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MIAMI – (CBS4/NSF) – Much of the Florida business community being courted by Gov. Rick Scott wants to see an end to the Cuban Embargo, but not the pro-business Governor. Wednesday, he want on record saying the embargo should continue, a position popular only in South Florida and among mostly Cuban-American members of the legislature.

Asked briefly about travel with Cuba after a news conference on high speed rail, Scott said he supported current federal law. “The Cuba embargo should continue,” Scott said.

Florida’s Republican Party is effectively split, with the hard line anti-communist position of continuing to cut off the Castro regime still favored by many, particularly in the Cuban-American community of South Florida.

Much of the business community, also a major Republican constituency, now favors limited opening up of Cuba because of the business and trade opportunities it could present. Many Cuban-Americans reject that position for fear it would strengthen the Castro regime.

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report

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  1. pepingatieza says:

    Good for the Governor. The embargo was placed to punish Castro for stealing American propetrty. Castro had the option of paying for it and have the embargo removed, but chose not to. Why give in to a dictator? Business? not so. Castro has no money. Cuba is bankrupt and surviving thanks to Chavez.

    1. Carolina says:

      I agree and am one of those American’s that he stole from. However, Castro is not poor. He’s been stealing from his country and people for 1/2 decade and has hiddent the money in bank accounts all over the world. He’s treated the Cuban people as slaves and skimmed off from his government as well. The embargo is not all to blame for the state the Cuban is in. Why don’t people worry about us American’s who lost their properties in Cuba. Has everyone forgotten about us. He did not just steal from American Corporations, but also from indviduals with families!

      1. gungho says:

        How about Batistia he was not poor he got rich by stealing money and having his mobster buddies run Cuba. That is how castro came to power. But the Embargo and Sanctions. Every other nation in the world that had sanctions on Cuba lifted it by 2011. Maybe its time the hardliners and its militants overthrow Castro themselves. They claim people will overthrow Communism in Cuba 2 different ways 1 Will be by violence 2 Peaceful. I can tell you number 2 dosen’t work. The only choice left is violence. I can also say if Obama decides he’ll end sanctions to get oil then the hardline exiles and hardline pro embargo fanction power is over. I can also say those foreign corporations who do business in Cuba don’t know what they bought the property from. Maybe you can also go to some of those companies and ask for money but do it in a civilized tone please no screaming and yelling.

  2. pepingatieza says:

    Never forget that Castro almost caused the destruction of the world in 1962 during the Russian missile crisis. He had to be forced by the Russians to give up on the missiles. Never forget that Castro sent the only military expedition that has left Latin America towards other countries of the world ( Angola etc). Only Communists and greedy capitalists want the embargo lifted.

  3. pepingatieza says:

    The embargo works. Otherwise, why does Castro and the socioidiots here want it removed? If it does not work, then why not go ahead, ignore it and do your business? As to the people of Cuba, Well, if they like Castro, they can die with him , otherwise, let them follow the Egyptian example. Even in Iran, people are demonstrating.

  4. Nicojones says:

    The real reason behind lifting the embargo is that the Castro government will be able to obtain credit from companies in the United States, also from the government.Lifting the embargo will only allow the dictatorship survive and enable the ones running the government to have more money to steal.
    Now is the time to strangle their economy completly by enforcing the embargo rules and not allowing the more than 40 weekly flights to Cuba from U.S. soil. If this is done, the people will rebel and topple the government

    1. Carolina says:

      It’s also because the US farmers and others can make money from Cuba. It’s funny how everyone is making money from Cuba! The Office of Foreign Asset Controls makes a ton of money from the fines of companies that break the Helms Burton Act and the American companies that are selling to Cuba are making a profit, but everyone has forgotten about the American’s who lost their properties in Cuba. Why can’t some of the money come our way, instead we’ve been sitting like idiots watching all this unfold with not a whisper about paying us back in some way. There was a hedge fund that was going around buying up the American claims for pennies on the dollar, so that they can insure their investments for when the embaro ends.

  5. maria says:

    learn how to spell!!!!
    your words sound like Hitler!
    you are the reason there is sooo much hate in this world!

  6. Nicojones says:

    This is Nico again, I agree with Pepin and Ralph on what they are saying, on top of that no more Cubans should be allowed to come here, there are to many of us.
    The ones coming now are only here to defraud the government and break the laws.If the cuban government insists on exporting the people that are against them, then for every plane that comes in we should send it back full of Cubans convicted in the United States of a felony and that will balance it out

  7. Mark Higgs says:

    Maria, si. There is not a lot of hate in this world as you may think. However, there is hate for people that come to Miami/Cuba and don’t give a rats behind about learning the native language or any of the customs. As for the previous poster sounding like Hitler I have news for you. If you ever studied history (American not Cuban) you would be surprised how vile it is compared anything on this message board. So go turn on your telenovellas or Don Francisco and go post on the Telemundo message board.

  8. Nicojones says:

    No Maria,is not hate is resentment.The true exiles of the 60’s built Miami and in the past thirty years, the quality of the human beings arriving from Cuba have deteriorated to the point that at times I feel ashamed of being categorized as one of them. I don’t think my spelling is so bad,maybe you were refering to Pepin’s.
    Regards, Nico

  9. gungho says:

    Come next election time a anti embargo Governor must win and then these Pro Embargo lovers will either have to shut up or encourage the militant minded anti communist to start their own rebellion in Cuba because these Cuban Exiles who love the embargo and hard line too can only due the overthrow themselves. Let the hardliners who want Castro gone do the job themselves. Just ask Castro he’ll tell you he started his rebellion by sailing back on a yacht. FYI for some of the insane crazies on here I’m no communist. I just tell it as it is and if you don’t like it then go to hell

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