FBI Raid Nets South Florida Organized Crime Suspects

MIAMI (CBS4) — More than a dozen organized crime suspects were rounded up and arrested early Wednesday across South Florida in a major FBI raid.

The organized crime suspects are from an alleged Eastern European ring operating in both South Florida, Los Angeles and Denver,  law enforcement sources told CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

At a news conference today, U.S. Attorney Wilfedo Ferrer revealed that those arrested participated in a number of frauds, including medicare, credit card, and money laundering.

Agents say the illegal activities included health care fraud at two locations: the first, as far back as 2007, at Hallandale Medical Associates and also at the Family Chiropractic Center in North Miami Beach.

“They allegedly paid individuals to refer patients to these clinics including individuals that were involved in staged or fake care accidents,” said Ferrer.

The arrests represent the largest take down of what agents call a Eurasian organized crime ring. Eurasian organized crime around since the early 90’s, the FBI ranks it as the highest priority

“As a result of such fraud we all pay higher interest rates on credit cards and higher health care costs,” said FBI Agent John Gilles.  “It directly threatens our national security because of the economic impact level of violence and hierarchy of structure overseas.

FBI agents say the case is far from being closed. They are still looking for three more people, two of which may be out of the country.

  • Vincent Marinello

    throw the key away

  • love or leave

    Go to the Seminole Hard Rock or any INDIAN gaming casino and you will see more of them LAUNDERING their money away on the high limit slots.

    The government can’t touch therm and NOTHING has to be regulated!

  • ekim

    ALso like to add. nice article. ABSOLUTELY NO information about anything!!!

  • MiamiMex

    Stories like this are actually really good news.

    These are the people that put drugs into kids hands.


  • Phil Landers

    I saw this headline and said to myself “Oh yeah? Any Russians or Romanians in that group?” And now I see that my suspicions were not unfounded lol! By the way it’s 4pm and no update as of yet.

  • govory po ryske

    Did they get the guys who be firend out of state women in South Beach and then force the women to work as escorts? They then sell the women to another guy. He hangs around places in Sunny Isles.


    THERE ARE MANY CRIMINALS IN SO. FLORIDA, some whom fake being married and consider themselves COUGARS and work with KIDS in the elementary schools in Miami-Dade. This woman deals with children, as a volunteer. And steals from Government, she even has an uncle, shom is a PASTOR, who will NOT EVEN SPEAK WITH HER, for SHE IS VERY MUCH A SINNER, and has a 5-year old whom is a PUBLIC NUISANCE, as well as MOM.

  • sal

    no one can missapropriate money than politicians no one can stel cheat & lie more than politicians

  • sal

    the biggest organised crime in the world is the government not nessesary our government but any government, they let you still cheat and lie and then they come in arrest you and take everything away from you and split everything amongst themselves that is the real mafia!

    • Jane Doe

      I was once told by an Italian that the biggest mafia is the Vatican.

      • Phil Landers

        Now you are on to something. Not necessarily the Vatican as much as the Jesuits.

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