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If you don’t know about the piano in the middle of Biscayne Bay turn on the television.  It’s the talk of the town and even the international media now.  The grand piano planted on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay is catching a lot of attention.  Some have even started a campaign to rename the sandbar “Piano Bar” or “Billy Shoal”.  It was only a matter of time before someone came forward claiming the piano is theirs and so I present… William Yeager.

screen shot 2011 01 26 at 2 24 28 pm Piano In the Bay Mystery... Solved?

I spoke with former rocker turned movie director/actor for an hour this morning on video chat.  He’s in the Florida Panhandle right now filming scenes for a trilogy he’s been shooting for two years.  He confirmed to me he pulled the piano into the bay 10 days ago for a scene in his new movie titled “Jesus of Malibu”.  And Yes, he refers to himself as “Jesus of Malibu.” I can’t make this stuff up.  Now before I dive into the specifics of how and why he says he did it I should warn you about Yeager.  Years ago he pulled a fast one on the media claiming to be the illegitimate son of Jimi Hendrix.  He dyed his skin black, falsified pictures, even made up memorabilia. He had everyone sold on it to the point a award winning documentary was made.  I’m not sure if he inspired the 1986 hit movie Soul Man or it was the other way around! Check out the getup.


This is also a guy who has hooked himself up to electric currents to prove Tesla’s theories.  He also has spent years living in the desert, “off the grid”, in an effort to free himself of what you and I call the “normal world”.


Knowing all that Yeager’s tale he told seems plausible and yet ridiculously crazy.

He says the piano belongs to his aunt.  Using wooden pallets (the kind they stack boxes on) and inner tubes he dragged the gutted out piano behind a aluminum bass boat into Biscayne Bay.  The six hour operation was carried out at two in the morning with him and a buddy.  Why on earth did he want to put a piano in the middle of Biscayne Bay?  For his movie.


Apparently he has filmed several pianos in the ocean around the world.  Unfortunately for South Floridians the piano in the bay is driving home a negative point in his movie.  According to Yeager the sandbar sits on a negative energy line (I am not making this up).  He wanted to shoot the piano with the Miami skyline to illustrate something simplistic with the background of vanity.

Unfortunately operation piano plop took longer than Yeager expected and he missed his opportunity to shoot his scene because the sun was too high.  He had to run back up to the panhandle for other scenes to shoot.  He is pledging though to return soon to film his waterlogged piano.

screen shot 2011 01 26 at 2 24 43 pm Piano In the Bay Mystery... Solved?

Personally I don’t know if Yeager is pulling another fast one on the media.  He certainly is an interesting character.  I would even say he’s certifiably crazy.  Of course that only makes his story more legit.  After all you would have to be crazy to tow a 650 pound grand piano to a sandbar in Biscayne Bay.


davidsutta11 Piano In the Bay Mystery... Solved?

Comments (5)
  1. Buz Bowen says:

    Could it be he’s sane and we are insane? ..

  2. seasmoke says:

    Wow, can I have some milk with this Fruitloop? Honestly, cold weather thins the herd.

  3. piano in the bay says:

    this is not true….Yeager DID NOT put the piano in the bay!!

  4. Pagan says:

    Once again Yeager is lying through his teeth. Taking credit for something he didn’t do. Two area kids did it and the Coast Guard tracked them down and made them get the piano off the sand bar or be charged with littering. The piano has been removed.

  5. pagan says:

    My mistake, it was Fish and Wildlife not the Coast Guard.

    Captain John Nicholson with Biscayne Towing and Salvage said the piano was taken away, but couldn’t give other details.
    Florida wildlife officials had wanted it gone within 24 hours — or else the teen and his parents could have faced face felony dumping charges.

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