MIAMI – (CBS4) – One of the two brothers accused of beating a man to death inside their convenience store has fled the country and is now considered a fugitive.

Nabil Sulaiman, 19, has fled to his home country in the Middle East because he was fearful for his safety, his defense attorney Jorge Viera said.

“Mr. Sulaiman left the country in fear of his safety because there have been pictures circulated with his image around the community,” Viera told “We’re doing our best to get him back and continue this process.”

Sulaiman was born in Israel, according to his arrest affidavit.

“The intensity and overwhelming protesting is why he’s in fear for his safety,” Viera said.

Records show Sulaiman posted a $10,000 bond and has been out of jail since November 19th. On Tuesday, he was supposed to appear in court to surrender his passport, but failed to show up and that’s when a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Meanwhile, his older brother Ragheb Sulaiman, 24, remains behind bars facing more serious charges of second-degree murder and second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. Ragheb Sulaiman is not eligible for bond.

The deadly fight began at 5 p.m. on November 18th, 2010 at the Quick Shop, 9720 SW 168th Street in Miami.

That’s where Akil Larue Oliver, 34, was beaten to death after allegedly calling the clerk a racial slur, suggested he go back to his country and made sexually-charged remarks threatening the clerk’s mother and sisters, according to the police report.

“Words should never harm anyone. I have the right to say what I want to say no matter how you interpret it; it should have not escalated to murder.” cried Oliver’s mother Rubie Mosley. “No mother should ever have to walk in the pair of shoes that I am walking in. It was a senseless murder. I still lay awake at night waiting to hear if I am going to get a phone call. I know that I buried my son. I know that. But that is in the back of my mind. Empty, I am empty right now.

Oliver supporters who have protested outside the store say it was a racially motivated crime saying Oliver was beaten because he was black.

“I don’t think that state’s attorney and the prosecutor are viewing this as a valid case and they are not pursing them as they should,” protester Keisha Culmer told CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg.

Among his supporters is Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss who issued the following statement late in the afternoon Wednesday: “I stand with the family and the community in expressing my outrage at the fact that Nabil Sulaiman, who is accused in the death of Akil Larue Oliver at a West Perrine convenience store, was allowed to flee the country.  This is a concern that has been voiced by the family and the community for some time.  I call upon the State Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Justice Department, the F.B.I., Immigration and Border Patrol, our own Miami Dade County Police Department and any other responsible agency, to do what is necessary, and what is right: to bring Nabil Sulaiman back to Miami-Dade County to face trial.  The family and the community have gone through enough as a result of this tragic event, and having one of the defendants, namely Nabil Sulaiman, not answer to the allegations in this case, just adds insult to injury.”

But Miami-Dade Police spokesman Roy Rutland said it was Oliver who returned to the store on Nov. 18th and allegedly began verbally attacking the store owners, using racial slurs against them.

An off-duty Miami-Dade Corrections officer and other patrons tried to calm the situation down, and Oliver left the store.

It is suggested that Oliver’s rage stemmed from money the clerk may have owed him.

But Oliver came back a short time later and began his tirade once again. As he was being escorted out of the store by the corrections officer, Nabil Sulaiman, 19, allegedly armed himself with a bottle and hit him.

Police reports say three other employees became involved and as Oliver began to defend himself Ragheb M. Sulaiman, 24, allegedly hit him over the head with a crowbar, killing him.

The store’s video camera recorded the incident.

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Comments (10)
  1. Michael Reddick says:

    I am troubled by the TONE of this article. You repeatedly state..”he VERBALLY ATTACKED the Two Men”. Sounds as though you are trying to JUSTIFY why Akil LaRue Oliver was BEATEN to DEATH. It does not matter what he said. He DID NOT BREAK THE LAW. He is the VICTIM. Not the Man who fleed the country. A Man/Father lost his life for saying what’s on his Mind. If they store owners were sooo threaten, where was the 911 call.

    Do you think if these were TWO BLACK MEN who committed this CRIME…one would be out on bond…(I thought not). This is a prime example of why black people have a problem with the Justice System.

    Again AKIL LARUE OLIVER was MURDERED and the person who started the whole incident and participated in the BEATING was released on $10,000 Bond and subsiquently ALLOWED to leave the country. This is an INJUSTICE!!

  2. mimi miami says:

    we love u Ragheb and Nabil

    1. mike lowery says:

      and they gone love ragheb in prison, he already crying in county jail, and i hope nabil step on a landmine. COWARDS

  3. tiredofcorruption says:

    Another sleaze-bag on the run…hope the store was collateral for his bond…it belongs to the tax-payers of Dade County now if it was.

  4. American Patriot says:

    If it was an employee working there who did this then why are they persecuting the store owner. It looks more like the store owner is on the end of a religious bigotry being carried out by the black community. Thie people of this store have served the community for many many years and no problems. An employee commits a horrible act of violennce and now they want to hurt the innocent ? These are not the acts of honest God fearing men and women but a poliitical and religious tirade against muslems…If we punish a family for the acts of one of the family members then the whole of west Perring and most of miami would be in jail because we all have family members who have made poor judgements or acts of violence.. Let ye without sin cast the first stone! Did this man have a job what was his history how many times had he been in jail and how may acts of violence had he committed and been arrested by police…???
    there is mych the media is leaving out to fuel this fire of hate against the musllim community and this muslim family. Shame on the media and those who are trying to drive out hard working people who provide a much needed service to the community. Why is not the FBI seening this for what it is, the black community is reliigously persecuting a muslim family for the acts of one of its members… Where are the first ammendment rights of these people???

    1. speakingmymind says:

      @ American Patriot- It doesn’t matter if he had a job or not or if he commited crimes in the past or not or if he went to jail. That has nothing to do with Mr. Oliver getting killed for saying what’ on his mind, oh and lets not forget he was owed 7 cents which from witness accounts in the store told the police. Oh, and did you watch the tape the police released where Mr. Oliver was struck not one time but twice by two people who are brothers. So you tell me how is it an injustice to the brothers of Quick Shop because the people of Perrine community wants to protest mind you peacefully against the store, the owner and his brother who both made a choie to act on words and Kill Mr. Oliver.

  5. Ileana Casais says:

    Grow up people! Let’s put aside all this racial issues. Were any of you witnesses to this crime? Who threw the first punch? Maybe Mr. Oliver is the victim, but he has a contributory factor here. He was mad enough to insult these individuals, who knows what else he did. Why don’t we do the American thing and wait for the trial to hear the actual witnesses testify and get an eye-witness account of what really happened. Just because Mr. Oliver ended up dead doesn’t make these other two individuals guilty. Wait for the facts to come out before condemning these individuals in the media or the community! Justice will prevail and the guilty will be condemned based on EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNTS.

    1. speakingmymind says:

      @ Ileana-there are witnesses to the attack and the video taken show the fugitive threw the first blow and yes Mr. Oliver was a contributing factor yes but not to the point of death. To your stupid comment Just because Mr. Oliver ended up dead doesn’t make these other two individuals guilty. If they are not guilty then who else would be guilty?

  6. Tam says:

    Lets face the facts! A man was KILLED! no matter what was said, there not GOD! Who gave them the right to take a life. Its not about being a muslem, race, or who insulted who. LaRue lost his life over words, an words never killed anyone, in that said they all would be dead if words KILLED!! Yes! they serviced the community, but they was also rude an disrespectful to the people that brought there money there. I’ve seen it personally. We do have to wait on the out come, and by Nabil fleeing, that mean he was guilty. His life was not threaten, he didn’t want to face the fact that they KILLED a man an they have to be punished.

  7. HaditComing says:

    Got what he deserved….

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