LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – Lauderhill Police say they were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull that attacked another dog Thursday; and the owner of the pit bull wound up getting arrested.

The pit bull’s owner believes the officers were overzealous.

Police officers were in the 5300 block of NW 24 Court to assist U.S. Marshals who were arresting an attempted murder suspect at a nearby apartment.

A police spokesperson said the pit bull, Kimbo, was not on a leash and started mauling another dog. Neighbors tried to pull the dogs apart but were unsuccessful.

“The dog became aggressive and at that time two of our officers starting firing and shot the dog and killed it,” said Captain Constance Stanley.

Stanley said two officers fired at least 5 shots. The shooting is under investigation.

A witness told CBS4 the officers opened fire with several people around the dog, including children.

The dog’s owner, Rony St. Gerard, was at work at the time of the shooting. He returned home and was angry that officers shot his animal.

“They shot him in front of my kids,” St. Gerard told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “I feel like the police don’t have no respect.”

St. Gerard said Kimbo was a house dog and never acted violently with any of his 6 children, including a newborn. St. Gerard said Kimbo was likely only playing with the other dog.

“They shot my dog,” he said. “They shot my friend. They can’t replace my dog. They can’t bring him back.”

As police officers were wrapping up their investigation, St. Gerard became agitated and started cursing at officers. Neighbors spilled out onto the street and officers began trying to disperse the crowd.

St. Gerard continuing his diatribe against the officers. Eventually, officers led St. Gerard away in handcuffs. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Comments (15)
  1. Bob says:

    He must have been a cat person

  2. M.V. says:

    ….but they are beautiful dogs!

  3. dp says:

    I would have definitely shot the dog if it was attacking a person, but that’s not what happened here. It was a dog fight. The officer couldn’t have fired a shot into the air to scare the dogs into stopping? If he tried that, it wasn’t mentioned. Could he have taken a shot at the dog’s hindquarters, instead of shooting to kill? I can understand that he didn’t want to just stand there and watch one dog tear another dog apart, but I don’t see why killing the dog was the only option. Especially since there were bystanders and children present who could have gotten shot accidentally. This was a dangerous, panicked, impulsive action which has now traumatized the owner’s children and the officer should face some sort of consequence.

  4. El Cubachon says:

    Seems like cops are looking more and more like a gang, wanting to run the streets like they are giving the power to do whatever they want. Too bad the dog didn’t bite these officers.

  5. Me says:

    Pit Bull = Evil I don’t care if it has been a part of your family for 120 years, it will turn! I have seen it, they are evil.

  6. rahalt says:

    If the dog owner had the animal under control this does not happen, police dont shoot animals that are under control. If the owner was not home why was the dog outdoors loose? If the dog is aggressive to another animal and the officers believed that aggression was going to turn from the other animal and be directed at people then it was the officers responsibility to preempt the attack. If the officers had done nothing and a person would have been attacked they still would have been wrong.

  7. Luis Bonilla says:

    Had they shot my dog i would have stabbed the pig in da neck. So what if i do life.

  8. Jerry Kemler says:

    This story is so one sided its not funny,I witnessed the whole thing the cops were there on high alert .The dog got out the front door by happened with in 4 ft. of the dogs front door the dog protects 8 children and doesn’t like other dogs in his space.the girl whose dog was attacked screamed and the cops ran in and opened fire ,pushing people out of the way and they shot at least 11 times even thogh I think I counted more shells .They did not hesitate to take in what was happening .I was within 5 ft when they opened fire,trying to get to the dogs.Kimbo was a well behaved dog and kind hearted if I could have reached his collar he would have stopped.but then they might have shot me..Ronnie was arrested because he was yelling at the cops for shooting so many shots so close to kids,I’m amazed thatthere weren’t any people ingured.

    1. Ruz says:

      It really doesn’t matter how well-behaved and kind-hearted a dog is when he isn’t mauling a person or a pet, at least not to those suffering the attack. I’m sorry that the children saw their beloved dog mauling another dog and getting shot dead.

      There seems to be a discrepancy about the number of children in the household. Is it 6, as per the article or 8 as per your count?

  9. Jerry Kemler says:

    I actually had pictures of the cops that shot Kimbo with thier guns out and they took my phone and deleted all my pictures

  10. LOL says:

    I’m actually more shocked at Kemler’s atrocious grammer…honestly, I think he’s actually writing at a second grade level.

    So therefore CBS4, take his claims with a big grain of salt 🙂 lol

  11. KIMBO says:

    KIMBO WAS MY SISTERS DOG! !!!!! and she had him since he was a puppy with her 2 baby daughters, he was the sweetest dog and loved playing with us, he would sleep and cuddle with me on the foor when I would stay over, he was a baby and would never attack a person! I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT! R.I.P KIMBOOOO!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU BIMBO 😦

    1. Ruz says:

      So it’s okay for the unrestrained Kimbo to maul someone else’s pet? Kimbo was in full aggressive mode from attacking the other dog; animals don’t just shut off their adrenaline and go back into cuddle mode, particularly when they see intruders in what they perceive as their territory. It’s too bad the owner didn’t shut off his adrenaline and take responsibility for his loose pet.

      1. Dave says:


        A properly trained dog CAN AND DOES go from attack/protect to cuddle. You have no experience with dogs.

        Another person who gets their “experience” by what the papers and news channel TELL THEM.

  12. Howard says:

    Anyone who keeps a pit bull around kids deserves to be shot. Pitbulls have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. The cops did the right thing.

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