MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Two major South Beach roadways were shut down Tuesday night while firefighters battled a massive blaze in an abandoned building.

Fire officials blocked off Collins and Washington around the 2100 block of Washington Avenue.

Miami Fire Rescue assisted Miami Beach Fire Rescue  to contain the flames and heavy smoke that started to affect nearby buildings.

No adjacent structures have been evacuated.

Fire officials say it is too early to determine whether the fire was the result of arson or if it connected to a string of fires to abandoned buildings.

Two other structures on Miami Beach have caught on fire in the past week .

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  1. gary liv says:

    See ive been saying it someone is out to get those properties they are being burned intentionally i believe they should place some surveillance cameras in the area to catch the culprit of these arsens and they are most likely paid off by someone who wants the properties to build something else in their place if you at cbs read this comunicate these ideas to the police department and the fire marshall and imply that they use surveillance for a few days this is not coincidence at all

    1. South Beach Guy says:

      Really? You dont think that this hasnt been thought of?

  2. Thomas Jennings says:

    i live in the area and this fire issue is nothing new, about three years ago on park and 20th a abandoned building caught fire very suspiciously shortly after building surrounding this building have been bought up and vacated, all these buildings are protected by the art deco protection thing that all buildings in south beach are under, I am assuming that someone has a alterior motive here and the only way of getting around this art deco protection is to destroy the structure so badly that the only option is to tear them down. all these buildings after being vacated have done nothing but sit there and rot. they are all eye sores. i think the questions should be asked to the owner

  3. JAMES says:


  4. South Beach Guy says:

    Thank God!!! So happy that these eye sores are gone. I hope they finally build somehting fitting of the Miami Beach Inage. I could hear the sirens last night. I hope i hear them again tonight. There are a few places around Ocean and 3rd and off of 15th that could use a little “help” to be on their way. 🙂

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