Search For Everglades Hiker Missing 24 Hours

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EVERGLADES PARK (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue workers have been looking for a missing hiker in Everglades National Park since Saturday evening.

The search for the hiker is a team effort between Air Rescue units, dogs and ground personnel, according to Capt. Eric Baum, spokesman for MDFR who said the search is being conducted near State Road 9 and 336 Street.

Efforts were halted as darkness fell.

The missing man is described as a white male in his late 60s, weighing about 180 pounds who was last seen wearing a green sleeveless T-shirt and khaki shorts. The balding man was also wearing a black Hard Rock Café hat, according to MDFR spokespersons.

The unnamed man is an experienced hiker and may have simply lost his way.

Anyone with information of his location are asked to call 305-242-7740.

  • Ramsey

    WHat area was he hiking in? We were down there too and saw all the effort in searching. Its nice to know if you get lost they will pull out the stops to find you. I will pray for Roger.

    • Patricia Henisse

      I am staying at Flamingo Campground in ENP. From what I heard he just wandered away from his campsite in the B or C loop. This morning there were seven police related vehicles parked at Eco Pond.

  • Linda

    We are currently camping in Flamingo. His wife, son and daughter-in-law are camping in the site across from us. They are still searching by Helicopter, dogs, and ground crews. They seem to be concentrating on the Eco Pond area.

    • Rita

      Linda— his daughter–my daughter in law from Oregon is on her way there now too–she will arrive sometime tomorrow. any news yet?

      • Linda

        Rita, still no sign of Roger. We are leaving with a heavy heart today.

  • Patricia Henisse

    Thanks for the update Linda. I am visiting Biscayne Bay NP today and can’t get this family out of my mind.

  • Jw

    Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. This is a very dark time in our lives, and I never thought anything like this would ever happen to us. Roger is such a loving and life loving man, and not knowing where or how he is is unbearable.
    The search and rescue efforts have been stellar, and we are so grateful.
    Janice ( Rogers daughter- in- law)

    • kelly


      Shellie and I are praying for the best. Tell Paula that Roger is fine; this is not the first time he has wondered off into the woods. If we can help in any way back here in Oregon, please have Paula or yourself call us. Norm is very worried too.

      Keep your chins up,
      Kelly & Shellie

  • Joan

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Marilyn and Glen, Roger’s brother, are LONG time friends. this family has had too much heartache.

  • John A. Ferguson Sr. High

    We were on a field trip with students, camping at Flamingo, when we heard the news of the missing man. The chaperones searched the shoreline by the bay for quite a distance trying to help in some way. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and Roger. Being from Miami, we often hear stories of survival from the Everglades and the ocean, so we are not giving up hope.

  • Debbie Baldwin

    My husband is camping there at Flamingo also. He told me about the incident. My heart goes out to you. I have been so worried about my husband being in the Everglades by himself, It seems that the Park Rangers are doing what they can. My husband also offered his assistance. I hope all turns out well.

  • irmgard

    Dear Greg and Janice,

    Betty sent the terrible news.

    I opened this web-site, hoping that by now your Dad had been safely located. My heart goes out to you and all in your family. Hoping for better news soon.

  • Marilyn & Steve

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the Sawyer Family…..this family has had too much heartache…praying for good news…we feel so helpless so far away from Glen and Marilyn

  • Ann Sanchez

    Thursday morn– just read the e-mail. I am so saddened. Tragic news. Thank you,Betty, for alerting me. Prayers to all.

  • Karen and Cherry

    My friend and I prayed with Paula on Monday Rodger’s discovery and Paula’s comfort on Monday. We’ve been following rescue efforts and praying since then. Our prayers for the family continue. May God comfort you.

  • SAonja K. Beers

    Our thoghts and prayers go out to Paula and th Sawyer family here in Oregon. We hope is found,soon and is ok.

  • Tracy Henderson Clayton

    Everyone at Codys RV park is waiting word as well. All of us just got the news. Keep us informed please, and know we are all praying for a good outcome. We are camped right next to your lot.

  • patti bunch

    I am just sick with worry for my dear friend roger. And. Paula and all his family. I have you all in my prayers. I know what a good outdoorsman roger is and that keeps me strong. Please keep us in Oregon updated.

  • kelly

    Roger is very adept at taking care of himself in the woods. (not the first time he has wandered off). Keep your chins up. Paula, if you need anything, let us know, we are sure he is alright. Roger is very strong in the woods. The times I have been out there with him, there was never a doubt on his skills. Let us know as soon as you find him.

    Kelly & Shellie

  • Wilma

    We are praying for all of you and waiting for good news.

  • Justo V

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Hope everything turns out well. ♥

  • Michael

    I am a Red Cross volunteer and I have been party of the search parties in the last few days. My heart and prayers go out to the family. Workng along side the park rangers they are taking this very seriously and I hope they can bring the family news soon.

  • Tony and Mary

    With love and caring thoughts to all.

  • Tom McCloud

    My daughter and I were the ones who saw Roger on the trail the 5th at Eco Pond, he has not been out of our thoughts since we found out he was missing.Based on what I’m hearing about his survival skills hopefully this will still end up in his safe return……..are caring thoughts to the family

  • Kelly & Shellie

    Is there anynews?? Paula and family we are still thinking of you all and thinking we should send Norm out to find him. Take care and stay positive !!

  • Dave and Shari

    Thinking of you all and praying for Roger’s safe return to his family.

  • Dianne Froode

    my love to you all, how can it end this way?

  • Sidney

    Here in Oregon we are waiting and praying for Roger’s safe return to his family and community. Do any of you know if there is any alternative internet accomodation which has been established for ongoing updates; this is my primary resource for discolsures.

  • Sue and Bo

    We follow the travels of Linda and her husband. So sorry to hear about Roger. We hope and pray that they find him soon. I hope to keep seeing comments made so we can follow the search progress. God Bless.

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