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EVERGLADES PARK (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue workers have been looking for a missing hiker in Everglades National Park since Saturday evening.

The search for the hiker is a team effort between Air Rescue units, dogs and ground personnel, according to Capt. Eric Baum, spokesman for MDFR who said the search is being conducted near State Road 9 and 336 Street.

Efforts were halted as darkness fell.

The missing man is described as a white male in his late 60s, weighing about 180 pounds who was last seen wearing a green sleeveless T-shirt and khaki shorts. The balding man was also wearing a black Hard Rock Café hat, according to MDFR spokespersons.

The unnamed man is an experienced hiker and may have simply lost his way.

Anyone with information of his location are asked to call 305-242-7740.

Comments (78)
  1. Ramsey says:

    WHat area was he hiking in? We were down there too and saw all the effort in searching. Its nice to know if you get lost they will pull out the stops to find you. I will pray for Roger.

    1. Patricia Henisse says:

      I am staying at Flamingo Campground in ENP. From what I heard he just wandered away from his campsite in the B or C loop. This morning there were seven police related vehicles parked at Eco Pond.

  2. Linda says:

    We are currently camping in Flamingo. His wife, son and daughter-in-law are camping in the site across from us. They are still searching by Helicopter, dogs, and ground crews. They seem to be concentrating on the Eco Pond area.

    1. Rita says:

      Linda— his daughter–my daughter in law from Oregon is on her way there now too–she will arrive sometime tomorrow. any news yet?

      1. Linda says:

        Rita, still no sign of Roger. We are leaving with a heavy heart today.

  3. Patricia Henisse says:

    Thanks for the update Linda. I am visiting Biscayne Bay NP today and can’t get this family out of my mind.

  4. Jw says:

    Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. This is a very dark time in our lives, and I never thought anything like this would ever happen to us. Roger is such a loving and life loving man, and not knowing where or how he is is unbearable.
    The search and rescue efforts have been stellar, and we are so grateful.
    Janice ( Rogers daughter- in- law)

    1. kelly says:


      Shellie and I are praying for the best. Tell Paula that Roger is fine; this is not the first time he has wondered off into the woods. If we can help in any way back here in Oregon, please have Paula or yourself call us. Norm is very worried too.

      Keep your chins up,
      Kelly & Shellie

  5. Joan says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Marilyn and Glen, Roger’s brother, are LONG time friends. this family has had too much heartache.

  6. John A. Ferguson Sr. High says:

    We were on a field trip with students, camping at Flamingo, when we heard the news of the missing man. The chaperones searched the shoreline by the bay for quite a distance trying to help in some way. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and Roger. Being from Miami, we often hear stories of survival from the Everglades and the ocean, so we are not giving up hope.

  7. Debbie Baldwin says:

    My husband is camping there at Flamingo also. He told me about the incident. My heart goes out to you. I have been so worried about my husband being in the Everglades by himself, It seems that the Park Rangers are doing what they can. My husband also offered his assistance. I hope all turns out well.

  8. irmgard says:

    Dear Greg and Janice,

    Betty sent the terrible news.

    I opened this web-site, hoping that by now your Dad had been safely located. My heart goes out to you and all in your family. Hoping for better news soon.

  9. Marilyn & Steve says:

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the Sawyer Family…..this family has had too much heartache…praying for good news…we feel so helpless so far away from Glen and Marilyn

  10. Ann Sanchez says:

    Thursday morn– just read the e-mail. I am so saddened. Tragic news. Thank you,Betty, for alerting me. Prayers to all.

  11. Karen and Cherry says:

    My friend and I prayed with Paula on Monday Rodger’s discovery and Paula’s comfort on Monday. We’ve been following rescue efforts and praying since then. Our prayers for the family continue. May God comfort you.

  12. SAonja K. Beers says:

    Our thoghts and prayers go out to Paula and th Sawyer family here in Oregon. We hope is found,soon and is ok.

  13. Tracy Henderson Clayton says:

    Everyone at Codys RV park is waiting word as well. All of us just got the news. Keep us informed please, and know we are all praying for a good outcome. We are camped right next to your lot.

  14. patti bunch says:

    I am just sick with worry for my dear friend roger. And. Paula and all his family. I have you all in my prayers. I know what a good outdoorsman roger is and that keeps me strong. Please keep us in Oregon updated.

  15. kelly says:

    Roger is very adept at taking care of himself in the woods. (not the first time he has wandered off). Keep your chins up. Paula, if you need anything, let us know, we are sure he is alright. Roger is very strong in the woods. The times I have been out there with him, there was never a doubt on his skills. Let us know as soon as you find him.

    Kelly & Shellie

  16. Wilma says:

    We are praying for all of you and waiting for good news.

  17. Justo V says:

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Hope everything turns out well. ♥

  18. Michael says:

    I am a Red Cross volunteer and I have been party of the search parties in the last few days. My heart and prayers go out to the family. Workng along side the park rangers they are taking this very seriously and I hope they can bring the family news soon.

  19. Tony and Mary says:

    With love and caring thoughts to all.

  20. Tom McCloud says:

    My daughter and I were the ones who saw Roger on the trail the 5th at Eco Pond, he has not been out of our thoughts since we found out he was missing.Based on what I’m hearing about his survival skills hopefully this will still end up in his safe return……..are caring thoughts to the family

  21. Kelly & Shellie says:

    Is there anynews?? Paula and family we are still thinking of you all and thinking we should send Norm out to find him. Take care and stay positive !!

  22. Dave and Shari says:

    Thinking of you all and praying for Roger’s safe return to his family.

  23. Dianne Froode says:

    my love to you all, how can it end this way?

  24. Sidney says:

    Here in Oregon we are waiting and praying for Roger’s safe return to his family and community. Do any of you know if there is any alternative internet accomodation which has been established for ongoing updates; this is my primary resource for discolsures.

  25. Sue and Bo says:

    We follow the travels of Linda and her husband. So sorry to hear about Roger. We hope and pray that they find him soon. I hope to keep seeing comments made so we can follow the search progress. God Bless.

  26. Wilma says:

    No news yet. They are still looking.

  27. Stacie says:

    Praying for his safe return and for the family— I’m praying for a friend I don’t believe would have made it this far hiking, but I’ve not heard from him since the 4th he’s in his 60’s as well . Last we talked said his service was really bad ugh — praying for safe return here!

  28. MaryM says:

    Your tragic loss is certainly heavens’ gain. Our prayers go out to all of you
    in your time of great sorrow. Roger was a good,good man who left us while
    living his dream. Let’s all hope to be so lucky.

  29. Cathy says:

    Is the search still ongoing? We have been hoping for the best since leaving Flamingo on March 7, wishing we were there to help and give hugs,

  30. Janette says:

    We tried to hike the coastal prairie trail yesterday but it was closed b/c of the search. The ranger said search dogs picked up a scent around that area and they didn’t want people using the trail to interfere with the dogs scenting. Praying for some good news.

  31. Al siegner says:

    Greg, Janice, and Paula, I can’t believe this. All our thoughts and prayers are with you. It seems impossible for someone with all his outdoor expertise could be lost. Keep the faith. It’s never over til it’s over.
    Uncle Al and Patti

  32. Julie says:

    My family & I were camping in Flamingo the weekend of the 4th – 6th. We heard someone calling out for someone on Saturday evening & then the helicopters early Sunday morning. I’ve been keeping track ever since & I’m sending prayers to the family.

  33. Marcy says:

    Don’t give up hope. No freezing temperatures, there is food and water.. He may be ok

  34. Ruth says:

    We left Flamingo yesterday and can’t believe he has not been found yet. We will be thinking of everyone.

  35. mary shain says:

    To our family. We are praying and believing fir Rogers recovery. Our church as well. Mary shain

  36. Shellie & Kelly says:

    We still have faith for you Roger !!!

  37. Jp says:

    Roger’s stepson said the search is winding down for Roger. I can’t believe that this has happened.

  38. shirley larsen says:

    paula i am here wish there was something we could do for you to help . We are HERE and praying for a safe return for roger. we love you!! norman and shirlley!!

  39. Patricia Henisse says:

    It is so bizarre that this could happen in such a well developed area of the park! It is such a mystery. How could such a life force just disappear? I will keep praying. You never know.

  40. Mary ann Boynton says:

    mary ann

    We were in Flamingo last week. You all are continually in my thoughts. Still hoping for a miracle. It was nice to see that you could be together as you wait.Sounds like you have a lot of friends and family to give love and support.

  41. Debi says:

    I was camping in Flamingo the weekend Roger went missing…have checked on line at this web site and called Flamingo numerous times just to find out if there is any news. Is the search still going on? Has there been any trace? A hat or anything? I am still praying…

  42. Doreen says:

    We were camping in Flamingo last week. Our thoughts are with Roger and his family! Still praying! Stay strong!

  43. mary ann Boynton says:

    Is there any news?

  44. Ann says:

    Is the search still ongoing? Does Anyone have any recent info? Praying for closure for the family.

  45. Janetta says:

    We were camping in Flamingo when Roger went missing. I have been checking this site to find out that Roger is safe.
    I have had dreams of him walking up to me from the waters edge. I was sure he would be found soon. I can’t imagine the agony his family has faced, not knowing his fate. My heart breaks for them.

  46. Patricia says:

    I am still at Everglades NP. It seems the formal search has been called off. Apparently, the family does not want further news exposure. There has been lots of speculation as to what happened. It is difficult to understand how someone could disappear from such a well developed area with no sign. Some are wondering if something shady happened. I doubt that there will be any further news…

  47. observer says:

    Total news blackout…very strange that a man would be missing in Everglades National Park and this be the one and only public record of his disappearance…hmmmm

  48. Ann says:

    Since this is the only site for any information I hope it will remain up for those of us who are not anywhere near the area and would receive no news tidbits should there by any.
    I am sure the family has their reasons for “handling it in their own way” but for others it is really hard to understand why any and all help would not be accepted. Whatever the situation Roger deserves to be found and returned to his home to rest in peace if he is no longer with us.

  49. Ruth Peterson says:

    The media can put a horrible spin on things. Make up lies and say awful things about this man and his family. I understand why they want to keep it to themselves and I think that is their right. Leave them alone.

    1. Patricia says:

      Really? You think they should be left alone and yet you are checking this site. Hummmmmm Come on people want to know. Everglades is a National Park and owned by the public. And then there’s this freedom of speech thing…

      1. Ruth Peterson says:

        I am following because I was camping at Flamingo while the search was going on. I am following to find out if he has been found.

      2. J 4th Generation Native of Fla says:

        ” Everglades is a National Park and owned by the public.” , really you think so… This Park makes it’s own rules and not for the PUBLIC !

    2. Emery Nash says:

      In a vacuum of facts, all speculation is valid and that is where the Spin comes from. Too much room and not enough facts. Look how many are toying with the “shady” notion when there is absolutely no information that would support or prevent that concept.

      Yes, I understand a family’s desire to keep it low key for personal, religious and even business reasons and none of those show any evidence of being a shady influence in this, yet.

      I was not there but friends were and I felt the impact to them so I can only imagine the lack of closure Roger’s family and personal friends are stalled under. if he has disappeared like this before, they may have suffered some backlash from public awareness that we cannot imagine. There may also have been some serious financial repercussions because too many people knew too much about it before he showed up, again. Just more speculation but sort of balances the “shady” inferences

  50. Rosie and Ed says:

    We were also camping at Flamingo when Roger disappeared. Can’t believe that he hasn’t been found yet. Will keep him and his family in our thoughts. Very strange indeed.

  51. Michael says:

    I was camping at the Park during the lost camper. Had heard that he was possibly becoming senile or in early alzheimer’s. Is there any truth to this issue, because it would explain a lot. When you look at the size of the area and how far a mentally confused person in a panic could go, you realize that there is not much chance of finding him. Try Google Earth for a look at the area.

    1. Patricia says:

      I talked with three NPS employees who told me Rodger was not a confused elder. As you can see on this site, he has gone missing in the woods before. Who knows? Also, when a person with cognitive disabilities goes lost they are usually easy to track. Footprints, pieces of clothing, shoes, etc are often found. It’s a mystery.

      1. Paula Sawyer Ralls says:

        Patricia, My father has not ever been lost in the woods before. He is an active fisherman, hunter, and in good health. Please be aware of your comments are very painfull for my family. The speculation you have on this being a shady situation is horribly hurtfull. Read the other comments on love & prayers. those who know my father will agree. I can understand that he human nature is to find the “story” but be assured that there is not one here, so your digging only will bring up more pain. This is all a horrible nightmare, and everyday I miss him more, and wish I could talk to him.

  52. Robin Davidsobn says:

    I just wanted to tell Paula that Mark and Robin from Reedsport are praying for you. I can not imagine what your family is going thru Paula. My heart is sad . I hope you read this Paula…you have been in my thoughts for weeks since we all found out at the store. God Bless!

  53. Janice says:

    Hello everyone-
    I am Rogers daughter-in-law, and my husband and I were vacationing with Roger and Paula. Everglades national park was our last stop on our motor home vacation, and we were to be there only one night.
    First, let me fill you in on the facts, as there seems to be some wrong information floating around. Roger was of sound mind as well as body. I heard that there was a rumor about him having alzheimer’s, and, although it would explain a lot, it was not the case. Secondly, regardless of what the media say’s, we were never contacted by them. We would have been all too willing to speak with them. We feel it would have helped in finding Roger, and we are so grateful to everyone who has been concerned, and we wanted them to be able to know what was going on. They apparently spoke with the rangers offices, but we don’t know what happened there. They may have had their own reasons for keeping the media away.
    For all of you that helped in the search, held Roger and us in your thoughts, and spoke to god on our behalf, THANK YOU! We felt so very well supported at the park by both the authorities as well as friends and neighbors. We are all back to the west coast now, living life a day at a time.

  54. Paula Sawyer Ralls says:

    Thank You to all who have sent their love, prayers and concern It is difficult to read the comments that are accusing our family of something ‘shady” happening. My father became missing on Saturday March 5th. By Monday the 7th I flew to Miami and joined my family for would be the worst possible time in our life. I would never wish this pain, and unanswered questions to any one. Even those who are posting the difficult comments to read. He is my Father, My friend, My daughters grandpa. We miss him more than anyone can possibly know. The Rangers were so caring, professional and supportive. They used every resource available. We clung together, searched together, cried and prayed together. As Janice stated, the media did not contact us personally. We would have figured out what to say. We as a family would do, have done anything that would help. I have a hole in my heart now, that can’t begin to heal untill we have some closure. Please if those who choose to post their own theories, remember those who are left behind. It hurts to see the painfull comments.

  55. Patricia says:

    In reply to your reply to me above (apparently one cannot reply to a reply), I did not say that Roger has been lost in the woods before. I said that earlier on this page it had been reported that he had been lost in the woods before. If you look back you will see that Kelly ( who presents herself as someone who knows your family) says that he has (march 10,2011). Also, all I have mentioned are comments I received from folks that work at ENP. I posted the information because people were pleading for information. This kind of mystery brings up questions. I am afraid that is just part of the human condition. Please keep in mind that something shady occurring does not mean that anyone is accusing your family of anything. All kinds of shady things could have happened without any help from your family. It is simply mysterious. That makes it intriguing. I am sorry that your feelings are hurt by anything on this site. That was certainly not my intention and probably not that of anyone else. There are questions. Anyone who has walked around Eco Pond would be hard pressed to see how someone, anyone but especially someone who is an outdoors person, could disappear without a trace there. Obviously that is why the rescue workers looked in other locations as well. It is also strange that the media has not picked up on the story. I mean they all want readers/viewers. Again, most of what is posted here is fact or speculation. I am sorry you are hurt but I suspect that comes more from what is not known than what is.

    1. Shellie says:

      Let me clarify Kelly’s remark. He never intended for the impression to be Roger was ever ‘lost’ .. he meant that Roger would go out to the woods that he enjoyed to spend time fishing.. hunting or time to himself. Never LOST… Amazing what people ASSUME… Amazing.. Leave the family alone and quit Assuming.. Roger was an avid sportsman and loved the outdoors. That is all that was implied. Leave the family alone.

  56. Lindsay says:

    I am Lindsay, Lori’s Manicurist
    i am really sad to hear about your family… Hope your husband is doing alright and comes home soon. My heart goes out to you and your family. Hope you are doing better also.
    Portland, OR Tue 4/4/2011

  57. Shellie says:

    When I say leave them alone… I mean quit judging. Be supportive, but dont assume… To many hurtful things being said here. Be supportive yes !! But keep your judgments and interpretations of someones statements to your self. All it does is hurts people. Roger and his family are wonderful people and enjoy the outdoors. Take care Paula and our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  58. Paula Sawyer Ralls says:

    We now have a website for information and a link to crimestoppers case information . For those who are interested it is

  59. JD says:

    Roger could hike all day in pouring rain, no compass, not see the sun and stay oriented , I know for a fact,because I’ve been with him.
    After he was missing two weeks I got him listed on NamUs. (police should have on day 2)
    His stepson and niece made the “findroger site

  60. Kathy Miller says:

    I am Roger’s Neice. Please pass this website on to anyone you know.


  61. Paula Ralls Sawyer says:

    For those who are keeping track of my Fathers dissapearance, we have a website hhtp:// The site has information about my Dads history, theriores people have and what the searchers say, and a place to donate to the reward fund. Crimestoppers has taken his case and they are forwarded all the donations we receive through the site.They even added a generous $1000. The reward will be given to the person who leads us to finding my Dad. Tips are called in directly to authorities who will follow the leads for us. it is my greatest hope that somewhere, someone may have seen or heard something that horrible day, March 5th. If you that are close to the area of the park, I would be so greatful if you could pass this information along. It is truly getting harder for me each day, not knowing where my Dad is, or a clue about what took him from his wife, children and grandaughters & family. Thank You, Paula

  62. Paula Ralls Sawyer says:

    for those who are still following my fathers case, we have a webpage now hhtp:// It has history about my Dad, the thoughts and ideas of what happened from the searchers and a link to crimestoppers and his case information. If you would like to donate to the reward fund, there is a place to do that also. Crimestoppers is given all the funds collected, and they even added $1000 to the reward for information leading to us finding him. If those who live in the park area, or anywhere there in S Florida, I would truly appreciate passing his webpage along. Each day it seems to be harder that the last, and his wife, children, grandaughters and family miss him so very much. Not a day passes that I wish I could just pick up the phone and call to tell him something like Kadie is going to the prom in a carriage~ he would have been so excited for her. We miss you daddy. i love you

    1. janice says:

      An FYI to readers – the web address for Roger is

  63. Wesley says:

    Hello Paula and family, I just stopped by for any updates to Roger’s where abouts. I can’t believe that these people are already creating theories abouth his dissapearence! I just guess it’s human nature to do so given the lack of media coverage on this event. I truly hope for the best and give you guys all my best wishes, everyone here at Cody’s sends their regards and asks about you all daily. Miss all of you and we are all hoping for the best. May God give you peace during this time and carry you over the rocky trails.

  64. Paula Sawyer says:

    As I reflect on the possibilities today, the only fact is that My Father is still missing, We have lost a father, husband, grandfather and friend~ I hope I can find the strenght to call next week and check in with the NPR that gave everything they had to help with the search. Their strength and professionalism brought us our only comfort in those horrible days. Our family is still at a loss as to what happened that horrible day last march. I miss you daddy. So much has happened this year, and I find myself in total dissbelief that I can’t call and hear your voice or listen to your funny laugh ever again. Rest in Peace Daddy; wherever you are. I love you ❤

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