The saga of the moldy Broward County courthouse continues Thursday in front of a civil court judge.

There are two new developments a judge will be asked to sort out — a request for a change of venue in the case and an allegation that the county is not following a judge’s orders regarding repair work being done on the courthouse.

An attorney for Broward County will argue that due to news media coverage of the mold problem in the courthouse — including a few stories reported by CBS 4 — they will not be able to receive a fair trial in the county.


Besides, the attorney argues, the courthouse is where the plaintiffs work and anyone “employed and located in” the courthouse could be a witness for either side at a trial.

The attorneys for the employees will oppose the request and will also allege that the county has done repair work on the building without notifying them, in violation of a judge’s order. They argue that the repair work deprives them of the ability to “observe, inspect, test and oversee the cleanup” of materials.

The lawyers for Krupnick Campbell argue that “the County has irreparably harmed the Plaintiffs through the destruction of evidence which has been lost forever.”

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of the hearing.


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