Do You Care?

Do you care that two officers were shot and killed in Miami last week?

I would think the obvious answer is… yes.  Right?  Sitting in the office this evening I can’t help but wonder if this community really does care. Sure, what happened last week was tragic.  But it seems like everyone was over it by Monday morning.

The lack of interest was clear Monday as news teams across South Florida spent the day going “wall to wall”.  Thousands of dollars were spent flying helicopters, bringing in additional crews and resources.

At the end of the day I found just a handful of people, outside of law enforcement, who went to the funeral.   Even fewer watched it on television.  The ratings reflect that.  In fact every station would have been better off showing a game show rather than the moving eulogy delivered by a very emotional police director.

I feel sad that my community didn’t tune in.  I want to think that maybe we just can’t bare to witness something so horrible.  Or maybe it’s the fact this community is so fragmented that we just are not engaged the way we used to be.

Either way I hope you care.  The moment our community stops caring whether cops live or die, a “it doesn’t affect me” attitude, is the day we truly have lost touch with what really matters.

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Just in case you forgot you can’t take your gold chain, luxury car, and fancy foreclosure to the cemetery people.

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  • Grieving

    I care! Mandy was my friend and an evil man took her life and Castillo’s too. It just does not make sense. Now there are 4 boys without a parent. And her family, friends and the entire Miami Dade Police Department are grieving. I just dont get it. Just what is going on out there?

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