SOUTH MIAMI (CBS4) — The fitness craze that’s sweeping the nation has arrived in South Florida. It’s called the Bar Method, a unique workout designed to strengthen, sculpt and elongate the body with a low impact, high intensity workout that fuses ballet, Pilates and yoga to whip that body into shape.

Located on a second floor studio in South Miami, it’s the 35th location for the franchise which began in L.A. It’s also the first in the Southeast.

Sherri DiMarco, a former lawyer who traded one bar for another, is a both owner and a teacher.

“We use the bar for all elements, for stretches, strength training. It’s combination ballet, strength training, yoga and Pilates,” explained DiMarco.

From lengthy leg lifts, to ball squeezes, isometrics, super stretches and beyond, The Bar Method works on a simple principle, but there’s nothing simple about The Bar Method.

“We do 8 to 9 strengthening exercises where we work a muscle until it fails. Once we hit muscle failure we try to strengthen that muscle while its very warm and filled with blood,” said DiMarco.

The road to a ballerina body is no easy task.

The concept of muscle failure is all about the shake and in this class there’s a whole of shakin’ going on.

“The exercises are designed to work a muscle until we hit muscle failure, but everything is safe,” said DiMarco.

The Bar Method is a favorite of many celebrities such as Kelly Osborne, Olivia Wilde, Ricky Lake and Drew Barrymore. They all credit the workout for changing their bodies. So do other fans.

“I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I started,” said Bar Method devotee Robin Wells. “I leave here so proud about what I accomplished and continue to accomplish. It changed my mind and my life.”

“I love the atmosphere here, the space, the music, I love the exercise. I love it all,” said fan Ingrid Beeman.

The Bar Method is located at 5734 Sunset Drive in South Miami. It’s open every day but Sunday. For more information, call (305) 668-7738 or go to their website,


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