POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – A Pompano Beach couple is dead in what the Broward Sheriff’s Office is calling a murder-suicide.

Just before 8 p.m. Tuesday, sheriff’s investigators say Abel Ferdinand Jr., 29, got in a heated fight with his wife Nattalie, 25, in the couple’s apartment in the Golden Villas at 1371 NW 18th Drive in Pompano Beach.

When Ferdinand Jr. pulled a gun, the sheriff’s office said Nattalie screamed to her mother to go and get help. The older woman ran next door and pounded on the door, that’s when she heard the gun shot which took her daughter’s life.

After the shooting, Ferdinand Jr. grabbed their 3-year-old son, jumped in his car and headed toward his parents’ house in Lauderdale Lakes. On the way he reportedly called family and friends from the car, saying he had killed Nattalie and that he was going to kill himself.

When he arrived at his parents’ apartment in the 2900 block of NW 33rd Way he handed the child over to his sister, investigators said,  who tried to talk Ferdinand Jr. out of committing suicide. A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived and also tried to convince Ferdinand Jr. to surrender. Instead, he went to his car as more deputies arrived.

“They surrounded the car,” said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. “As they approached they realized the subject (Fernandez Jr.) was still there and still armed. At that point they immediately backed off and waited for assistance. About two minutes later they heard a single gunshot from inside the car.”

Lamberti said when they approached the vehicle they found the man dead inside. Lamberti added that his officers have to be very careful, particularly after the recent shooting of officers in Miami-Dade and St. Petersburg.

“This illustrates the kind of encounters our deputies are facing every single day. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Miami-Dade or Broward County, Broward County in not immune. By the grace of God, the deputy was not shot. If he was hell bent on taking the deputy with him, like we saw in Dade County, he could have easily had the opportunity to shoot the deputy.”

Detectives said the couple’s son may have witnessed his mother’s death.  A hearing will be held Thursday to determine who will take custody of the child.

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  1. Annie Tucker says:

    I hope that the little 3 year old won’t remember that murder. God knows what would happen to his mentally.

    I’m glad he has grandparents that will love and take care of him.

  2. Marc Cooper says:

    at least he didn’t kill his child, for what that is worth

  3. m says:

    I dont understand why people kill themselves. Even though times are tough, it’s not worth it. He should have at least thought about his son…all alone, no brothers or/and sisters, even though he’s with his grandparents. It’s not the same.

  4. Clay Renoit says:

    Sometimes its not about tough times at all. Its hard coming from some other State and trying to be nice to people and they use you or they are all super mean and hate everyone here..I did nothing to you and my family but everyone still hates. People just can’t understand what looks best for others may not be best at all….Super hard to fit his family in and around miami. People that hate everyone, is mean to everyone….No love. That can be what brakes us down. Beacuse we come from a town where people love and does not hate..I don’t know if this was the same but its like this with me everyday….I hate the move to miami but now I am here I have a family and its hard to find new friends when everyone hates for some reason…So you see this everyday and you never see the top….So you start being like them and the next thing what was wrong seems right and you become just like them….and then one day your thinking about how you never wanted to be like them and now you are..This hurts because now your hating everyone just like the people that teach hate. People don’t know how to handle it and have to find a way to remove themselves from what was great to what is rotten and your know a hater just like the people around you…..You can’t bail hay or rope a bull to work this off. I deal with it the best I can…its hard living in the City..you have to find something to do or worst you will be like this guy.. I will be praying for your baby.Just maybe he will have a chance not like we did…

  5. Carmen diaz says:

    I just can’t believe he did that to my cus I hate u

    1. april Barra says:

      Baby,God dont want you too hate know one…..Who are we to judge? Am praying for you as well as your family….

  6. fedup says:

    I can understand this man harming himself after finding out the woman he “loved”
    was trying to leave him but this was a selfish act in more ways than one. He robbed his very own child of the chance to have parents.

    Looking at this from another angle this man took a womans life because she was tired of him causing her physical pain.

    I hope the child will grow into a responsible caring adult. Its tradgedys like these that can alter a persons life path.

    1. Lost Loved One says:

      Please don’t believe in everything you have read or heard not everything in this article is accurate. There is two sides to this story

      1. April Barra says:

        The Battle is not yours it belongs too the Lord!!!!! Let us pray,God will see you throught be strong….And know that God got it all in controll…….

  7. April Barra says:

    Let us pray for one another…And the one thats saying she hate him…Hate is a big nasty word….God dont want us too hate….Who are we to judge, at this time…Let us not point fingers,let us get prayed up… And put God first!!!!!It will be arite,yall be there for one another like God want you all to be…… Am praying for you all that God will see you throught in this sorrow time!!!! Always put God first!!

  8. carmen says:

    Clay If you can’t take the hate, move somewhere else. Why do people expect others to nuture them? His chance was that he wanted to live here, and he couldn’t take it, so he took an innocent life. Apparently he wasn’t doing something right, so she was gonna leave. There are so many people in the world, why not find someone else, it’s senseless to kill the person you supposedly “LOVE”. So now, may the wife’s soul drift upwards to HEAVEN, while the husband’s soul drift downward to HELL!

  9. Angel says:

    Carmen who are you to JUDGE for those of us who saw him everyday he was nice and polite. I’m not saying what he did was right but he could be the guy next you at work and you wouldn’t even know it. Don’t judge it’s not your job

  10. carmen says:

    Angel, I can JUDGE HIM on His ACTIONS. He KILLED someone, so his day – to – day actions doesn’t really meas much, since MURDER was his last action, let alone SUICIDE! Don’t make excuses for the dirtbag, who instead of just killing himself and making the world a better place, he killed his beloved childs’ mother. If that’s not considered a cowardly act, I don’t know what is…..

    1. Mimi says:

      Hi Carmen,
      I’m sorry about your lost, just like you lost a cousin, I lost a bestfriend. there’s always two side of the story, I’m pretty sure you don’t know what was going on their home. if he was such a dirt bag he would have killed his son too but he didnt. so you’re not the only one who lost someone. Again what he did was completely wrong, but no one will ever know what he was going thru, some of us how strong enough to go through life and take what come at us and deal with it and some of us can’t do that. look how you talking now cause you’re upset about Natalie who knows what you capable of in the future. Abel love Natalie and he was never the type that seem he could’ve done such a thing but today it happen. we the love one will suffer and wonder why but we will never know the answer l. we live in a cruel world where people act before they think. however its up to GOD how to handle Able Actions. we can’t sit around and hate him and be mad about it he won’t bring neither of them back. again i’m sorry for your lost.

  11. Martin says:

    To all of you out there who are showing sympathy and understanding to this coward let me tell you that this was not the first time he let his anger get the better of him and unfortunately Nattalie had to be the last victim of his anger issues. So stop with the “there are two sides to every story” BS. There are not two sides to this story there is only one…Nattalie dead and the baby an orphan. That is the story and no matter how else you write about this there is no other story. He killed the mother of his child, the woman he “loved”. In front of his own child for God’s sake…and let me tell you he is not the same little boy then he was before. So to everyone out there giving him the benefit of the doubt you obviously didn’t know him as well as you think or else you would have warned the people around him that he was capable of such and EVIL act. Again there is only one story…

    1. Mimi says:

      Ok Martin, whatever, it sounds like you knew him very well

      1. Nedge Neilan says:

        he is a dirt bag. nothing she could have done to cause her death. he could of walk away or let her walk away. he was selfish. he figured if I cant have her no one else will. trust he will pay. This is not the end for him. trust that.

        I am so sorry for your lost. I actually knew her.

    2. Lost Loved One says:

      Martin shut the hell up……… you better have been his next door neighbor or something. We are only humans…….We are all natural born sinners and times the flesh can over power the spirit. Yes what he did was very wrong. And there is two sides of the story. People don’t just wake up one morning and be at their breaking point just because, something must have trigger that.

  12. redbird says:

    it was a family of 3 not 4 but no………….. the mother lived with them. if she was abused by him the mom could’ve taken her out around the she came down not stay there for 3 months. she know why. they were happy. thats all gone now. everyone will believe her and not the other side thats wrong they both was wonderful people and they rest in peace.

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