Toothache Gone, Lolita’s Killer Whale Show Goes On

KEY BISCAYNE (CBS4) — South Florida marine super star Lolita the Killer Whale has recovered from a toothache and her popular show at the Miami Seaquarium re-opens Thursday.

The star attraction at the Miami Seaquarium didn’t perform for nearly a week while “being treated for a tooth infection, a recurrence of a dental issue she had in 1994,” according to a statement last week from the popular marine theme park.

The whale stadium was temporarily closed while she was treated with antibiotics, according to the statement.

Lolita, the oldest killer whale in captivity, was born around 1966. She has spent most of her life at the Seaquarium since her capture in 1970. The 7,000 pound whale has lived in the 20-foot deep tank for 40 years, performing twice a day for South Florida tourists.

For years, activists have been trying to convince the Seaquarium to retire Lolita and release her back into the waters of the Pacific Northwest where she was originally captured, but her handlers and theme park owners say her life would be endangered if she were freed after so many years in captivity.


    Great for Lolita!

  • NevadaWest

    Lolita’s tank is just 35 ft long by 80 ft wide, and only 20 feet deep at the deepest point, in a sloping, barren, concrete pool. Please consider this social, intelligent animal has been kept alone in this same tank for 31 years and has lived at Seaquarium since 1970, when she was captured, performing mere circus tricks for the entertainment of tourists.

    If you care about ocean wildlife, consider boycotting this theme park until they vastly improve her conditions.

  • CrocRoc67

    That is great news. I know Seaquarium is doing the best for her!

    • Mary

      Are you clueless? You must be the owner to say somethin so idiotic. If they were doing the best for her, they would get her out of that fishtank. Even if she doesn’t make it, at least she would have died free. Alone since 1980. One of the cruelest things I have ever read. In a perfect world, the owners would be made to swim around in a tank for the next 30 years alone.

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