Shout Out To Your Sweetie With Cupid Comments

MIAMI- ( It’s the holiday that gives everyone a case of nerves. Men feel pressure to get the right gift for their wife or girlfriend, and if they wait until the last minute, the stress can skyrocket.

Women wonder if their man will remember, and what kind of gift they should give him.

Everybody wonders what it means if they don’t get a Valentine’s day card or gift.

And this is supposed to be fun? wants to make it easier for everyone. If you haven’t yet had a chance to get flowers, candy, a card, or even jewelry, you can get the “I Love You” ball rolling by leaving you valentines day message here, where everyone can see it! Just give Cupid a hand.

Just click down to the comments section and type away.

We do have some rules:
–No links, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, or full names in the message
–No words or descriptions that would make your mother or your kids blush
–Funny is fine, mushy is fine, but insults are not on the agenda. Let’s be nice for one day

Tell your friends, and tell your sweetie’s friends to point out the comment to them.

You can also check out our great Valentines Day ideas in our Best Of South Florida section, with things to do, restaurants, and fun Romantic places.

Everyone needs a little love. Feel free to start here!

  • Carol

    Real Love is so hard to find I just wish it weren’t.

  • Jessica

    Baby I just wanted to say I love you with all my heart & the minute i laid eyes on you i was in love <3 Yandy & Jess

  • Liza Tiraado

    Happy Valentine’s day to my husband, who i love and respect. He’s not only my husband, but a friend and a lover. Love you Mike!!!!

  • Diana Dozier

    Happy Valentines’ Day my love… *smooches*

  • Abel Andres Hernandez

    To: Angie M.
    Happy Valentine’s Day babe I Love You never forget that muah I would miss you when I leave to the MARINES but I would keep you in my heart :) 040920
    From: Abel A H.

  • MP

    It ended 2 weeks ago but i still care about you and want to be friends. I understand if we can’t.

  • Korey Barnes

    Happy Valentine’s Day Maliha!!!….
    Your Awesome!!!

    Love Korey

  • Raul

    Te amo mi china!!!!

  • Daniela Hurtado

    Happy Valentines honey. <3 You mean the world to me. You're like no other. Thank you for being in my life. I LOVE YOU Jonny. :*

  • Helen/beachgal

    To my sweetie, happy Valentine’s day for the past 18 years, just getting better every year, love u 8 days a week…xxxooo H

  • DP

    No matter what, after all these years, you still are….and always will be… the Valentine in my heart.

  • Cristy Calvo

    Hey Honey, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day..Thanks for sharing with me the best 22 years of my life, Your the Best Thing that has ever happened to me, other than our TWO beautiful kids.. I Love You more than words can say… Your Wife Cristy.

    • Joe Calvo

      Good Morning sweetheart, you have made my LIFE COMPLETE for all this pass years.
      Thanks for being my best thing ever happen to ME.

      Love you ALWAYS and Happy Valentines day.


  • Diana Dozier

    <3 Happy Valentines' Day my love ***smooches*** :o) much love my Starksy <3

  • Dani

    Happy Valentines honey. <3 You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for being in my life and treating me like a princess every day regardless of our moods or the day we are having. I've fallen in love with you Jonny, ever since the first day I saw you I knew you would be someone very important to me. You never fail to give me those never ending butterflies. I love you sweetheart. : )

  • 5/29/08

    faith,hope and love but the best of these is love corinthians 13:13

    Christina Maisonave

    i love you and may your valentines day be filled with joy and happiness

  • Jimmie

    We’ve only been together for a year, but your love is the best thing that ever happened to me. Who would have known a dog could mean so much and bring so much love into a home. You never cheat, and you’re always happy to see me, unlike my ex wife.

  • Karen K. Evich

    Dear Robert:
    Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! 27 years of hugging & kissing, just what love does!
    Love, Karen

  • Vanessa Arita


    Happy Valentines Day. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for being in my life and treating me like a princess every day. I hope to spend many more v-days with you. We love you very much

    Vanessa & Arianna

  • Heileen Camacho

    To my wonderful husband Miguel!! This will be our 1st valentine as husband and wife!! I love you with all my heart and soul… Can’t wait for many more to come!!! Love you forever and a day, Heileen <3

  • Carlos arita

    Dear Vanessa
    to my queen,my best friend and my lover,I love you with all my heart,you and my princess are the best thing in life that make life worth living for,I love you too with all my heart,Vanessa you have the 1st half of my heart full of love and passion,Arianna you have the 2nd half full of love and care and all the love in the work I love you too with all my heart

  • Anthony Martinez

    to Elizabeth: I hope you see this, I want you to know that you mean the world to me , I love you

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