Horse Killer Cordero Gets 4 Years In Jail, Faces Deportation

MIAMI (CBS4) – Luis Cordero, ratted out by a friend who helped him in a scheme to steal horses and sell them for their meat, accepted a plea deal Tuesday for less jail time than his partner for illegally turning horses into hamburger.

At a Tuesday court appearance, Cordero, 18, agreed to serve 4 years in prison, minus the 15 months he has already been imprisoned awaiting the resolution of the charges against him. He must also pay court costs, and when his sentence is complete, Cordero will be subject to deportation to Mexico if so ordered by an immigration judge.

His friend, 19-year-old Santiago Cabrera, 19, admitted to butchering horses alive after being arrested for his connection in the gruesome killing of 2 horses in Southwest Miami-Dade. Cabrera implicated Cordero in an attempt to cash in the reward.

Cabrera admitted to killing horses Nov. 17 and also pleaded guilty to several charges related to the horse killings that occurred last year, including armed burglary and animal cruelty. Cabrera implicated Cordero in the killings.

Cordero had initially pleaded not guilty, but changed his mind and admitted guilt when he accepted Tuesday’s plea.

Cabrera admitted to being paid $500 to lure a 5-year-old thoroughbred horse named “King Quizi” out of his stall at the “A Lazy L Ranch” in the 12000 block of NW 157th Street. Cabrera also admitted to the slaughtering of a second horse in Miami Gardens.

Cabrera said he and three other suspects entered the ranch at 5400 NW 159 Street where a horse was slaughtered with the intent to sell meat. He told police he was paid $900 to help slaughter that horse.

  • MiamiMex

    These lowlifes don’t deserve to live.

    • Susan Erenberger

      The sentence is too light. He should serve over 10 years be deported and charged a hugh fine. What is the judge thinking!!! This is just a slap on the hand. This should be a felony. This person does not belong in society he is a danger to horses, animals and humans in the future.

  • Chucky

    …only in Miami; only in the third-world, banana republic.

    • Vikki Brink

      Sorry, Chucky: It’s happening all over the United States.

  • Joe

    And here I wonder how much of that meat have I eaten…

    • Susan

      Joe, What kind of an idot are you for saying that you ate some of the meat. I hope anyone that ate the meat gets sick. By the way horse meat is not safe to eat. We give them wormers and medications that make it unsafe. Your comment is very cruel and insensitive to anyone who has ever had a horse stolen. It shows your total lack of maturity.

  • carmen

    Other lowlives who don’t deserve to live, kill moose, deer, & ducks just for the thrill of hunting.

  • Vikki Brink

    He serves his 4 years with us paying for it. Then we deport him and he is back in the states before the weekends over.

    • yokolee

      sad but true

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