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So I decided to cut on the sports talk radio this morning after finishing the Megadeth song Hangar 18, and of course, I turned on the Jorge Sedano Show (cheap plug) and lo and behold, there was Mr. Isiah Thomas doing an interview.

Jorge asked him some questions about FIU and then dove headfirst into the relationship between Thomas and the Knicks. Every time Jorge asked a question about the Knicks, there were the magnificent Sounds of Silence, and I don’t mean the one’s from Simon & Garfunkel. Thomas dodged the question about being the de facto GM and finally said I want to talk about FIU. Sedano said that this is something, the Knicks, people also want to hear about. Again, a stunned silence like you have listening to Charlie Sheen going off the deep end.

So what did it all mean? Well, it looks like Thomas is heading back to the Knicks sooner rather than later. Either that, or he’s going to continue in a secret role to try and make the Knicks his team again. Personally, based on his track record, I’m all for Isiah returning to the Knicks.

It’s not like he’s doing that much at FIU anyways…how’s that coaching record in the always difficult Sun Belt Conference again Isiah?

FIU, in the past two years, has hired Isiah to get a splash and he’s failed. Then let a kid charged with a serious felony play to make sure ESPN covered the school. Maybe FIU will soon become Felony Indictment University.

The Marlins, the Heat, and the NFL Labor Front are all moving fast, so let’s hit the agenda!

Heat: (next game Thursday vs. Orlando Magic)
The Heat are expected to add another piece of the puzzle today when they sign Mike Bibby for the stretch run of the season and postseason. Bibby is a bit underrated as a defender, as evidenced by a great piece.

His defense is roughly the same as Rajon Rondo, statistically. If he can continue shooting over 40 percent from 3-point land, he could boost the Heat enough to survive the next five games and will help keep the Heat rolling until Udonis Haslem returns to boost the front line.

Assuming Bibby can still bring it, the Heat will have a lineup currently of Bibby, Wade, James, Bosh, and a rotation of Anthony and Dampier at the 5. Bring Udonis back and exchange him for Anthony at the end of a game, and the Heat roster really comes together.

Marlins: @Washington Nationals (1:05 p.m.)
Well, so much for the Marlins starting off with a winning streak. They came back Tuesday and got skunked by the Cardinals. This was even with the Cardinals being down a starting pitcher after Chris Carpenter left the game.

Not exactly impressive stuff there guys. But, it’s Spring Training, so we won’t hold it against them….for now.

NFL Labor Update:
Big news on the labor front. A judge essentially cut the owners off at the knees last night and today we’ll really learn if the owners want to do a deal or if they are committed to a lockout. There should be a counter-proposal to the player’s last offer today, assuming the owners aren’t incredibly stupid. Once the counter-offer is made, this will allow the true negotiations to get underway.

We’ll know the owners intentions if an extension is granted on the negotiations and no lockout begins at the end of the day Thursday.

If no extension is made, then the NFL owners are simply greedy, idiotic, businessmen.

Commissioner Goodell, the ball is in your court.

I’ll have more on this on the main Sports page on in about an hour.

The Panthers traveled to play the Hurricanes last night and got blown off the ice. Well, not really, but the pun seemed to work well there. Seriously, the Panthers talk more about next season than Charlie Sheen does about drugs!!!


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