MIAMI (CBS4) -A man who was a fugitive from a major marijuana case for 31 years until his capture in January has been convicted of those long-ago charges.

A Miami federal judge determined Friday that 62-year-old Mark Steven Phillips was guilty of seven charges. Phillips skipped bail during his 1979 trial and was on the lam until U.S. Marshals caught up with him at a West Palm Beach retirement community.

Phillips was found guilty anyway by a jury. The judge’s decision makes those verdicts official.

Phillips was charged along with 13 others of being part of the “Black Tuna Gang” that used boats supplied by Phillips to smuggle 500 tons of marijuana to the U.S. in the 1970s.

Phillips faces sentencing May 26.

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Comments (5)
  1. 954Chick says:

    Wow big bust guys… so a lot of people got stoned and had the munchies. Gee I think terrorism, violent crimes and identity theft should be more of a priority these days to the feds than some guy who sold pot over 30 years ago!!!

    1. 305dude says:

      I could not agree more…….if those so set against pot would sit down and smoke a joint and chill out, they would legalize it in a minute. Let’s solve the violence in our minds.

    2. sld rck says:

      it’s against the law,stupid

  2. JustGetOverIt says:

    What a waste of Taxpayers money…..We have criminals assaulting people, stealing and here illegally and they go after a “Pot” dealer from 30 years ago…PLEASE! If the “old farts” would legalize and control pot like booze then you’d see an enormous drop in crime. Get the Cocaine and Meth off the streets this makes you a criminal because you need more. The onlything pot does and will do is make you fat from eating or laughing your butt off at stupid Politicians who continue to use drugs behind closed doors….but that’s ok….and if you don’t think they don’t…your living under a rock!

  3. Tax Them, Just Like Alcoholics says:

    Another anti business move to kill the US economy and keep us all out of work

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