Report: Woman Died After Riding Disney Ride

ORLANDO (CBS4) – An elderly woman with a pre-existing heart condition died in December after riding the Prince Charming Regal Carousel in Walt Disney World.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the 77-year-old woman’s death Sunday after the theme park filed a guest-injury report with state officials.

Florida’s big theme parks have an agreement with the state in which they report guest injuries in exchange for avoiding state ride-safety regulation.

Walt Disney World also reported two other injuries. A 71-year-old woman broke a hip and shoulder after riding the Magic Kingdom carousel and a 76-year-old woman injured her leg after falling on a moving platform for Epcot’s The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

No other parks reported injuries.

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  • mimi

    these people wew all too old

  • Fulano de Tal

    Why are senior citizens who can barely walk especially in their 70’s getting on such rides? These rides are not roller coasters, yet tragic deaths occur. If they are not in good health, they should not be riding.

  • Margie

    Seniors should not be allowed on such rides. Clearly Disney should take some responsibility in protecting the elderly. All they are cocerned about is making money.

  • haitian

    why do they even allow them to get on those type of rides. they shoes have a age policy to get on rides

  • j rock

    they dont make money off elderly people riding rides. i think u should know if ur in good enough health to ride a ride. my grandfather who is over 70 rides space mountain but that doesnt mean all 70 year olds can handle that type of force….

  • Rob

    That’s the family’s responsibility, she did not go there for her personal enjoyment. Putting an age specification is illegal. Next you’ll want them to order people to eat broccoli. Self responsibility and determination are being lost in our society.

  • Ladydi

    Disney, can not discriminate against old people and tell them what they should or should not ride. People, take some responsibility for your own well-being. I use to ride everything, now that I am in my 50’s, I don’t do that anymore. Stop blaming everyone else for your own stupidity.

  • john Smith

    They have signs on all the rides pertaining to health issues. It’s ashame that in this world we have to warn people against themselves! Doesn’t anyone else find it disturbing that they report guest injuries in exchange for avoiding state ride-safety regulation?

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