MIAMI (CBS4) – Christians across South Florida and around the World have stopped to mark the start of the Lenten season, which began with Ash Wednesday.

The 40-day season of lent is the solemn period before Easter, the traditional observance of Jesus’ resurrection, which falls on April 24th this year.

The faithful observe this day by attending mass and wearing a mark of ash on their foreheads. During lent, people will often give up a luxury or habit to signify devotion to god.

So what are you giving up for lent?

In years past, it’s been things like chocolate, fast food, or alcohol, but this year more people are turning to high-tech sacrifices.

“Probably extra food that I like to eat,” said Daniel Hao. Those are just some of the things he is giving up for Lent.

“I am going to become more time to help others this lent,” said Erika Suhr, another parishioner.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of the Arch Diocese of Miami helped place ashes on people’s forehead to mark the moment.

“Lent is a time to turn away from sin which is to stop doing bad, but at the same time, it is time for us to intensify our good works,” said Archbishop Wenski.

During these modern times, some believe technology like all the recent rise of social media could be sinful because they may increase a person’s level of selfishness and distract them form the important things in life.

“I deactivated my account,” said Jessica Gomez to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez

Others are doing what they can as far as turning off technology this Lent.

“I turned off your phone. I am not going to turn it off for a couple of weeks. That is right. I am half a Catholic,” joked Ray Gonzalez referring to the fact that he can only manage without his phone for half of Lent.

There is one thing he will not give up.

“I watch you guys on CBS4. I can’t give that up. CBS4 is number one,” said Gonzalez.

But seriously, the point of Lent is to prepare for the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Crist and uniting people in faith, regardless of their level of dedication.

Comments (5)
  1. Jon says:

    Make the world a better place, give up religion for lent!

  2. JM says:

    Jon you should instead, exercise your mind and soul by getting the sacrament of recnciliation, penitence… make the world a better place, give up your ego and pride for lent!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    JM I totally agree with you. God did not make lent to affect your health in a bad situation. Instead you should give up something such as candy, TV, fast foods,and much more. Lent means giving something up that you love or that your addicited to the most. Jon that does not mean giving up religion.

  4. JG says:

    first off the report was incorrect! how do u start off saying “christians across south florida” and end up saying catholics?? theyre NOT the same. get the facts straight!

    1. JG says:

      by the way, christians dont do ash wednesday, or ‘lent’. christians celebrate his resurrection in a completely different way. and its EVERY month, not once a year. the mix up comes off as lazy to me.

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