Early Voting Began Monday In Alvarez, Seijas Recall

MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Early voting began Monday that will help decide the fate of embattled Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. He and Commissioner Natacha Seijas face a March 15th recall election, one sparked by anger over their support for a property tax rate hike last fall.

Alvarez said it was either that or cuts to police, fire, parks, social services. He stands by what he says was a tough but necessary choice. His chief opponent in the recall effort, Miami auto tycoon Norman Braman sees those choices far differently. He argues the county has been horribly mismanaged, and says a tax rate hike of any size was precisely the wrong course to take when so many residents are struggling.

Braman and Alvarez are not pulling any verbal punches. Braman thinks the mayor is out of touch and told CBS4’s Michael Williams, “It is an arrogant behavior. The mayor has two SUV’s at his disposal with drivers and the mayor decided he wanted to drive a BMW and requested $800 a month.”

In fact that money was a car lease allowance that county executives enjoyed and Alvarez says he was driving a BMW long before he became mayor. But Braman argues it is one more example of a mayor who didn’t think he needed to show a spirit of personal sacrifice in hard times.

Alvarez responded, “A billionaire that lives in a mansion, spends six months a year in France, and has a yacht about the size of a destroyer is saying I am insensitive. (I’m) a middle class, blue collar guy who spent 28 years in police (department.)”

Mayor Alvarez hopes to convince voters he feels their pain and deserves to finish out his second term in 2012. Braman is convinced he has tapped into voter anger over how the public purse is spent and he wants the recall vote to be the start of broad charter reform. Voters will have their final say on March 15th.


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One Comment

  1. Mick says:

    Please Miami Dade Voters for ONCE GET IT RIGHT! Vote these two bums OUT!

  2. P.Compton says:

    Carlos Lopez-Cantera wrote in today’s Herald, that he supports the recall vote to remove Alvarez. Isn’t it ironic that a fiscal conservative would advocate for a vote that is going to cost the taxpayers of Miami 4-5 million dollars? What a hypocrite.

    1. John says:

      They should bill Braman for the cost of the special election. But it’s like everything else in Miami – if it’s not perfect, get rid of it – whether it’s a sports coach, stadium, arena, mayor. Just throw it away and get a shinier, bigger new one.

  3. yokolee says:

    Can’t trust a local politician.

  4. MARIA AMPARO says:

    latins (specially the cubans) OWNS DADE COUNTY

    1. rausky says:

      I see Maria Amparo has problems with Cubans!!

  5. Kathryn Harlan says:

    BRING ON MY DAY TO VOTE!! LETS ROLL PROPERTY OWNERS!! I have all the respect for the average county employee, but they AND I as a tax payer deserve better than Alvarez and Burgess… If it costs me money to throw these 2 arrogant jerks and Sejias out.. so be it.. No money was better spent.!!. I CONSIDER THE ELECTION AN INVESTMENT FOR A BETTER MORE RESPONSIVE TO THE PEOPLE COUNTY GOVERNMENT!! SEE YOU AT THE POLLS!

  6. carmen says:

    Well said Kathryn. See you folks at the polls.

  7. Recallmaster says:

    Alvarez gets an F as Mayor, he has failed to do his job and represent the interests of the citizens of this county. Mr. Braman you are a hero for helping us keep this county clean of incompetent politicians. Alvarez was more worried about driving his very expensive BMW than to be remembered as someone who made a difference. Well he did make a difference in his close friend’s pockets. It is a shame that Mr. alvarez makes more than the President of the USA and yet, he wants to cut salaries and services but his own.

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