MIRAMAR (CBS4) – A 15-year-old Miramar student who claimed there was a bomb on a school bus was released to home detention Wednesday and was charged with reporting the hoax.

The Glades Middle School student, whose name has not been released because of his age, is charged with falsely reporting the planting of a bomb and disrupting the school day.

Broward Schools spokeswoman Nadine Drew said the 8th grader also claimed he wasn’t afraid to use it. The bus driver pulled over in the gated community of Windsor Palms, at SW 146th Terrace and 36th Street, in Miramar and called 911.

Miramar police took the children off the bus safely, they were ordered to leave their book bags behind.

“Our K-9 officers did respond and they were able to not only search the bus, but also all school bags and all items that were within the bus because at this point we take these threats obviously, and all threats are taken seriously,” Detective Yessenia Diaz of the Miramar Police Department said.

The student who made the threats was questioned and then taken into custody.

A police K9 trained in sniffing out explosives was brought in to go over the bus. They did not find anything, and called the threat a hoax.

A second bus was brought in to shuttle the students to school while their classmate was led away in handcuffs to a waiting police car. He was charged with disrupting a school function and filing false report.
Family members of students at the school said they were given little information and that created more anxiety for them.

“We couldn’t understand what was going on, you now,” grandparent Aaron Mashack said. “They said that there was an incident on the bus and they took all the kids’ backpacks from them but the kids were safe in school.”

School officials said they would make counselors available to the children who were on the bus in case they needed someone to talk to about their experience.

In addition, the school district has suspended him for 10 days and he may be facing expulsion.
He is expected to appear in court on February 16th.

Comments (6)
  1. cadillac says:

    Probably had a math test.

  2. MSPAM says:

    It really sad when childern can’t ride the bus to school without the fear that someone’s gonna blow the bus up!I feel sorry for the kids today they’re not safe any where.

  3. Martha Z. Martinez says:

    I hope the kid gets’ punished for this… or he will just start doing this as a career!

  4. Me says:

    It’s an enormous lack of parenting! Despite all the violence just in the beginning of this new year, parents are not involving themselves with the kids, not explaining the no need for violence, threats, hatred and bullying in schools. Now this 8th grader will have an ugly rap sheet before he is out of high school. Where have his parents been the last sveral weeks. Too busy working? Other interests more important? Not involved in the home with their kids? Leave questions wide open… Do you have teenagers? Take a close look!!!

  5. Buz Bowen says:

    No math test, he’s on meth

  6. fedUp Scott says:

    We need to take the mental health of our children seriously. Before we label this child a delenquent lets hold the people in position to get him help responsible to do just that, get him help. Whether he did this as a prank or as a means to intimidate his peers there is something wrong here. Its not always about parenting.

    But on another note this child should not be allowed back into a public school of any kind without a thorough mental evaluation and agreeing to be conciled longterm.

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