Loaded Gun Found At MIA

MIAMI (CBS4) – The Transportation Security Administration and Miami-Dade Police arrested a woman at Miami International Airport Friday morning after a gun was found.

Valerie Bradley, 27, is the wife of a Pensacola area police officer and now faces charges with trying to take a loaded Kel-Tech handgun on board an American Airlines flight back to Pensacola.

The gun was discovered at a security checkpoint in Concourse D. The incident provoked a strong reaction inside the airport.

“I’m shocked,” said Gulfstream Airways pilot Patricio Moreno. “I am a crew member, never know what persons have on their minds.”

“It’s kind of scary, loaded gun, not something that I’d do,” said Chicago traveler Cheryl Allen.

As scary as the situation was, the TSA said it happens about once a month.

Bradley faces a misdemeanor charge of violating her concealed weapons permit and was allowed to fly on a later flight to Pensacola.

  • aboot

    what does banana shakes have to do with anything;and “it could have been that a friend put it there or it wasnt there” doesnt even make sense…everyone should know what they have packed when going through the airport or pay the penalty

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