LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – It began with a request to borrow a laptop.

It ended with a sexual battery suspect in jail.

A Broward County woman — whose identity we are protecting because her daughter is a sexual abuse victim –borrowed her daughter’s computer last summer.

We will call the woman “Mary.”

Mary admits she’s “nosy” and when she across her daughter’s diary, she read it. Contained in the diary was an entry about sexual assaults that occurred when the girl was just 6 years old. Mary’s daughter — now 21 — said that a teenage boy assaulted her twice in 1995 at a home in Lauderhill.

“I saw this and I screamed and I said, ‘Is this true? Is this true?’ and (my daughter) started crying, I was crying,” Mary told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

The two women immediately went to the Lauderhill Police Department to report the attacks. Detectives investigated a suspect — Ezekiel Reid — but he denied the accusations. Reid was 13 at the time of the attacks.

It appeared the case had hit a dead end.

“It was more or less (my daughter’s) word against his,” Mary said. “There was no concrete evidence and we had to let it go until something else more substantial came about.”

Then Mary had an idea — confront Reid on Facebook.

“I just felt that something had to be done so I gave it a shot,” she said.

In early January, Mary sent a message to Reid and wondered if he would respond. He messaged her back an hour later.

Mary wrote that Reid was sick “to do such a horrible crime to an innocent little girl.”

Reid responded later: “all i kno is that what happened shouldn’t haved (sic), I was wrong to hurt anybody. Please my forgive my trespass. There is a lot of pain cirulating (sic) and I am the reason, If i could i’d change the past…”

Reid also offered to apologize in person.

During the conversation, Reid eventually told Mary: “…there is no excuse or xplanation (sic) to justify what I did, I have alot (sic) of forgiveness to ask of u, your daughter, my family and anyone who are (sic) affected by my actions. I am repeaing (sic) what i haved (sic) sowed.”

Mary said when she read Reid’s words, “I felt sick. My stomach just dropped.”

Mary’s daughter said Reid’s comments came as an enormous relief.

“For him to admit that something was done, was icing on the cake for me,” Mary’s daughter said. “It was no longer my word against your word. You did it.”

Mary took Reid’s words back to the Lauderhill Police Department. Detectives continued investigating and wound up arresting Reid in late January for two counts of sexual battery on a child. Reid is being held at the Paul Rein Detention Facility without bond.

Lauderhill Police Captain Rick Rocco said he’s never seen a situation like this one.

“We wouldn’t have gotten this (arrest) 10 years ago,” Rocco said. “The anonymity of the internet makes people feel safe behind the computer keyboard and enabled her to get that information. I don’t know if she would’ve gotten that face to face.”

Mary said it was something she felt she had to do to protect her daughter.

“I know (my daughter) expected me to do something about it,” Mary said. “I know that’s how she felt even though she didn’t say it to me. I knew she knew I was eventually going to make it right.”

Mary’s daughter called her mother’s actions “brave.” She said she kept the attacks a secret from her mother because she was scared. Now, the 21-year-old — who is attending college — is ready to testify in court against Reid.

“He should pay for what he done,” she said. “He took away my innocence. All I want is justice to be served.”

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  1. observerfromupnorth says:

    He was a child also where was this mother when her 6 year old was alone with him. It is something that happened 15 years ago and now you want to ruin this young mans life with this? He he had been an adult at the time then I say put it to him, put when you leave children unsupervised they are going to try things they have seen or heard about. This young man has probably thought about a long time and has had a hard time dealing in his own mind the terrible thing he did, why else would he apologize for and implicate himself.

  2. justsaying says:

    Everything that was done in the dark will come to light.. even though he was a child he knew right from wrong… the observerfromupnorth talks abt him committed the crime 15 YEARS AGO so what wrong is wrong yes he has an adult life but then while hes enjoying his life she has to deal with it wih it everyday of her life…. her innocence was taking and that is the main point.. and if he can do it to her he could do it to his own kids if he has any or anybody else. Yes she was scared to tell her mom but when a mother or a parent finds out dont you think they want justice.. he apolgized ok but that doesnt take away the pain and the crime he cause to this young girl. He should be punished accordingly even though he was young… a parent cant always be there 100% watching their children so they would tell a person she trust to watch them when they cant.she probably never even thought in a million years that this happened to her own daughter. He betrayed her trust and put harm to her daughter and yes he might get jail time but the daughter has to deal with this for the rest of her life.and a simple request is for justice to be served. Even if the crime was 15 years ago….shes still dealing with it

  3. Shortie Low says:

    Thiink they need counseling. He should ask God to forgive him. Their parents should have paid more attention to their kids. I know because happened to me. I was always alone but it wasn t because my parent didnt want to be there. It was because she had to work. Work alot to help make ends meet. Give the guy another chance it does reget it. Put your daughter into some theraphy so she wont live the rest of her life with hatred for this guy. Then, she will be able to live a much happeir and prosperous life. May God be with them both throughout this terrrible ordeal. God bless each of your souls.

  4. susan meadows says:

    Society must never lose focus that a crime was commited. We must be careful not to send a message out to everyone that because thais horrible crime was committed 15 years ago, The person nees to be handled accordingly. @ Shortie Low, If this “sick” is given a break , the person could get the message that What he did to the litle girl was fine because he has some reget. We don’t want 13 year olds to think that they could do this type of crime and as long as he has reget, he could be given a break and not be punished.

  5. david says:

    I worked with Reid on a daily basis. The company that we work for will not hire anyone with a criminal record. So it seems to me that since his crime he has stayed out of trouble. He was 13 back then and had he been caught he would have spent some time in juvy and then at 18 his record would have been wiped. It doesn’t seem fair that 15 years later he may now be facing prison and be on a sex offenders list for the rest of his life. His life is ruined because at 13 years old he made a very bad decision but because it took 15 years to come out he will pay for it the rest of his life instead of getting the help he needed 15 years ago. None of us know just how the girl has dealt with this all these years, nor do we know what pain and fear he has been dealing over the past 15 years either. I guess it doen’t matter to most that a man with no criminal record will now most likely become a life long criminal because society won’t give him a chance. It seems more like this isn’t about protecting society so much as getting revenge on what was a young teenage boy who made a horrible choice. Hope you blood thirsty vaultures are happy. I wonder what we would find in all your closets if we look hard enough and far back enough. What things did you do as a child that maybe we should be looking to punish you for now, 20, 30 or even 70 years later. You all should be ashamed. These two adults need counceling not a revenge circus.

  6. HEARTFELT says:

    @ David . It”s seems you never really know the “Reid”. He probably would have taken this to his grave. It’s good this has finally come out. This type of crime tends not to happen just once. Who knows how many other childen he may have done this horrific act to. I only hope he does not have kids of his own because they too coulld be victims. Sadly it took 15 years to come out. But this is a blessing that the truth is out. Now society is aware and could make sure their kid stay clear form this sick man. It’ weird to me that he was able to just go ahead with life like nothing he did was wrong. Just thinkeif that were your daughter ,sister,child , would you still feel the same way? We don’t know how this girl was able to live her life after this crime. We don’t know if she is okay. She was not able to be a little girl.. Let’s not ever for get that the girl is the victim. Reid did this horrible crime to her and was able to live life. We don’t know if this girl was able to have a life after suffering through this crime. So don’t make light of this crime because you say u know him. Please remember that this type of crime does not happen just once. We hear about this alot. The person can’t control themselves to stop at one. My heart goes out the the girl who has kept this a secret for 15 years. That’s what type of power this Reid person had over this little girl. A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED AND THE PERSON NEEDS TO PAY FOR THE CRIME. HE NEEDS TO KEEP AWAY FROM KIDS. AT 13 YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH THAT PART OF YOUR BODY. SO HE KNOW THAT WAS WRONG PERIOD. LITTLE GIRLS THAT AGE DON’T KNOW BETTER OR NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT BACK. I HOPE THE GIRL NOW WOMAN IS DOING OKAY. I HOPE SHE DID NOT TURN TO DRUGS OR OTHER NEGATIVIE THINGS BECAUSE OF THIS HORRIBLE ACT.

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