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Gov. Scott Wants Cuba Embargo To Continue

MIAMI – (CBS4/NSF) – Much of the Florida business community being courted by Gov. Rick Scott wants to see an end to the Cuban Embargo, but not the pro-business Governor. Wednesday, he want on record saying the embargo should continue, a position popular only in South Florida and among mostly Cuban-American members of the legislature.

Asked briefly about travel with Cuba after a news conference on high speed rail, Scott said he supported current federal law. “The Cuba embargo should continue,” Scott said.

Florida’s Republican Party is effectively split, with the hard line anti-communist position of continuing to cut off the Castro regime still favored by many, particularly in the Cuban-American community of South Florida.

Much of the business community, also a major Republican constituency, now favors limited opening up of Cuba because of the business and trade opportunities it could present. Many Cuban-Americans reject that position for fear it would strengthen the Castro regime.

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report


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