DALLAS (CBS4) — Embattled actor Charlie Sheen could soon have a home on Mark Cuban’s HDNet station.

Cameras already are rolling, although plenty of details still need to be worked out — such as what kind of show it might be. Cuban said Sunday a decision of whether to make it a reality show, a talk show or something else will be up to Sheen.

Sheen has become a media phenomenon lately with off-beat rantings filled with lines that have become catchphrases, such as “tiger blood” and a drug called Charlie Sheen. It’s all part of a campaign to disprove that he is a drug-using, reckless playboy.

The future of his hit CBS show “Two and a Half Men” is uncertain.

Cuban described Sheen as “somebody that everybody has a whole lot of interest in who is doing some interesting things, to say the least.”

Saturday night, Sheen debuted his live streaming web show, “Sheen’s Korner” on Ustream.

Sheen, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a dollar sign, hosted the show. He began with some words for his children.

“Daddy loves you and if you’re watching, tell mom to leave me alone,” said Sheen.

During an opening monologue, the actor showed off a tattoo on his wrist with his catchphrase, “Winning”.

In the first part of his show Sheen listed “Winners,” which included a bald eagle that survived crashing into a windshield, and Josie Dimples, an 80-year-old who tweeted Sheen to tell him that she’s “winning.”

Sheen’s girlfriend “goddess,” Natalie Kenly, then snapped a Polaroid of the actor, which he signed to send to Dimples.

The actor introduced a segment called “Wish They Were Me Forever,” listing Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky and CNN’s Nancy Grace.

Sheen also listed people he wished he were for 10 minutes. On the list were his friend Sean Penn, Colin Farrell and San Francisco Giant pitcher Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson.

The actor revealed that his favorite interview of the week was with NBC News’ Jeff Rosen. Sheen said Rosen was supposed to appear on the show, but NBC wouldn’t allow it unless the network could film the live streaming event.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that at one point, the show had 113,251 viewers.

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