Election Day Is Tuesday, March 1st.

MIAMI (CBS4) – Early voting begins Monday in the race to find a successor for U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson in the Florida Senate. Voters can cast early ballots for the special election today through Sunday, February 27th.

The candidates in the special general election are outgoing state Rep. Oscar Braynon II, a Democrat, and former North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin, a Republican.

They are both vying to represent District 33, which spans from Overtown to Miami Gardens and includes portions of El Portal, Miami Shores and North Miami. About 70-percent of the district’s voters are registered Democrats.

Election Day is next Tuesday, March 1st.

Comments (4)
  1. charlesr says:

    Celestin is a really bright guy.

  2. John says:

    Joe Celestin is more than bright, he will put Miami first and we support his efforts. Go Joe Go !

  3. Charles Paul Taffinder says:

    Joe Celestin – Bright? I guess it’s all relative. He’s not might first choice….and the last thing we need is another Republican rubberstamping the GOP cut backs and layoffs.

  4. Jim says:

    So says an obvious Dem who wants this country to continue down the path of socialism.
    anyone who has ever had a budget, be it family or business knows you must cut spending if you are in the red. Only liberals want to spend money we don’t have all in the name of equity.
    Personally I don’t know enough about either one to cast my vote, nor will I be a pawn of either party to pull the level based on affiliation. Still if Celestin is a fiscal conservative then he should get anyones vote who has an understanding of how our country is being sold down the river by Obama and Co

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