DAVIE (CBS4) — Gov. Rick Scott was in South Florida Friday morning as the keynote speaker at Broward County’s 3rd Annual “State of our County” forum where he addressed tough issues facing the state.

The event was held at the Signature Grand in Davie where Gov. Scott told the crowd of top business leaders and politicians that the state is in serious debt and should be run like a business.

“It’s a right to work state, has beaches, and proximity to an expanding Panama Canal, Scott said. “There’s a lot of things we have going for us. But that’s not good enough. If you look at what we do in Tallahassee, we don’t solve problems fast enough,” he said. “We have not run this well enough, like a business.”

He said hard decisions must be made, including deep cuts to the Department of Children and Families, now under fire after failing to protect and prevent the tragic death of Nubia Barahona and abuse of her twin brother, Victor.

An independent panel investigating the Barahona case just released its final report and recommended immediate reviews of case managers and psychologists, along with an overhaul of DCF’s abuse hotline. The recommendations come as the Governor has proposed slashing DCF’s budget by $179 million. He’s also proposed cutting 1,849 positions, from 13,`86 to 11,337, which is a 14-percent reduction in workforce.

It’s a move he says is necessary.

“We all have to understand that every family in the state has had to tighten their belt, they’ve got to figure out how to do more with less because if we don’t we’re never going to grow jobs in this state,” said Gov. Scott.

Creating jobs, cutting property taxes and attracting business to the state, all topics Gov. Scott discussed. Also at the forefront, education, funding which he said he would not touch during his campaign but has since proposed a $200 million cut in his current budget plan.

Public school officials say his proposal to slash spending by up to $703 per student, or 10-percent, would result in laying off thousands of teachers.

“School districts have to figure out how to do things better with less just like everybody else in the state,” said Gov. Scott.

Scott also said he liked the teacher merit pay bill passed Thursday by the Senate that would measure teacher effectiveness.

He said teachers should be measured and rewarded based on their performance. “Should somebody, just because they’ve been there long, keep their job? You don’t do that in business. Why should we do that in education?”

The governor pledged to do what he said he would during the campaign, “Run the state like you run a business.”

“Everybody says you can’t do that,” Scott said, but he said it can be done by focusing on the customer, solving their needs and constantly measuring performance.”

Comments (40)
  1. Art C says:

    I hope all the disabled citizens (developmentally disable, sick with no insurance, elderly, and more) and their families show up to this event and show that “businessman” how his hateful outlook on life will affect these unfortunate people. Yeah, right, “Let’s get to work” my old aunt Sara. All he cares about is his rich compadres and helping the rich get richer, and the middle class and poor become the 21st century serfs to make their lives easier.

  2. bill says:

    Scott is a business-controlled loser. Where’s Charlie Crist?

    1. Dave Sterrett says:

      Instead of everyone wanting a re-call vote on the crooked loser, why doesn,t someone start the ball rolling before he completly ruins this states economy and potential to be a leading state that it has a chance to be. The high speed train system, our educational system getting trashed, and its only March. We need him out of office now, not next year!

      1. James C Shrum says:

        if he wants to run a state like a business then stop giveing big businesses tax breaks. I don’t no of to many businesses giving awaying money to other people . maybe to a charity onece in a while. Scott you can’t have it both ways .

  3. Ken says:

    He was interviewed last night and reiterated his campaign slogan “Let’s get to work.” He still to this day has not specifically laid out any details on how to do that.
    Eliminating corporate taxes is BS. All that will do is increase the bottom line on the public companies, increasing shareholder value, and producing more bonuses for his boys. The corporate officers will be accountable to the shareholders, whose only concern is fattening their own pockets. They could care less about adding jobs. I’ll bet his personal investments are tied into these companies.

  4. ALBERT says:

    Scott YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. O.R. says:

    Focusing on the customer? Who is he talking about? Surely he doesn’t mean the non-business sector of the state. Oh yeah, when businesses can’t pay their stockholders they declare chapter 11 and restructure. Is that what he has in mind? Does he think just like many on the right, that if businesses are taxed less that they miraculously start employing more? Why does he always appear in fotos like if he has a blank stare?

    1. pentacles says:

      History has proven that businesses do not hire more based on tax breaks. The only factor that leads a business to hire is an increase in sales over the previous year. By the way, Jeb Bush and his other right wing cronies have suggested that the state should declare bankruptcy so that all the govt workers pensions can become void. Yeah, you put a Repub businessman in charge of your future and they will always pull a Bernie Maddoff.

      1. CONFUSED says:

        Furthermore to your point, if business is picking up and sales are booming if I were a business owner I could not logically imagine a situation where I would stop growing my business because my taxes have increased. If sales are growing who wouldn’t continue expanding their business regardless of taxes. The cost is passed on to the consumer anyway.

  6. Keith says:

    Scott knows nothing about education and what it means to be a teacher. Nor, it seems, is he interested in knowing. He and his ilk are going to do everything in their power to dismantle public education, one of the hallmarks of the great democracy that is the US.

  7. Rita says:

    I think there is a good possibility, Scott will succeed. Try it and you can see the effect it will have on everyone’s pocketbook, for the better . Shareholders of large puiblic cimpanies are the average citizens.

    1. nelson says:

      Crist is a crook and you people elected him…… so this is what you get……

  8. EOS says:

    editor where is the lint to this losers speech?

  9. EOS says:

    He scott i am not a “customer” I am a citizen of the Great State of Florida and you are a fool

  10. EOS says:

    Editor : Link to this losers speech please. we do not live on sound bytes

  11. pentacles says:

    We don’t need this crook to run us into corruption like he did his own business. If you look at tourism this last year, and growth in downtown/midtown, you see the growth was already starting BEFORE he took office. The state is in debt not because of teachers, but because of corrupt politicians like him, Seijas, Diaz de La Porilla, Alvarez, and all the other crooks who have been lining their pockets for years. And now this one wants to extract it all from children, the poor, teachers, and the working class families – RECALL HIM NOW!

  12. Anthony says:

    It just shows that if you have enough money you can buy anything even a government office If the state is to be run like a business I would hope that it is run like Chik Fil A a successful business model with a little christian principal

  13. EOS says:

    News site about Florida politics what they (GOP) are doing will make you sick


  14. ScottWillSaveUs says:

    Go Scott!! Thats why we elected you!! At least it is you and not Union Protector, Sore Loser Crist!!

    1. EOS says:

      Fat Chance i did not vote for scotty he is big business’ choice not the peoples choice

      1. EOSandCirstSuck says:

        EOS you dont count as a customer nor a citizen, it is because of you that we elected Scott. You are probably somekind of UNION member, maybe a cop or a teacher? We will get to you also.

    2. 4commonsense says:

      Dear ScottWillSave Us,

      One day you will wise up. Charlie Christ was one of the few politicians that truly cared about Floridians. I greatly respect his work and service to our state.

      Rick Scott is no comparison. His is a criminal. He was just lucky to buy his way out of jail (just like OJ Simpson) from the money he stole from tax payers.

      1. Afi Keita James says:

        Crist is a criminal too, just like the controlled left/right paradigm.

    3. james shrum says:

      union protector ? you don’t no a thing about a union . if you protect the union you are protecting the members not the union. the members are the union no matter the name . it is still the people of Flor9ida.you act like if he protects the union he is protecting some alien or something. the union is the people of FLORIDA . you need to study up on unions and not just listen to the DAM Republicans.

  15. Andrew says:

    Yes, run the state government like a business.
    Step #1 – Generate Income
    > what’s that? the government creates $0 income? what kind of business is that?

    The guy is an idiot!

  16. CONFUSED says:

    I sincerely do not understand this “run the government like a business” model/concept. In the business world you measure a business unit and/or a product against its overall profitability. In business you make sure the resources and capital available is ONLY used towards the most profitable purposes possible, minimize waste. How exactly do you measure the profitability of a police force for instance or make sure it is used in the most profitable way. How do you measure the profitability of an education system. Poor neighborhoods have the most crime but yet don’t contribute (pay) the same for the amount of resources required to police that area. Same goes for education or any other social service. How do you make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck in government like you are supposed to do in business?

  17. Don Sranley says:

    I am glad I did not vote for this man.The way things are going Rick Scott may be the only person who has a job! Government can not be run like a business because you have deal with politicians.Gee what else can he cut?

  18. fungi says:

    It’s sad but unfortunately you folks that voted for him have not learned you listen about the false rhetoric and deceptions to the public by criminals and the Republicans. I don’t understand how a people can vote a criminal into office. He basically bought himself out of jail like OJ Simpson with tax payers money that he ripped off from medicare and made him a millionaire. Which he used to buy himself into politics. I’m sorry but for those that we stupid enough to not see past the smoke and mirrors of this person…….then you deserve what is coming to you sooner or later. I just feel bad that it affects all the good folks how had commons sense and did not vote for Rick Scott. I admired Charlie Chris b/c I truly believe his heart was in the best interest of Floridians and it is unfortunate that his own corrupt party (Republicans) demonized a good person. Next time, vote for a Democrat. The are the ones that really care about working class and know how to fix the economy.

  19. Brownie2 says:

    We Floridians are doomed. If we run the state the way this man ran his company, the private industries that he brings in will be scamming the state out of billions while Scott looks the other way and claims to be unaware of what’s going on. Under Scott, Florida will become another Mississippi: unhealthy, poorly educated, and one of the poorest states in the nation.

  20. 4commonsense says:

    You bring up excellent points. Unfortunately, Rick Scott is using rhetoric and excuses to carry out what he wants to carry out in the name of the budget. His real intentions is his hidden agendas that is not covered in the news or revealed to the public. Many of the things that come out of his mouth are lies and is a smoke screen. This is how many of the Republicans carry out the exact same type of deception. I hope those that were fooled into voting for him has learned some kind of lesson from all this. This criminal really belongs in jail and if our justice system had not failed us he would be in jail as we speak. When you have money, the law seems to be irrelevant. He basically used tax payers money to buy himself out of jail. Next time, vote for a Democrat.

  21. Jon riles says:

    To you all you people out there this guy scott is a crook. His company that he was a CEO of was charged with fraud and he’s governor. The problem is that Florida has alot of intelligent and real business minded individuals not this crony fake. Its the idiots of florida who voted for him. GET it not South Florida.
    He needs to be recalled and soon. And that fake Rubio thinking he’s some new breed of Tea Party garbage. Its just lies. How does anyone even listen to Limbaugh. His fat ass should take some oxycodone and ask Elton John to play at his wedding which he did. Then he bashes everyone..This is about putting money into the pockets of those who undermine hardworking folks who really have dignity. All LIES start getting informed

    1. fungi05 says:

      Dear Jon riles,

      And that is the truth. All those people that rave and chant for Rick Scott will one day find out they are the ones that are affected the most. They were stupid enough to listen to his lies, false logic, and deception that by the time they realize it…it will be too late. He was also the one that rejected the high speed rail. Many of idiots that advocate for Scott thinks that we should also “…drill baby drill…”. What they don’t understand is that even if we “…drill baby drill…” it will not matter b/c OPEC will then limit their output in order to keep prices high. This is exactly what has happened 2 years ago when price of oil/gas began to drop. If you look at the overall earnings of these oil companies, it has been record profits year after year….b/c there was nothing to really justify the increase. These oil companies increase the price of crude based on any excuse they can conjure up. Next time, vote a Democrat and get these corrupt Republican/Tea baggers out of office.

  22. Maryah says:

    He should try WORKfare instead of Welfare. You want food stamps? You want help? You pay it back with WORKfare…. Nothing free no more.

    1. EOS says:

      If I am unable to work would YOU deny me assistance from the state?
      you must be one of those “compassionate neocons” Wait till you need some assistance with food & shelter, Who ya gonna call?.

  23. Len says:

    Governments are not businesses and businesses cannot govern. They are separate entities with different goals and means of operation.

    Show me a successful business and I’ll show you a dictatorship, that not bad; just the way it works.

    And Rick Scott has been operating like a dictatorship and not a governor of the people. He is doing what he wants and in his own vision.

    The wuss send his mom to a debate! The only reason he is in office is because the three way race in Florida opened up the opportunity.

  24. Ken says:

    I think he’s also been hitting the Oxy’s and Roxi’s a little too hard. That’s why he won’t go for the pill mill shut down. His supply chain would be cut off.

    1. EOS says:

      he probably gets his supply from Mississippi’s governor

  25. CML says:

    Instead of moving Florida forward, Governor Scott in taking the state backwards. Taking benefits from teachers and cutting the budgets of different department will take away many jobs ,not puts us back to work. Who is he putting to work? His business partners? He’s fattening their pockets, not the people who really need to work.

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