MIAMI (CBS4) — The Florida Marlins are warming up for the start of baseball season with two historic milestones Tuesday. The new Marlins Ballpark had its first seat installed followed by the first batting practice inside the stadium.

A Marlins season ticket holder was on hand to witness his seat being installed. That very first seat will then be auctioned after the 2012 season with proceeds benefiting the Marlins Community Foundation, Cornerstones for Kids program.

The new season ticket holder then enjoyed batting practice from the newly installed seat. Marlins players Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, Chris Coghlan, Gaby Sanchez, John Buck and Logan Morrison all took batting practice on the site of the future field. Following batting practice, Marlins players served lunch to the construction workers of the New Marlins Ballpark.

The stadium is nineteen months into construction and officials are proudly boasting the project remains on-time and on-budget.

“It’s good, I’m kinda hoping we don’t have to play on the rocks,” said Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan. “We’re looking forward to it and it’s exciting to be out here to see how much the community has done and all the workers.”

“You look at the unfinished parts and you just kind of imagine what it’s going to look like,” said Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton. “It’s something else.”

In construction developments, the first of three segments of the Center Retractable roof truss has been de-centered and moved. The second section of the Center truss erection has begun. The Center panels are the final and biggest of the three retractable roof panels.

The retractable roof is made up of three panels (East, Center and West) that will move independent of each other or in tandem. When in the open position, the East and West retractable roof panels will roll underneath the Center Panel.

Interior walls are approximately 85% constructed. Final finishes will be continuing throughout the year.

The main scoreboard video panels have been erected. Installation on the Right Field Score Board Panel and fascia ribbon boards began last week. Including the main Scoreboard, there will be approximately 46 display boards throughout the Ballpark. Sports Lights are already fully installed around the bowl.

Phase 1 of the public infrastructure improvements which consisted of installing new sanitary sewer pipes, installing new water distribution piping, and installing storm drainage systems is complete. Public Infrastructure work continues with improvements to the roads, sidewalks, traffic signals, and street lights.

“It started three years ago in a hotel in London where I sort of sketched out my idea my vision,” said Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. “And I said run with this and they got it and nailed it.”

The new ballpark, with its 37,000 seats, is expected to open in April 2012.

Comments (12)
  1. Ricardito says:

    Vaaaayyaaaa los Miami Marlins!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. EL LoKo says:

      Dale la balsaaaaa….. VIvan los Miami Marlinssssss

  2. P. Fields says:

    Does anyone really care about this boondoggle???? This stadium is a complete waste of taxpayers money along with spending millions of dollars for a parking garage that nobody is going to park there car in. The marlings might as well have churro convention at the ballpark. Of course the new stadium has to be bulit in the worst area in town, either you bring a armed guard or a bulletproff vest.

    1. Jane Doe says:

      Brng a guard to protect both you and your vehicle. Maybe people can hire former military personnel. Marines are good. One took out a robber at a Subway and that Hollywood cop a former marine shot and killed the guy shooting at his daughter’s door and got the guy on his first shot,

    2. Carol says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried but the sad thing in I used live in that area and it was so wonderful but that was in the 50’s and 60’s and it was completely safe. I used to be able to walk Downtown and walk back home without a problem.

      When I was dating (just after the Ark landed) we would go to the Orange Bowl at night sneak in and I and my boyfriend would lie down in the middle of the field
      and look at the stars and it was wonderful.

      Look what has happened to Miami since the invasion of certain people it has turned into their country and we have lost the wonderful Miami.

      1. Ognox says:

        “Look what has happened to Miami since the invasion of certain people it has turned into their country ”

        Whom? The invasion of White Anglos? The Miccosukees would say it’s never been the same since fat Europeans came here to put up Hotels and spill suntan oil all over the beaches.

  3. Carol says:

    This should have never ever happened in the first place because there aren’t enough people that even attend Baseball games in the very first place and as P. Fields said it is the worse part of town and to me not many people will want to go.

  4. rmand says:

    Build a basketball arena(completely enclosed) on the waterfront, and build a baseball stadium with panoramic vistas in the ghetto . . . nice!

  5. Tim Kaplan says:

    I totally agree with P. Fields. The Marlins stadium is going to suffer the same fate as the old Miami Area. It is going to bring a lot of jobs… not. Jackson Memorial Hospital needs funding badly, but who cares. At least if a millionaire baseball player gets injured Jackson Memorial Hospital is right there. There is terrific transportation that leaves you off one mile from the stadium. That area is a sewer. You probably will get shot or mugged waking down 12th street from the Metro Rail. The only people who will make money off the stadium are the marielitos where fans will have to pay to park in their yards. Si, I love you Mi-Jami/Cuba.

  6. D. Shula says:

    I’m glad that the moderator of this comment board is open to all comments and views of the stories that cbs4 posts. On the contrary, the moderator is bias because I have posted several comments earlier in the day and he deletes several posts that he thinks are derogatory or without merit. I couldn’t agree more with Carol, this town has beomce a wasteland for losers, fakes and phonies. As you put it, ceratin people have infested this town and brought it down to their level as they way they lived in there ghetto town in cuba. Why doesn’t the county and city worry about more important things like JHM, education, the unemployed, but NO, they rather be more concerned about how far the nearest bar is from home plate…what a BIG joke. The new marlings stadium is built in the one of the worst parts in miami-ghetto central, bring your bulletproof vest or a member of the special forces. Mi-jami used to be a nice place to live, 25 yrs. ago, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and certain people trashed this town and that’s why we have more idiots than smart people and lots of bad drivers!!

  7. "Marlings" fan says:


    Mi-jami was a nice place to live in 25 years ago, huh?? Tell that to Jerry Dove and Ben Grogan,the two FBI agents killed during a shootout EXACTLY 25 YEARS AGO along with the countless other crimes that took place during the era. Need I remind you of the time when Miami was practically burning to the ground in the 80’s during the McDuffie trials/ riots?

    You complain about all these darn Cubans and immigrants that invaded YOUR city. Guess what? Miami would be half the city it is today if it weren’t for our international identity.
    Also, a quick thank you to the Mods of this board. Good job keeping it clean and to all those who think “they are bias”, first of all learn some grammar (you are an “educated” American after all, learn your own language properly, please) and secondly, respect that they have a job to do instead of complaining that your “insightful” comments were rejected. Finally, GO MARLINS!

  8. adam says:

    what about yankee stadium??? its in about the worst neighborhood in the country but it sells out and people arent afraid to go. When its gameday the crowd takes over no matter how poor/ crime strucken the surrounding area is, that is of course if there are good baseball fans around to go. And with the talent of this team and the awesome looking new stadium there is no excuse, this is your chance miami to prove that u can handle a mlb team, dont blow it

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