KENDALL (CBS4) – The nationwide food truck craze has created quite a following in Miami, but the exposure may have ultimately shut them down.

Several Friday night food truck gatherings have been canceled in recent weeks, over city and county permit issues.

The general manager of West Kendall Toyota and Lexus of West Kendall was issued a “Notice of Violation” by “Operating a Fair Without a Permit” by holding the food truck events on his dealership’s property, according to the Miami New Times.

Other gatherings, like the Bay Food Truck Roundup at American Legion Post #29 and the Biscayne Triangle Roundup in Northeast Miami-Dade were issued similar citations.

In addition to the permit violations, zoning violations may also come into play. County and city officials do not designate food trucks as “vendor carts”, but are designated as commercial trucks, which aren’t allowed to operate on private property.

“We’ve been dealing with that already, five, six months now,” said food truck operator and organizer Kevin Gleizes. “We’ve been kicked out of many different spots.”

Gleizes says the vendors that are lucky enough to get a licenses, do not have a place to set up shop.

“They agree to take the money and give more licenses, but at the same time, they are not going to give us spots to operate,” says Gleizes.

CBS4’s Gwen Belton placed a call to code enforcement officers who are well aware of the problem, and are working to present a solution to county commissioners when they meet on March 1.

Source: The Miami New Times

Comments (17)
  1. Alejandroomi says:

    No wonder these people are having problems. It is Miami-Dade County = headaches and problems. The root of the difficulty is THEY WANT MORE MONEY! What a shame that something that gives dignity to people by creating honest jobs and leisure time for the residents of our County is being messed up and destroyed by money hungry bureaucrats.

    1. Lena Cheeseman says:

      agree with you on this, the county wants money for most anything you do, it’s out of hand.

  2. Enrique Menendez says:

    As it was said before WE ARE A BANANA REPUBLIC IN MIAMI-DADE, lets raise the salary of the Major nad his top officials at code enforcment for a job well done.

  3. John says:

    Domingo, I think you may have dropped these before your post.

    , . . . . , . .

  4. J Mig III says:

    This does not stop in Miami-Dade. it’s the whole country. It’s an attack on the poor and the middle class. Tax the hell out of us so that we have no choice but to consume the garbage sold by the bureaucrats owner of this large franchise. It’s over people the good old USA has nothing more to offer for you and I.

  5. Lena Cheeseman says:

    I agree with you as well Domingo, sadly true.

  6. bobobobobo says:

    Miami Dade has become the north country of the West Indies where there are lots of folks from that area and most of the native born americans have moved from the couty cause they can’t take what is happening in the couty

  7. CellTharapy says:

    I once got Violently Sick from the Food Truck @ The Take-One Lounge !!!!!
    Never ever will I do that again !!!!! I felt as if I was about to Die !!!!!

    1. Taco Truck says:

      thats a all night strip club which has had a long rap sheet of problems

  8. A. ORtega says:

    This look more as the Miami’s mafias moving their strings. Somebody is losing market…Hope you guys win this battle! It is very hard to fight against Miami-dade burocracy!

  9. Laurie Mays-Alves says:

    It’s par for the course! Miami-Dade needs more money to waste on raises for the Mayor… not for the police, not for the teachers..not for the betterment of the community.. but for salaries for bureaucrats! It’s sickening. Go to Hialeah, or Broward..we’ll follow you and Miami-Dade doesn’t get a dime!

  10. Maria Valdes says:

    This is nothing short of a legal “mafia” move by the county. The people who operate these trucks are only trying to make a living like the rest of us. They provide great food at a reasonable price and create a family like atmosphere. SHAME ON THE MONEY GRUBBING COUNTY BUREAUCRATS FOR COMING AFTER THEM. I guess those Miami-Dade cops I saw stuffing their faces at Friday night’s Food truck rally will have to have another place to take their dinner break.

  11. Diggity Dave says:

    The right people aren’t being bribed. Thousands of people are having a good time, leave it our local politicians and their BS to make it stop.

  12. Cari garcia says:

    It is sad that family friendly activities, such as the food truck
    Round ups that promote spending time with loved ones and family is being torn down by the city over frivolous non descript citations. Are the city officials that blatantly corrupt that they are trying to extort money from hard workin business owners for their so called share of profits from these food truck roud ups? As a tax paying citizen, I implore you to allow these food truck round ups that promote wholesome family time and bonding.

  13. junior amaro says:

    I must agree with the city on this one. the food trucks is not safe to consume. just to mention a couple of serious health violations that could get someone drastically sick. there are no bathrooms, there is no sanitazion to wash your hands, dogs poop in the same place that people are eating (witnessed with my own eyes), there is no organization with the crowd and left overs are not being thrown away correctly. the food truck do not have running water some dont even cook on the truck they just maintain the food on the truck.. i think the city should make a spot for this kind of food which shows it has a strong following and make the place safe for all consumers. Maybe they can set up in the fair grounds. they have bathrooms and tables and provide a much safer place without horses traveling the same ground that kids drop thier food and then put in their mouth. I for one do not have a problem with the food trucks and the great array of food they provide but rather have a problem with the cleanliness and hygene of the trucks.

    1. Taco Truck says:

      Food trucks under go the same sanitation inspections as a brick and mortar restaurant we have hot water heaters 3-hole sinks hand sinks and by the way we cook everything from scratch so before you make such broad comments take another look!! We have bathrooms available and most people bring hand sanitizer from home if that’s your preference.. We have attendants and police on site. We always try to make it better at each round-up, thanks for your input!

  14. Lulyd says:

    It is so sad this events are a lot fun, good food, great people. I hope they get it together.

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