MIAMI (CBS4) – Carmen Barahona’s daughter, Jennifer Perez, is distraught over her mother’s arrest, according to Perez’s attorney.

But, the attorney says, Perez knew it had to happen because her mother did something “extremely horrible.”

Carmen Barahona, the adopted mother of murdered Nubia Barahona, was arrested Saturday by Miami-Dade police.

She was charged with first degree murder, and 7 counts each of child abuse and child neglect. Her husband Jorge is expected to face similar charges.

carmen barahona Carmen Barahonas Daughter Thinks Mom Deserved Arrest

Carmen Barahona was arrested Saturday for her connection in the death of her adopted daughter, Nubia (Source: Miami-Dade Police)

Carmen was taken into custody Saturday afternoon. Jorge Barahona is in custody in Palm Beach County, facing charges for the attempted murder of Nubia’s twin, Victor, who had also been adopted by the Barahonas.


Nubia Barahona, 10, was found dead and stuffed into a plastic bag in the back of her adoptive father, Jorge Barahona’s pickup truck on Valentines day, her brother Victor in the front seat doused in chemicals and barely alive.

Late this week, the murder case against Nubia was transferred to Miami-Dade from Palm Beach county, after investigators determined she had been killed in Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade homicide investigators have been examining the Barahona home in Southwest Miami-Dade, at one point opening a septic tank on the property and removing material, at another, removing a bathtub from the home.

A 7 year old relative claimed to a therapist that she saw Nubia and Victor forced to stand, bound, for hours in that bathtub. The therapist called in a tip fo the DCF Child Abuse hotline, but quick action was not taken. That incident and a number of other apparently missed signals have led to a blue-ribbon panel investigation into the way the Barahona case was handled.

It had been expected Carmen Barahona would be arrested once Miami-Dade took control of the case.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell CBS4 News that Carmen Barahona is claiming to be a victim of “battered wife syndrome” and that she is not responsible for what happened in her house because she lived in fear of her husband. Carmen has filed for divorce from Jorge Barahona.

CBS4 News spoke to Barahona’s divorce attorney, Richard Joyce, Saturday afternoon and Joyce refused to comment on the case.

A law enforcement source also revealed for the first time the actual cause of Nubia’s death — the autopsy found she died from “blunt force trauma” and that Nubia’s chest was caved in. “It was as if someone had stomped on her,” the source said.

Carmen Barahona has been ordered held without bond on the murder charges, and faces $57, 500 bond on the other charges.

Comments (18)
  1. Mich says:

    The inmates will provide the justice deserved then she will face a higher authority and spend eternity suffering. I have absolutely no faith in the judicial system anymore.

  2. abby says:

    I am thankful that the authorities have finally arrested Carmen Barahona and charged this woman with 1st Degree murder. Her husband should also be charged with the same count. I hope the authorities do not allow either one of them out on bond. They are a flight risk. If they could fool the authorities and the State of Florida Adoption services, they would be able to flee this country and hide out somewhere else. They don’t even deserve a trial by jury, just take them out back and shoot them!

  3. Grandma says:

    So glad she is in jail give her a bath tub to sleep in and be sure to tie her hands and feet .

  4. via says:

    Finally, I was waiting for this moment to happen, hope she wasn’t thinking that last minute filing for divorce was going to fool the authorities, arrest her daughter as well

    1. Vanessa Benitez says:

      Yes, I love how the daughter now is appalled by what the mother did and states the mom deserves jail time. What kind of human knows o this abuse and does NOTHING! You get the cell right next to mommy sweetheart!

      1. Violet T says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Her daughter has to have known. Also why was her own daughter going to a therapist? I would like to know if Carmen picked up this habit of abusing kids at his age or did she do it to her own child at one point…. God bless our children…………….

  5. Ida says:

    Why did Carmen’s arrest take so long? She was in the same house were the terrible abuse was taking place and she stood by and did it herself. She was letting her gradaughter witness this abuse. She was also abusing her grand child by doing this infront of her and the other adopted kids. Did she think this was going to go on for ever and the authorites were not going to be notified? Was this couple on drugs and got their kicks by abusing all five children? This couple should get the death penalty. This world will be a lot better without people like Jorge and Carmen. How could they sleep at night?

    1. Darlene says:

      They had to wait until Victor was well enough to be interviewed, Victor then told Police that Jorge had removed Nubia from the bathroom, took her to his and Carmen’s bedroom, Victor said he heard Nubia scream and cry and Carmen encouraging, participating in the abuse.He also said that when he asked Carmen where Nubia was after that, she told him that Nubia went away. He didnt say anything as to what if anything Jorge said during that timeframe. So that set the stage for the murder charges to be filed in Miami Dade since according to Victor, she was beaten to death in the house in Miami Dade.

  6. shelton spence says:

    Now lets all hope the judge isnt like in alot of cases we have seen lately where the perpetrator of the crime gets a slap in the hand sentence and they get maybe probation and house arrest so that they can do it again our judicial system is lacking responsible judges that dont care what becomes of a criminal given easey sentence and to me these 2 monsters should be given the electric chair DEATH ROW WE ASK FOR THESE MONSTERS

  7. sandra says:

    who buys the “abuse” crap??? she was not afraid of anything….she now needs to be afraid…justice is about to be served!!!

  8. ANA says:


  9. tata4396 says:

    her daughter too please!

  10. Liz305 says:

    Jennifer Perez is a liar just like her parents. She should NEVER be given custody of her child. I hope the Barahonas and Jennifer Perez go straight to hell. I hope the inmates torture both of these monsters everyday they are in jail. Jennifer, you have a lot of bad karma headed your way!

  11. Liz305 says:

    …and I will bet a million dollares that one of them ends up testifying against the other! Battered wife syndrome huh?!! Is that why you stomped on her chest and beat her feet with a shoe you UGLY witch!!! I pray the inmates do away with her azz

  12. Dee says:

    Battered wife syndrome!!!!!!!!!!!!! while beating the poor child to death, you monster!!!!!!I am ashamed of the person who received the call at the police department and didn’t pay attention to it and of the Children and Family Department, the burocracy that fills all these state and government’s departments. it’s a shame a lawyer would agree to defend monsters like that. And to think that we are paying with our taxes the salaries for all these people who are getting paid to do the lousy jobs they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All people involved in this horrible case should be given the maximum penalty, from the head of the department of the Children and Family Offices, the administrators, the people in charge of this case to the neighbors who knew what was going on and NEVER UNITED AND called the police and never reported it and did nothing about it.. IT IS A COMPLETE SHAME. GOD WILL HAVE NO MERCY ON ANY OF YOU……….ALLOWING A CHILD TO SUFFER THAT WAY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING…………..SHAME OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. violet T says:

    Nubia didn’t ask to be born. I feel so sad that she endured so much. What is happening to our society? I heard just last week of the two young kids found stuffed in a luggage, and today a two year toddler found in a motel room in his own feces and has a feeding tube… What is going on???????

  14. karla p says:

    The end my friends…this system we live in is coming to an end. Prophetic times are speaking for themselves. All of this child abuse is just the begining of much worse to come. Remember, human kind cannot govern for themselves and gain peace. Only the Almighty has that power and his coming very soon to collect all wicked debts. it will be very scary. just read your Bible.

  15. Isodora says:

    What has happened to these children is incompeihesible. The unspeakable cruelty inflicted on both of these children is beyond the imagination. And for Victor not only did he lead a torturous life void of any love or compassion, he also watched his twin sister get beat to death. How is he going to cope with all of this tragedy and the fact that his own “father” poured chemicals on him which, in essene, burned him alive. I think I heard someone from DCF say at a news conference that Victor would now have a safe and happy life. Seriously? Do these people have no concept of how difficult it is going to be for this child to continue on. And what about the other children who were living in the house? What did they see and experience? Not a day goes by that I do not think about these children. They are in my heart and I pray for peace for all of them.

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