough to think that children are learning anything in these overcrowded classrooms? I don’t understand why this issue keeps coming up. The people of FLA have spoken and we want limits on the number of children being stuffed into these small classrooms. Overcrowded classrooms, under payed teachers, and teachers with little experience- Is that where education in FLA is headed? I’m really frightened for our children and what kind of future is in store for them.

  5. Mari says:

    The mandate of the people means nothing to our ELECTED officials. We need to vote them out of office and make sure they don’t get the cushy retirement benefits they have voted themselves. Why should elected officials have these kinds of benefits? Why are they NOT listening to the people who put them in office? Florida, where people dead for twenty years still vote!!

    1. A Furutre Educator, NOT in FL says:

      I agree Mari, VOTE THEM OUT. They are just making sure that there is enough money for their paychecks and they are picking on children to get it

  6. lovingParent says:

    I feel as if politicians are making these changes to hopefully move education towards private teaching…therefore making money from education instead of having to provide the basic necessity of education for free. It breaks my heart to stand by and watch these changes..

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