MIAMI (CBS4) – The Florida Highway Patrol is warning it’s officers to be careful after a South Florida man made a death threat against officers, referencing the man who shot and killed two Miami-Dade Police officers last week.

According to an Officer Safety Bulletin obtained by CBS4 News, Jean Darnell Philippe, 26, made the threat on Monday. The bulletin reads in part: “Correspondence was the result of an August 27, 2010 traffic infraction in which Philippe was stopped by FHP in Palm Beach County.”

The threat read: “F*** you all…I gonna kill you all like Tony Sims did to the pigs in Miami.” Johnny Simms is the name of the man who shot Miami-Dade Police Department Officers Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth last week.

Philippe has had 10 citations and warnings from FHP since 2008, according to the bulletin. Philippe has also been cited for other traffic infractions by other law enforcement agencies, including DUI.

Florida Highway Patrol Officers are warned to “use caution if contact is made with this subject.” Philippe, who has addresses in North Miami and Pembroke Pines, is wanted for questioning.

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  1. danielle says:

    Quite frankly this is the problem with our society. For some reason people actually believe that the media relays information accurately and are so quick to accept what is said without even questioning. Fact is the media has many facts wrong in this case, and in general the media simply sensationalizes news so that they can actually have something to say.

    So if you are a person that just accepts what the media tells you as truth (or think that they actually provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed opinion about anything), you are actually the idiot. So next time think before you post about something you know nothing about.

  2. danielle says:

    BTW none of us can really claim true citizenship here except Native Americans, so please try to stop yourself from making ignorant comments.

    1. Jim Miller says:

      danielle…you must be foreign born, no? LOL.

  3. Domingo says:

    i say lock him up for making the thrads they should find him and put him in jail just like they would anyone else making does threads to anyone pick him up and lock him before he kills anyone and then will be to late

    1. nevermind says:

      Well I know what Threads are( I have a closet full of them), but can you Please tell me what is a “thrads”? Then Again ~ That’s Alright.

  4. jon says:

    I agree with Vincent, send him back to Haiti!

  5. K. Ma says:

    It’s funny how quick we are always to judge. Channel 10 posted a pic of Jean Philippe that is NOT the same person pictured here. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity? I’m sure there are more than 1 Jean Philippes living in South Florida and they are basing all of this on a letter? this wasn’t even a threat made in person or even on the telephone. Anyone could’ve written that letter. It wouldn’t be the first time that law enforcement has made a mistake. So when the media finally gets their stories straight and actually delivers the FACTS, then we can make all the assumptions/judgements we want. Granted, this is a time when we are all still reeling from the heinous murders of two valued and respected officers so perhaps the media is jumping on the bandwagon and cashing in on the buzz from last week’s tragedy. Shame on you Channel 10 and CHannel 4…get your stories straight and stop exploiting the violence that rocked this community in order to get your ratings boost. Shame on you indeed.

    1. El lolo says:

      It’s the same dude…. trust me, I know him personally! We’ll soon find out the “true” facts…

    2. danielle says:

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but shouldn’t the media make sure that people are properly informed? Make sure that the information they are presented with is accurate by checking with multiple sources (not just pass up the responsibility and hide behind “we were told”)? Are there any standards to what is chosen to be reported? Do you report something while the story is hot even though you may not have all the info, or do you choose not to until adequate information is provided in order to preserve your integrity? In this particular situation, were you specifically told by the police to run the story? Did you follow up with your sources?

      I ask these questions because I believe that when you are possibly endangering someone’s life, you should do a little bit more investigating then simply reading a piece of paper or a text. Ask pertinent questions, find out more about the subject at hand so that you are able to give a full picture of what is going on. And if you cannot provide a full picture, then simply wait until you can before damaging someone’s life. But then again, I have different standards then most. I actually care about people and their well being. When I am involved in something, I make sure to be as thorough as possible. I don’t just accept what I am told; I examine, study, and try to make my own informed decision, try to improve situations (especially when it concerns the well being of others). But I guess that might be asking for too much.

      Again, no disrespect, but I guess I simply have to continue to lower my standards and expectations when dealing with how we as people function in society.

  6. Rightly Concerned says:

    The media reported this information hours prior to the indivdual even knowing what was transpiring, thus creating a very fragile state of many in regards to an individual who was only wanted for questioning. The young man has cooperated in every way and has not been charged with anything, but the media already has him guilty. This has put a very negative spin on news in my eyes and in the eyes of others because a leaked story without information could be transpiring with every newscast without the public even knowing about it. Also, I have not seen any updates on this case or on a person who was allegedly so dangerous just a day ago? I also agree with everything that Danielle has said before….thank you Danielle!

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