TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – A Florida House committee has approved a new unemployment compensation bill that is more business-friendly including a lower unemployment tax rate for Florida companies.

The plan will also make it easier for businesses to fire workers for actions that take place outside of the workplace, according to the News Service of Florida.

The bill is similar to one proposed by Governor Rick Scott and would reduce the duration of state benefits from 26 to 20 weeks. It would maintain the current maximum payout of $275 a week.

The House bill would also tie the duration of future benefits to the state’s unemployment rate and shorten the overall length of time benefits would be paid, according to the News Service of Florida.

If the unemployment rate hit 5 percent or less, the maximum number of weeks of state unemployment a person could receive would be 12.

The overall aim of the bill is to make businesses more likely to pick Florida as a new home to their business. It’s the latest in a line of pro-business bills including massive tax cuts for the multi-million dollar companies thinking of moving to Florida.

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  1. Pro says:

    you People are real stupid the companies are hiring a lot of people to work. but only part time to say the economy is getting better, but it is getting worst I have three jobs and all the companies are giving me is 8 hours a week each one or less. They say when business pick up, but that is not happening. Every one I talk to is in the same boat they are sinking and there are no paddles. I am tire of hearing all the b.s the government and news are talking. there is a saying how is going to put the bell around the cats neck.

  2. Jorge Mixter says:

    This is another Republican move to benefit companies that in the end do not hire as much, neither provide real competitive benefiits to its workers, this is pure cosmetic make over, an attempt to bring business lured by all sort of benefiits to them but leaving the workers in disadvantage, Florida is one of the worst states in terms of pro workers legislation, the unemployment benefits as they are right now hardly help and now these proposed changes are simply a back stab on a lot people specially those with low incomes who are more vulnarables when they loose a job, but then again thank you governor for your fancy ideas on how to attack unemployment give people in need less and less,

  3. George says:

    I have seen more people setting up food stands and fruit stand than I have in years. people are just trying to survive by putting food on our tables and the government keeps saying the economy is strong where are you at. maybe fantasy land because only there thing are getting stronger. have you seen the tolls and other ways the government has learned to steal.going up every where is the taxes money going to the thieves repairing roads that do not need repair and damaging roads to say they do!! but only people who are family members of the government are part of that triangle that no one wants to talk about or investigate. where are the real reporters not gossipers people who report the real news and dig where no one else digs!!!

  4. Carlos says:

    I think it is time to do just like the Egyptians

  5. Gregory Joseph says:

    America will soon go down. We have to stand up to Gov. Rick Scott

  6. Kiskeya says:

    I guess this is what we get for not voting intelligently ; I still can’t believe that I live in a state where Rick Scott is Governor. More money and benefits to big companies so that they can not only fire workers-at-will, but also fire them for what they do outside of work!! Ubber non-sense!!!

  7. RMartian says:

    And slowly the world turns into that of the one depicted in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. The rich enjoy the spoils of a world they don’t know anything about and the poor know everything but have no power to do anything about it. Hooray democracy!

  8. InmatesRunningTheAsylum says:

    Yet another travesty foisted on Florida voters by, um, uninformed Florida voters.

  9. Anne says:

    Yeah, everything is so wonderful in Florida that they couldn’t find a single NEED A JOB? sign in the state, and had to go to Louisiana to get one. Unemployment is realistically 25% in Miami, while Scott’s buddies rake in the spoils.

    1. GAIN AND AGAIN says:

      Give the governor and his CROONIES enough ROPE, and ……It is so sad!!!

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