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Spirit Bag Fees Gaining Weight

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Spirit Airlines

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Airlines are continuing to nickel and dime passengers to death as they try to squeeze out every last penny from the traveling public.

The latest squeeze comes from Ft. Lauderdale-based Spirit Airlines. The low-cost carrier, which was the first to charge for carry-on bags, has now changed its checked bag policy that could cost passengers quite a bit of cash.

As of February 1, Spirit set the weight limit for a checked bag at 40 pounds for domestic flights. The typical weight limit for bags is 50 pounds with most airlines.

Spirit will charge you $28 for the first 40 pounds of your bag. If your bag weighs 41 pounds, get ready to pay an additional fee of $25 each way on your trip, according to the Boston Globe.

Spirit’s policy change is likely the latest step as all airlines look to recoup money as gas prices rise. Airlines will continue to tout cheap tickets, but when you add on the fees, the cheap ticket prices are pretty much a non sequitur.

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