CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – A violent car crash Monday afternoon claimed the life of a 6 year-old girl and sent several others to the hospital.

And two neighbors who heard the horrible sounds of the crash told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench they will never forget what they saw when they went to the scene.

“It’s terrible. Just terrible,” said one neighbor who declined to give her name. “I have young children and I know a 6 year old girl died. I saw the Mom. She was at the scene tonight. I would hate to be in her shoes. I heard her crying. It broke my heart. I was in the house and I heard the noise. And I said please stop, please stop.”

“This is more than terrible,” said her husband, who also did not want to be identified. “This tears me up. This is sad. I feel for the parents. In a matter of seconds, your life can change.”

Coral Springs Police and Fire Rescue rushed to the scene of the three car crash near the intersection of Wiles Road and Northwest 87th Avenue just after 3 p.m. The damage to the cars was so severe, several victims had to be extricated.

Coral Spring Police Lt. Joe McHugh says a 2001 Buick driven by Raymond Carmody, 65, was traveling westbound on Wiles Road attempting to turn left on NW 87th Avenue. His granddaughter Gwendolyn Hall, 6, was riding in the back seat. As Carmody turned left, his vehicle was struck by a 2005 Dodge being driven by Benjamin Colon, 27. After the impact, Carmody’s car collided with another car.

The driver of that Toyota, 40-year-old Delma Iris of Fort Lauderdale, was taken to Coral Springs Medical Center where she is in stable condition.

Gwendolyn Hall was killed instantly.

Her grandfather and Colon were rushed to North Broward Medical Center in serious condition.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

One neighbor is urging drivers to slow down on busy Wiles Road.

“One time somebody actually hit a fence here,” the neighbor said. “They speed like it’s a raceway. I just say slow down. Life can change in an instant.”

Police want calls from anyone in the public who knows something about this accident. The number to call is (954) 346-1306.


Comments (27)
  1. Thurman says:

    How sad. My son rides in the front seat. I drove by this accident today while leaving work.

  2. Navarro Alice says:

    I trust that after due diligence, someone will be held accountable for such an unfortunate incident. My prayers go out to those who have suffered losses, pain and suffering. All those responsible can just face the music and step up to the plate.

  3. Navarro Alice says:

    Everything you do in this lifetime will be noted. Just remember that God is above all.

  4. Robert Saey says:

    If he had opened your eyes and been paying attention, it never would have happened. That’s all he would have had to do and this little girl would still be with us. He had his precious granddaughter in the car. It is not hard to drive safely and see what is going on on the road. I just can imagine how he may feel when he realizes what had happened to the most precious gift a grandfather could ever have.. Wake up people and consider the consequences. Slow down, don’t be in such a hurry…You WILL get there eventually!!! I have seen way too many deaths on the road in Coral Springs that never should have been, How many of our children are gone that could have still been with us? The answer is way too many. Since moving here in 1989 I have seen over 50 shildren that have been killed in this town, and I don’t want to see any more. PAY ATTENTION, you may arrive a few minutes late, but so what??

    1. Jimbo99 says:

      Robert, that plea of paying attention has to have fallen on deaf ears. But if only there were a traffic cam installed there, we could have footage and city ordinance fines ?

  5. Jimbo99 says:

    From the pics provided, the gold car is the Buick, or rather what is left of it. Since it was making the left turn, it was t-boned by the white Dodge. The Buick from the camera footage I see appears that it was not turning on a protected left arrow, I don’t really see a traffic light. This has to be a failure to yield right of way by the Buick, perhaps the driver didn’t see the white car because of the intensity of the sun or whatever ? And the white Dodge may very well have been traveling at an excessive speed ? A mis-calculation by the driver of the Buick. And you never know, some people slow or stop 1/2 way into their left turn and drag their heels doing what it takes to get thru an intersection ? Leaving their car and passengers exposed to risk of being hit.

    1. miamigoldengirl says:

      jimbo, I am with you on this one, the grandfather amy have been slow in his responses,and I’ll just bet the young driver of the car that hit him was speeding, YOu know, unless I am at a light, I never make a left turn into a busy road, Never. I go with the traffic and drive a short ways, then turn off the road to the left and turn about. Crossing oncoming traffic is just not smart. Most drivers are on a cell phone or fooling with the radio, and fighting with their girl friend.
      But stop thei God stuff. no decent god would let a 6 year old die in such a horrific accident if he were worth anything, he’d let a child live and take the jerk who caused the accidnet, it surely was not this child.

      1. Marge G says:

        no one knows why people die in accidents or shooting or any horrific way, whether it be an adult or child, good or bad…..God placed His son upon a cross to die for our sins. Everyone will answer one day to the Lord God Almighty. God and God alone is the only one to pass judgement. It is not for us, it is not for others to do. All we can do is pray for the family now and stop bickering about who was at fault. Let the witnesses and police handle that part. Judgement will be served. God is gracious and God is good, that’s if you know Him. I will pray for you that God softens your heart and tongue.

  6. nathaniel dimuro says:

    when a child life is taken by someone in a hurry to work or anywhere,should be charged.its clear that the car that hit the child in the car was speeding by the damage done.i lost a niece to a speeder at 5 years old in a 30 mile a hour with love not to kill.

  7. nathaniel dimuro says:

    And to think about it we lost Robbie Smith A STATE TROOPER to a speeding drunk driver.people drive with love not to kill.we all have family.remember that……..

  8. C Spez says:

    Robert saey, you should be ashamed of yourself for passing such terrible judgement on the grandfather. You have no idea what happened and if you do you need to tell the police. And for your info the grandfather is a retired BSO homicide detective. He has seen much more tragedy than you could even imagine. you need to pray for this family And not point your ignorant finger

    1. coraline jones says:

      As I read thru everyones comments and all I can say is yes the grandfather is a retired BSO… but we all make mistakes. Its so sad and terrible that it costed a childs life. There is reason to believe he was distracted in a rush and went blindly into traffic. There is no traffic light there for one. Two it is his fault he didn’t yield the right away to on coming traffic. Regardless of how fast someone is going and slow someone is turning you should have time to slow down for the person turning. Unless that person goes blindly into traffic.its the way it. And the only blame I have for the one driving the dodge is if he was in the left lane and could see the cars turning. They should have thought the car turning does not see me and should have gotten over to the right lane if no one was next to him. I feel he went blindly into traffic.

  9. Marge G says:

    God Bless the family that must go on. Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her, may she rest in peace and may her soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, AMEN. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE and that means driving the posted speeds in the school zones too.

  10. FAMILY says:


  11. stephanie says:

    This is a tragedy! Gwendolyn was my little cousin and a precious little girl! May she rest in peace. God bless our family.

    1. FAMILY says:

      Know that Gwendolyn and your family are in many prayers, may your family find peace, strength and healing.

  12. Angel of Car Seats says:

    Was she in a car seat?

  13. Protective parent says:

    My sympathy and condolences to the families.

    Children belong in car seats and booster seats up until the age of 10 or 85 pounds, which ever comes last. A cars seat belts are designed for full size adult bodies, not smaller child bodies. Car seats and booster seats help to bridge the gap between the size differences as well as strap them in so they are not tossed around a back seat like rag dolls. Parents… It’s not such a mission nor a burden to move child seats from one car to another, if it means the difference between your child coming home or not.

  14. Protective Parent says:

    And I agree. Everyone needs to slow the heck down. It’s not a race. This is not NASCAR. This is real life. The ratio of actual professional drivers to the rest of us is a staggering number. That said, I guarantee that since the rest of us non professional drivers make up the majority of the population, we need to pull our collective heads out of our butts and start realizing that we are not the only one out there driving. We are not the only one late for work. We are not the only one having a bad day. We are not the only one who wants to get to our destination swiftly and safely. We need to shed our attitude problems and lose the ” me first gimme gimme I’m the only one who matters on earth” personalities and start having some respect for our fellow humans as well as for ourselves.

  15. coraline jones says:

    A car seat would not have mattered the car was hit on the passenger side. Since children have to have a seat belt on she was pinned. All that was between her and the oncoming car was a door. As I have children of my own, its something that always goes thru my mind everytime I get in the car, that if I get hit in that manner t-boned my kids and or I may not survive even with the curtain side airbags. Anytime you go over 35mph you have the risk of severe injury or death. Anything over 60mph its a miracle anyone gets out alive.

  16. Robert Saey says:

    Maybe my reaction was too quick regarding blame on the grandfather. After reading some of the comments, I suppose there is the possibility that the eastbound car was speeding and the grandfather had not noticed the speed. Regardless, I just feel so bad about this tragic incident and feel deep pain for the family of this sweet little girl. Slow down, pay attention and stay away from the phones in the car.

    1. FAMILY says:

      Speed was not a factor here it was just a case of a bad judgment call and no time for reaction, no party involved will walk away unaffected. Each will have their own burden to carry innocent or not without the assistance of people adding salt to these wounds with false information and judgment.

      These families need support in this tragedy not additional crucifixion or misguided judgment as there is no villain in this case.

  17. Catalina says:

    Gwendolyn will be missed!!!… and there is no reason y to blaime one or the other when what people should be concer is on driving correctly and not speeding because that is the main reason why accidents happen followed by those who can not put their phones away wile driving… Is really sad to know that her friend from school cant stop thinking about her, and they loved her sooooo much. Gwendolyn and family are in my prayers

  18. JC says:

    For starters why is there a forum allowed for people to debate on a issue that needs to be handled by authorities?
    I am sicken and very bothered by what harsh things are being said about my older brother. Benjamin Colon jr. is actually 28 years old. He is a wonderful man with a big heart.
    My sister in law is pregnant with their first child, a girl. My brother is a wonderful uncle to three nieces 7,8, and 10 years old, also an 11 year old nephew. We also have a 3 year old
    Little brother.
    Benjamin is very much a Christian family oriented man. He would never put himself or anyone else in danger. In fact he wouldn’t step on a bug for me when we were younger, he said:
    “The bug deserved to live just like the rest of us” That’s what kind of heart my brother has. This is an emotional turmoil for ALL the families.
    With that being said I would not like to see this forum continuing to defame the characters of both Benjamin Colon, Jr. and Raymond Carmody. This is an accident of two worlds colliding.
    Unfortunately, a little angel lost her life. My family feels the pain and our condolences go out to everyone involved.


    and to the one searching public records….You are in my prayers.

    Matthew 5:44-45
    But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

    Luke 23:34
    Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

  19. Jadoo954 says:

    I was about 10-15 cars behind the accident when it happened. Its hard to believe that those kids were speeding much due to the traffic. The street was busy with people who picked there kids up from school. and myself I was only going about 30 mph because of the traffic, the white car probably was doing speed limit, I dont want to blame anyone but from being at the scene I would think the grandfather must of made a very bad mistake. I swerved as well as a schoolbus at the time who was behind the accident. its nice to see people judge and talk about things, but I actually witnessed some of it.. I saw people everywhere. I also have been in an accident at that intersection and was cut off and went thru the wall across the street!!!! the city should be blamed for not having a light there… It would save many lives. RIP to Gwendolyn Hall.

  20. K says:

    My family and I attended sweet Gwendoyn’s funeral this evening. That was surreal, and I hope I never have to experience anything like it ever again. Those men are still in the process of recovering, and their families are experiencing unbearable pain. Why don’t we leave the record keeping to the authorities, show a little grace and use this forum to send love, peace and serenity to a family that could use these well-wishes right now. To my beloved friend, Gwen’s mom, and her husband and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am amazed at your courage. I wish you love and peace. Sweet dreams Gwendolyn, we’ll miss you little angel.

  21. An Imagine Charter Mom says:

    I attended last night’s viewing and today’s funeral and I hope that I will never have to attend the funeral of another child as long as I live. Let’s let law enforcement do their jobs and not point fingers that is not what’s important what’s important is that the life of an innocent little girl was cut short and lives have been changed forever. Tell your loved ones you love them & always say goodbye. Let’s pray for this family they need lots of prayers and support not judgement. Gwendolyn is now an Angel she will watch over her family and will be reunited again someday . My heart isextremely heavy and have not stopped thinking about this family since the horrible tragedy. Gwendolyn you are so right it is a “Small world”You have changed my life ! You will me missed and never forgotten! God Bless this family and God protect this beautiful Angel

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