HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – Michael Morrow was shot and killed by police Saturday after they answered a 911 call reporting he was firing a shotgun into an apartment.

The apartment in the 5700 block of Stirling Road in Hollywood is the listed address of the dead man’s daughter, Corinne Morrow, 26, according to Hollywood Police Spokesman Lt. Norris Redding.

“My day started out by just looking out the balcony, and I see this guy with a big shotgun,” said Shawn Marley, who could see the alleged gunman from his own apartment. “And he just started shooting!”

When police arrived at the address just before 10 a.m. they allege they saw Morrow, 56, firing his shotgun at the entrance door to apartment No. 209. The man then allegedly began firing several blasts down the hallway of the apartment complex. Police say the dead man’s daughter and her boyfriend were inside the apartment during the shoot-out, but were unhurt.

That is when a Hollywood police officer opened fire on the man, shooting him with his AR-15 rifle, according to Redding.

“These are the things that we’re facing every day, these officers and deputees who are out here every day facing these dangers,” said Jeff Marano of the Broward Police Benevolent Association.

Other than the dead man with the shotgun, no one at the scene was injured, Redding said.

As investigators try to understand what set off the shooter, residents in the area are still in shock. Marley called it a “hectic day” and other neighbors said this was “straight out of a movie.”

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Comments (4)
  1. tim3500 says:

    Suicide by cop. His daughter has to live with this…

  2. Mike says:

    The cops are doing a great job in Hollywood, Fl.
    They need to shot more of these criminals and save us tax payers a lot of money in court costs.

    If they don’t shoot them then they need to lock them up for a very long time, not a short time like they do now. If the jails are over crowded, so what! Who cares.
    these guys are not in jail for steeling candy bars. tyhey are real criminals.

    Great Job Hollywood police Dept. Keep up the good work.

    1. cori. says:

      all im going to say is that you, mike, are incredibly ignorant and know nothing of this situation or any others, best to keep these kinda comments to yourself.

  3. nicole says:

    i agree with cori. Not knowing the situation right or wrong. Its about peoples safety not about you saving a dime. oh by the way court costs isnt the only thing idiot. did you know you pay for them to live in jail everyday.. and my prayers are with the family.

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