Head-On MacArthur Causeway Crash Kills 1

MIAMI – (CBS4) – A car in the wrong lane is being blamed for an early-morning head-on crash on MacArthur Causeway (I-395) that snarled traffic and left one person dead, and another driver in critical condition.

Florida Highway Patrol investigators said 27-year-old Matthew Montenegro was killed when his blue BMW was hit, head on, by another car traveling westbound in the eastbound lane shortly after 3:30 am Friday.

FHP spokesperson Alex Annunziato said Montenrego was dead at the scene of accident. The driver of the second car was identified as 22-year-old Omar Bravo, who was taken to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson memorial hospital. Bravo survived the crash, and was listed in critical condition.

Investigators were not immediately able to say what car was traveling in which direction.

The BMW with the body of Montenegro still inside was towed to the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s office, where it was set to be extracted.

‘The accident caused rush-hour backups on the causeway, a major route between Miami Beach and the mainland. Commuters were sent to alternate routes while investigators worked.

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One Comment

  1. milana lopez says:

    I hope Oscar makes it in the hospital and rots in jail for the pain he has caused to Matthews family and his own family.

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      You people are sick and have no sympathy whatsoever. Yes, i’m sorry for the pain caused to Matthew’s family due to Matthew’s death. But you shouldn’t wish for anyone “to rot in jail”.

  2. Tattooby CarlosMata says:

    this is from omar’s facebook from last night, Omar Bravo
    Gettin krunked mia louge boundd ! hollaa

  3. Heliana Ramirez says:

    I just read your comment and yes another. But this is someones son, friend and relative your insensitivity is disgusting and definitely a loser of a comment.

  4. Chris says:

    Seriously people, have some sensitivity. There is absolutely no reason to post such negativity on such a dark day. May you rest in peace, Matthew; prayers are with you, Omar.

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      I agree 100%

  5. Girl says:

    they dont know who was going which way.

  6. Yve says:

    @ Jimbo99…Your insensitivity is unforgivable…Matt was not just “another”; he was his parents’ child. That is the view you should have written from; otherwise, you should not have commented at all.

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      Omar isn’t just “another”, Omar has parents and a family too just like every other human being does. Stop being so negative.

      1. Sam says:

        Omar was 22 year old who thought he was invincible and ended up taking someone else’s life… should have took his own life. It is easy for you to sit there and say that because it was not your sibling or your parent. I know you would not be saying the same thing if this was your relative who was killed by the stupidity of another. Put yourself in others shoes before you speak. If it would have been an inevitable accident, these negative comments would have not been written. Omar was drunk and reckless, on top of being plain stupid for writing the things he did on facebook. period.

      2. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        Sam: Firstly, it is NOT easy for me or his family to sit here knowing he made a mistake that can cause him YEARS in prison. How about YOUUUU put yourself in OUR situation? This goes both ways. If someone i knew got killed by a drunk driver, yes he would have to suffer but i would never wish anyone to “rot in jail” as many of you are saying. PERIOD.

  7. joe mohmma says:

    Ms. Lopez, You should read the article again and next time have more sensitivity about all the families involved. Karma will come back and get you:

    “A car traveling on the wrong side of the highway caused the head-on collision that killed a 27-year-old man on the MacArthur Causeway early Friday morning.

    FHP Spokesman Alex Annunziato said a car traveling west in the eastbound lanes caused the crash that killed the driver of a blue BMW. That driver was identified as Matthew Montenegro.”
    So as you can see……the driver going in the wrong direction was Matthew Montenegro.

    1. Correction says:

      I believe you are comprehending this wrongly. The driver of the Blue BMW is Matthew, who passed away. The driver of the nissan is the other guy. Maybe you should retract your previous comment, at least i would if i were you.

    2. Anonymous says:

      the article is really poorly written, so i understand your confusion, but read that paragraph again and you’ll realize that you got it mixed up. The person in the Nissan was driving the opposite direction and killed the person in the BMW. The Nissan belonged to Omar and the BMW belonged to Matthew.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wrong. Matthew’s car was the BMW. He was going the right direction. A great person was lost today. My prayers are with all who are effected.

  9. Steph says:

    Mr. Mohmma maybe you should read the article again and watch the video while your at it too…because one, no where in that article does it say Mathew was the one going in the wrong driection it clearly says “a car” and two in the video it also says that the car driving in the wrong driection has not been determined..so before YOU start pointing fingers at people get your information right

  10. anonymous says:

    the driver of the BMW was Mathew mr. mohmma

  11. Anonymous 2 says:

    Joe Mohmma- your logic is neither correct or valid! You apparently can’t decipher what the article posted has stated. It clearly stated the driver was that unfortunately passed was Mathew Montenegro not that he was the one driving in the wrong direction! I would highly advise reading properly before making erroneous statements, especially pathetic ones.

    And we can all logically deduct that Omar was the idiot driving on the wrong side given he was the drunk one, just like his facebook status said last night at 11:00pm!
    For having preached about keeping sensitivity due to this tragedy you yourself failed to do the same!
    May Mat rest in peace, he will truly be missed.

  12. Yve says:

    Thank you Anonymous…

  13. Anonymous says:

    that status has been removed from omar’s facebook …

  14. Chris says:

    People, the FHP is not releasing the details. The article only states that “a” car (not silver nor blue) was heading in the wrong direction, and that consequently the owner of the BMW, Matthew, died at the scene. I know this is incredibly difficult for those who were close to either Matthew or Omar, but let’s try to keep the remarks more respectful for both parties. Please.

  15. Anonymous says:

    just wanted to clear things up a little … matt was was the victim !!!! and some of us have lost sight of that.

  16. 00_Anonymous says:

    @john mohmma : you obviously misinterpreted this article.

    Regardless, put yourself in the shoes of either of those two guy’s families and friends. it’s a tragedy either way. Two people lost their life – one literally and the other, if he survives, will probably go to jail and have to live forever knowing he killed someone because of his own mistake.

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you, 00_Anonymous.

    2. Anonymous says:

      thank you …

    3. LOL says:

      I think, well for me at least it makes sense what you said. It’s tragic for both families and I can imagine Omar’s family is suffering from the guilt of knowing what he did. But I don’t sympathize with Omar Bravo….

      It wasn’t a mistake. He went out to get wasted that night, and knowingly got in a car and drove. We’ve all gone out and drank – but we know when to get behind the wheel and when to call a friend/wait/sleep over – whatever. Oh, and if he was with friends that night – they should also feel some guilt, because he was allowed to drive. If I see that you’re drunk, and you’re my friend – you are not driving that car – and I’m not doing it just for your safety.

  17. yla says:

    The post was removed from Omar’s facebook & his profile pic (where he was holding a beer & a bottle of booze) was changed also!! Hmmmm?!?!

  18. Andrea says:

    r.i.p Mat. You were an amazing person and friend and you truly will be missed. Anyone that drives drunk putting innocent people in harms way deserves to rot in jail…. 😦

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      Stop with the “rot” in jail. PEOPLE HAVE NO FEEEELINGS !!!

  19. Girl says:

    THEY UPDATED THE STORY NOW THERE WAS A THIRD CAR ” that snarled traffic and left one person dead, and another driver in critical condition.”


  20. Tattooby CarlosMata says:

    now someone has delete omar’s facebook page , trying to get rid evidence?? humm nice try but your boold still has hypnotic and henny in it cuzzo

    1. Anonymous says:

      good thing the guys printed everything on his facebook before they got rid of it !!!!!

  21. anonymous says:

    Please read the article correctly. There is no third car. you really sound ignorant or maybe you just can’t interpret what you read..

    1. Girl says:

      I’m sorry I read it wrong.

  22. Dat Dude says:

    Omar was always up to no good… Went to miami springs senior high and was always with the wrong crowd… I never wish bad on anybody but omar you deserve the worst penalty ever and rot in jail. Matthew rest in peace

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      Omar is not a bad guy, so get your facts straight “dude”

  23. Jaime Cuevas says:

    excuse me Joe but I think you should read the article again because it doesn’t say who was going in which direction.

  24. Dat Dude says:

    Florida Highway Patrol investigators said 27-year-old Matthew Montenegro was killed when his blue BMW was hit, head on, by another car traveling westbound in the eastbound lane shortly after 3:30 am Friday.

    where does it say he was the one traveling on the wrong lane? are you haviong troubles understanding? matthew dies cause of omar end of story

  25. yla says:

    Just read a comment on another article about this accident stating that Omar was kicked out of MIA last night because he was drunk (and who know what else…) and his FB status last night @ 11pm, before someone removed his page, said he was “Gettin krunked mia louge bound…”

    All this brings to light that since the accident took place on the eastbound lanes, just west of the Biscayne exit & MIA is on Biscayne & Flagler, Omar was the one getting on I-395 & used the OFF ramp instead of the ON ramp since he was too messed up to tell the difference. Matthew lives in the Downtown/Brickell area & uses the Biscayne Blvd exit to return home….

    You decide who was driving the wrong way?!?!

  26. Tattooby CarlosMata says:

    the cops should look at where Matt lives(his address) and they would see he was heading home

  27. broken hearted says:

    my heart is broken… i am praying for both families and hope that justice is served. EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE THIS AS A LESSON YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO LEARN YOURSELF! Drinking and Driving KILLS.. call a cab or have a DD… it WILL save a life, that life might just be your own. With all the violence in the world today a death like this is a truly senseless loss! Let all of us find some peace from this by remembering that this could just have easily been one of us and MAKE SURE we DO NOT PUT OURSELVES IN A POSITION for our families to hurt as the Montenegro family will be hurting forever!!!

    1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      The BRAVO family will be hurting forever too, so much for being “heart broken”

      1. Miriam Llorca says:

        Amanda, you are obviously not seeing things in the right light since you have a personal taking to Omar Bravo, however; Broken Hearted clearly states that her prayers are with BOTH FAMILIES. You can not oompare the loss that the Montenegro family will have to endure due to the sensless acts of Mr. Bravo. The Bravo family will indeed be hurting, however they will have their son to visit even if it is in jail. Mathew was a wonderful young man and his family will only visit in memories and prayers!

  28. South Beach Guy says:

    It was past 3:30 in the morning right? Whos to say that both drivers were not drunk? Maybe BOTH drivers were drunk and though one was in the wrong lane maybe the other driver was too drunk to realize there was a car comming right at him?!?!? So “lets jump to conclusion” posters wait to see what happened. The chances that Matthew was drunk at 3:30AM in the morning are also very high espically if he was leaving Miami Beach. I believe the stat is 1 in 3 on the road past 2 am has been drinking.

    1. Anonymous says:

      South Beach Guy,
      Do not jump to conclusions as you do not know the facts. Matt was getting home from his parents house where as the other guy had just been thrown out of MIA Lounge for drunken disorderly conduct. So please try not to make assumptions when you do not know the facts

      1. South Beach Guy says:

        Of course I dont not know the facts as you do not either. THATS THE POINT!!!! Thats why it says “MAYBE” to make the point that WE DONT KNOW!!! And where do you get all your information from? Were you with him last night? Are you a cop with this information? Did you write the citation? You dont have this information. Anyone could post that stuff and say it was fact. Matbe Matt was drinking at his parents house. YOU DONT KNOW!!!!

      2. anonymous says:

        yes actually I do know for a fact that he was not drinking. As a result from Omar’s irresponsibility Matt’s parents had to go identify their son’s body.

    2. Amanda Gonzalez says:

      I agree.. How could matthew not see a freaking car coming straight at him?!

      1. Ridic says:

        Maybe you should put yourself in that situation and see what happens?

      2. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        Well first of all, if i see a car coming at me i will MOVE out the way

    3. S says:

      You shouldn’t assume what you would or wouldn’t do if you saw a car coming at you. Mathew might have not had time to react. Point is, THERE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN A CAR COMING AT HIM AT ALL. Omar was drunk, driving on the wrong side of the highway and although I am glad he made it through, he should most definitely be punished for his actions. He didn’t “make a mistake”. He KNEW he was going to get “krunked” and he knew he was going to drive. He made the choice to do both those things and HIS bad choices ended the life of an innocent man who happened to be at the same place at the wrong time. I think it is ABSURD that people are trying to somehow also pin blame on the VICTIM who wasn’t doing anything wrong. He didn’t cause the accident. OMAR did. He should most definitely pay for his actions and conscious decisions.

  29. Cyndi says:

    I agree with south beach Guy. Chances are they were both drunkm I personally knew Omar and he was a nice Guy. He went out to have some fun and it resulted in this sad story. My regards to both families and Omar my prayers are with you

    1. anonymous says:

      Cyndi be sure to let Omar know he killed a great human being. This was someone’s son and brother. I honestly hope he rotts in jail so he will never forget the pain he has caused to so many.

      1. Anonymous says:

        thank you … well said

      2. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        Omar is a great person. He is also someone’s “son and brother” so way to contradict yourself. Family of his will be hurting as well.

    2. Dat Dude says:

      Cyndi really? he was a good guy? a high school drop out who was always skipping and smoking weed ? dont come with that bs..

      1. Cyndi says:

        @ day dude. You obviously have some type of personal problem with Omar. Which in this case. Its your problem. I am not defending anyone. In this case. I came on here to give my personal opinion. Like. Everyone else. Has done. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. We all have problems and commit mistakes. Who are you to judge Omar when I’m sure you have made mistakes in life. Instead of coming on here to talk crap about Omar. Show some sympathy for the. Victims family. Once again how I said my prayers go out to both families. I’m. Pretty sure the victim was a great person. . It really sucks that his life endeed like this. Sorry and this is my last reply

      2. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        Wowwwwww. You obviously dont know omar.

  30. A Friend says:

    I was extremely saddened when I heard of this. Mathew’s sister has been a very close friend of mine for a long time. I do not have all the details, as is everyone else’s situation, but I hope this serves as a lesson to all: Do not drink and drive. It’s not worth it. Not only do you endanger your life, you risk either damaging or ending someone else’s. The Montenegro family will never be the same, as I’m sure neither will the Bravos. My prayers are for both families, as they will both be going through very difficult times all because of alcohol and stupidity.

  31. ForJosue says:

    @Dat Dude, seriously, you must have gotten you girl stolen by poor Omar. In this instance both drivers could have been Drunk.. who is to blame , we do not know..we will let Justice prevail since we are in a Democratic Nation. We should all learn to keep our comments clean and without a hurtful remark. Both Families are hurting and grieving, both familes are going through a painful situation. lets be more proactive and stop being so negative in your comments. I understand some of you have nothing else to do in your lives but consider the Montenegro’s Family who lost a family member. Or the Bravo Family that has a member under critical condition. Please be sympathetic with your words , I know people tend to be angry for alot of reasons but we need to keep clear of this feeling since all we are doing is hurting innocent folks.

    1. Dat Dude says:

      what does my girl have to do with Omars stupidity? ummm lets face the facts i know this kids background and its obvious that his coked up drunk ass is to blame for all this

      1. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        COKED UP?!! Are you serious, get a life and don’t come around here writing things if you don’t even know what really happened.

      2. Dat Dude says:

        Read the reports so you can see what he was on

      3. Amanda Gonzalez says:

        Reports? Please inform me of these “reports”

    2. Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry but he is in critical condition due to his actions … Matt on the other hand is no longer with us no because he was out doing god knows what !!!! but trying to get home

  32. Brian says:

    As I sit here reading this article, I imagine the assigned detective is using everythging written here as evidence, and overwhelmingly it points to Matthew heading home from work, and Omar getting drung and attempting to drive home. Keep speaking people, your information is priceless and helps. I have a son named Matthew, and although I have not cried in 20 years, this tragedy brings a tear to my eye. I am sorry to both families, but not to the person who caused this. I sure hope Omar was a loner drinking by himself, because if you were drinking with him, you are a son of a biitch.

  33. blank says:

    Yes because not having a high school diploma or smoking pot makes you a bad person. You people claiming to “know” Omar and saying he’s a bad person just need to shut the hell up. People make mistakes, and I’m sure dozens of you have driven home drunk a bunch of times and just never got unlucky enough to kill anyone. Unless you’ve never done any wrong ESPECIALLY never driven with ANY alcohol in your system you are nobody to judge. He was wrong and he does deserve to learn from his actions but SO DO THE REST OF YOU.

    1. ANONYMOUS says:


    2. Dat Dude says:

      No not a bad person at all just a failure at life without a goal in life to succeed at anything until now … He found how to take a life away… And yes we all have had liquor in our system but there’s a keyword in there that puts us aside from that coke addict its “responsibility” and caring about yourself…. Now he can get krunked dropping the soap if he recovers

    3. brian says:

      Hey moron, he killed someone because of his actions. You would make a good liberal attorney if you had an education beyond 2nd grade. Quote yourself again, smoking pot does not make you a bad person, sure, but posting how plastered you are on face book, then driving home and killing someone does. The facts are out, if you want to wait a few more days for the facts to be confirmed, then come say hello in two days and ill call you an A hole then too.

  34. anonymous says:

    for everyone blaming omar & saying he is a horrible person u should all go screw yourself he is one of the sweetest guy in the world & i hope he makes it WE LOVE YOU OB 😉 you will be in our prayers and for the person who died i feel very bad & i hope u are in a bette place but i know ob didnt do it on purppose

  35. Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro says:

    To the person bad mouthing Omar. I know him for a very long time , and yes at times he was with the wrong crows but as one of his close friends i can tell you that he has a big heart. He made a mistake, a huge mistake that cost the life of an innocent person, but also you have to realize everyone makes mistakes; some bigger than others. I am not trying to take away the blame from him, but wishing to that he rots in hell makes you , ignorant , evil , and making just a bad of a mistake as he did. As for Mathew i didn’t know you but you are in my prayers and so is your family and friends. May you rest in peace. Omar everyone is talking about you, but only a few people know what a great person you are. Thank you for always being a great friend, whatever the outcome of this is your life is going to change forever just remember that i love you, and i hope you get better soon

  36. Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro says:

    dat dude.. you are ignorant .. what did he do to you that you have so much hatred towards him.. so who cares if he didnt have a highschool diploma.. did you ever really sit down and talk 2 the guy..? who are you to judge him.. who are you to wish bad upon him.. HE MADE A MISTAKE!!!!… you guys are so ignorant .. how about you keep him in your prayers so he can get better , keep Mathew in your prayers and his family too.. and how about you use this as a lesson and show all your friends what happens when you drink and drive you might save a life someday

    1. APPALLED says:


  37. Mari says:

    I have no words to express my sadness, but we will miss you dearly Matt. ❤

  38. ForJosue says:

    @ APPALLED, if you were at MIA, where you also getting crunked??, and stop spreading rumors everyone, no one knows whos at fault here, there are two sides to a story. Im sure many of us will be looking like fools when the truth is told. You guys need to get a life @Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro, Im sure you mean well, but you are making your assumption that Omar is guilty, and he is not, Im not saying that Mathew’s guilty either, Lets just wait and find out what the authorities discover, and jump to premeditated conclusions. You are all not being fair to both victims families. @ Dat dude,, Oye estupido get a life…Karma is a $%$^, so be very careful what you wish on people…

  39. Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro says:

    yes thank you for clearing that up.. im going by what every one else was saying here.. and not paying attention to the details

  40. Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro says:

    and josue.. so basically you are one of the people at MIA that couldve stopped him but chose not to.. niceeeeeee.. and apparently if you are copying his face book statuses you must have had him as a friend..

  41. Melissa says:

    May Mathew Montenegro R.I.P. how sad to see a great guy lose his life because of a stupid drunk driver!! 😦 I will be praying for him and his family that must be going through such a difficult time.

  42. Ignignokt says:

    All I can say is driving while impaired is a sure way to end up like this , or cause someone a lot of pain . Don’t do it , get a cab .

  43. Gilbert says:

    May you rest in peace Mathew. We will miss you

  44. roberta scott says:

    RIP my friend we all ;love you very much..

  45. Dat Dude says:

    For all that think Omar is a good person a good heart like josue and isaidy you all are incomparable fools honestly… And apparently you don’t know how to read reports… You guys apparently dropped out alongside with him… His friends didn’t help him cause they didn’t give a fudge about him.. And it’s nobodys business to stop him… Like i said I hope he rots in jail…. And Isaidy his profile wasn’t private and if your READ, hope u know what that word means, appalled was the one at MIA…

  46. Angelo says:

    I personally knew Matt, and I know he was a strong advocate against drinking and driving. Whenever we went out, we cabbed it everywhere. He would yell at me if I drank a beer and drove. Matt was in his BMW, he loved that car, he would never dare drink a drop. He was a great and responsible person, Omar, I didn’t know him, nor do I care. Matt lived in the 1800 Club (lived in the area for years)and was 5 min away from home, he knew downtown like the back of his hand. I know in my heart Matt was not at fault. Matt would either sleep over a friends or taxi it, he was heading home to go to work as a successful roofing contractor. He was on his way home, Omar went to MIA lounge, got kicked out and then decided to jump in his car. He could not make it even 5 minutes away before he goes the wrong way on 395. In the beginning of the night, he should have known he was going to drink and not drive period “Mr Crunk”. Also, how does a facebook profile get deactivated from a guy in critical condition??? Matt’s page is still up and google his name to notice all his accomplishments. Matt was a great guy and I will miss him everyday, but I will try to remember how he always was, smiling. Everybody likes to have a good time, but don’t be cheap or stupid, just take a cab and save a life. Omar, justice will be served, and remember MATTHEW MONTENEGRO FOREVER!

    1. Someone says:

      Thank you for being honest and putting the truth out there. Mathew’s sister is one of my best friends and seeing her and her family like this is the most horrible thing ever. He was such a great guy, and no one deserves to have their lives taken from them as the result of another’s poor choices.

      Don’t drink and drive. Think about all the people you can potentially hurt. It’s an incredibly selfish act.

  47. Isaidy Pinto-cribeiro says:

    First off, just because i hung out with Omar did not make me a drop out so lets keep my name out of this.. and yes Drinking and driving takes lives, thats what we learned here. To Mathews family i give you my condolensces im sure he was a great guy and he will be dearly missed. As for Omar, I hope he gets better. If you did not know him.. as in being his close friend, you have no right so judge him based on his poor decision. That doesnt make him a bad person it makes him a person who made a bad choice.. I still love Omar dearly and will stand by his side as his TRUE friend. I never drink and drive, and am usually the designated driver, and at times wish i wouldve been there with him so i couldve gotten him home safe and avoided the death of an innocent man. BUT i wasnt, people please have a heart and wish for him to get better. Justice will be served Omar probably will be serving time, and is going to regret this for the rest of his life. But dont count it on him personally, he is still a great guy, is going thru alot of pain right now both physically and mentally, feels regret, denial , anything you can possibly name. He will not be able to bring Matthew back , but let him serve as an example to everyone. When out with your friends care about them enough to not let them drink and drive. OMAR, MATHEW my prayers are out there for both of you. You are both great guys at the wrong place at the wrong time. Your families are both in my prayers.

  48. ForJosue says:

    @ Dat dude, again making iliterate assumptions; I neither dropped or need to learn how to read since I probably have a higher IQ that you will ever attain..but thats neither here or there..@ Angelo.. I know Omar and he is a good kid, good at heart, and has never meant to hurt anyone. My Apologies and Condolences go to ALL THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS Of Matthew Montenegro, I wish that this night had never happen.

  49. Layla says:


  50. moralinda says:

    I’m friends with Matt’s sister and I’ve never met Omar. All I’d like to respond to are all the claims that Omar “made a mistake” and did not do this “on purpose” and that everyone has driven home drunk at some point. Um…NO I HAVEN’T. Ever driven home drunk. Why? Because this isn’t the first time that that action has cost someone’s life! Trust me I make plenty of mistakes. Not that one, ever. Thousands of innocent people have died like this. We know this. Every single person reading this and every person posting here and anyone over the age of 13 knows getting drunk and driving can significantly increase your chances of KILLING someone. Omar did not have to be a bad person. This has nothing to do with being a bad person or good person. But the guy knew drinking and driving could be fatal. And despite knowing that he still CHOSE, I repeat, CHOSE, made the DECISION to drive anyway. So I’m not going to claim what kind of moral or spiritual character the guy had. I’ve never met him, and neither have most of you. I AM going to address the OBVIOUS fact, that he CHOSE to drive while knowingly being drunk, and knowing that could cost someone their life. And it did. And he SHOULD think about it for the rest of his life. “He didn’t do it on purpose.” No he didn’t kill someone on person. But he DID drink and drive on purpose…knowing that’s likely to bring a fatal accident. I personally have no sympathy for anyone who CHOOSES to drink and drive. You know what that could bring. The same night Matt died I happened to argue with a friend who was drunk and kept insisting on driving. I stole her keys and got her a ride home. Only to hear what happened to Matt that same night. Everyone here has mixed feelings to this, and I think understandably Matt’s friends have no sympathy right now towards someone who knowingly put someone else’s life at risk. But let’s use this horrible tragedy to move forward and change what we can. Instead of attacking each other, let’s put our efforts and emotions to better use. If every single person who’s on here never drank and drove again and stopped anyone else from this doing so in the future, we’ll avoid this senseless tragedy from repeating ever again. Don’t attack each other. Just take responsibility for your own actions. If we all did that, these two young men would still be with us and with bright futures ahead of them.

    1. Dat Dude says:

      @moralinda you should have written earlier…. You couldn’t have said any better, you are right.. Beautiful words… This is my final post

  51. S. says:

    You shouldn’t assume what you would or wouldn’t do if you saw a car coming at you. Mathew might have not had time to react. Point is, THERE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN A CAR COMING AT HIM AT ALL. Omar was drunk, driving on the wrong side of the highway and although I am glad he made it through, he should most definitely be punished for his actions. He didn’t “make a mistake”. He KNEW he was going to get “krunked” and he knew he was going to drive. He made the choice to do both those things and HIS bad choices ended the life of an innocent man who happened to be at the same place at the wrong time. I think it is ABSURD that people are trying to somehow also pin blame on the VICTIM who wasn’t doing anything wrong. He didn’t cause the accident. OMAR did. He should most definitely pay for his actions and conscious decisions.

  52. A friend says:

    Losing Matt has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with. He was the victim of an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented. I would never wish harm against the man who caused Matt’s death. But justice will be served, and although it won’t make going through this any easier for anyone involved, it may prevent future accidents. I hope the man recovers and at least one family gets to see their son come home. The Montenegro’s are good people that don’t deserve to be going through this, I pray for them and that the man at fault understands the consequences of his actions.

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