By Jim DeFede

MIAMI – (CBS4) – A company hired by Jackson Memorial Hospital to help with the selection of a president for the public hospital is recommending a salary ranging from $705,000 to slightly more than $1 million for the hospital’s new chief executive. 

The suggested median salary came in at $888,000, which could rise to $1.4 million with benefits and other incentives, according to the report prepared by Integrated Health Strategies. The figures were based on an extensive survey the company conducted of both public and private hospitals across the country. 

The current President and CEO of Jackson, Dr. Eneida Roldan, is paid $665,000 per year to oversee the third largest public hospital system in the country. Roldan announced last Fall that she would not seek an extension of her contract and plans to step down in April.

The salary figures for a new CEO were met with a degree of shock and disbelief, with several members of the hospital’s executive compensation committee saying they could not possibly support a salary that high.

“These are taxpayer dollars and we’re hurting,” said committee member and County Commission Chairman Joe Martinez. “The President makes $400,000 a year. Our county manager makes $300,000 and that’s to manage a $7 billion budget.”

Jackson’s annual budget is $1.5 billion. 

Martinez suggested the salary should be more in the $550,000 to $600,000 range.

“People are taking less money for top jobs,” he said.

But Jorge Arrizurieta, a member of the compensation committee as well as a member of Jackson’s governing board, the Public Health Trust, said Jackson needed to offer the best salary possible in order to attract the type of talented individual it will take to turn the hospital around financially.

“To me, this process here, is about sending a message that we are serious about finding the very best,” Arrizurieta said.

 Arrizurieta made a motion to set the salary at the recommended range, but no one on the committee would second it. 

County Commissioner Linda Bell, also a member of the compensation committee, suggested creating a lower base salary, but then adding in various performance-based incentives that the new CEO could earn. The committee decided to ask Integrated Health Strategies to come up with additional recommendations.

 A final decision on the salary range for the new CEO will be made on February 14.
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Comments (8)
  1. tim3500 says:

    I’ll do it for a 100 grand. It’s not like you have to know anything to do the job,but make excuses in public speeches about how much money you lost…

    1. eddy perez says:

      ill do in for 99,000…with an encentive ..the less excuses i make the more i get each quarter.

  2. eddy perez says:

    How much did they pay those folks to come up with the figures? $888,001 to $1,400, 001?

  3. Roni says:

    This is a prime example of why polititians should not be involved in health care. Has the waste and fraud investigation concluded yet?

    1. Jane Doe says:

      Exactly! I lived in Ontario and worked in a hospital up there for years and they all were run at a deficit. When it got way out of control the department of health would take over the hospital. They would have people go in there and hire CEO’s etc. and supervise the operation until it was back on track. Thsoe who ran it into the hole int the first place only ended up in anothr hosptial doing the same thing. There is no accountability.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    A large part of their problem is msimanagement and part is how much illegal immigrants cost us as well as the thugs who are out there shooting each other. Recently there hasn’t been too much of that out there saving all the trips to Ryder which cost big bucks. Illeglas on the other have their anchor babies at our expense as well as other care. They use the emergency department as their primary care physician. Before Jackson shut down their kidney dialysis unit one third of those patients were illegal immigrants. State wide illegal immigrants cost Florida hospitals $100 million a year.

    1. SFL Taxpayer says:

      Jane Doe,
      I have a relative working @ JMH and they see this DAILY!
      It’s not “pc” to state this publicly. Shame on us.
      I definitely had my issues w/ Roldan but I have to give her credit for at least stating this fact.
      Anyways, you are correct; thank you for sharing.

  5. Disgusted says:

    Governor Crist, we desperately need HELP here in South Florida, the corruption is OUT OF CONTROL !!!!!!! Even the people hired to be independent have been “BOUGHT and PAID FOR” !!!!!!! Please Crist, fire them all and get “real” professionals in here to right the ship and stop stealing taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.

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