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MIAMI (CBS4) – It is a symbolic vote, but Republicans now controlling the political levers in the U.S  House vowed that repeal of the health care reform law was priority one. House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday, “Our pledge was to repeal Obamacare because it is going to increase spending, increase taxes, and destroy jobs in America.”

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office does not agree. Analysts there say the new health care reform law will save an estimated $230 billion.

Let the debate begin, again.

Republicans say they will propose alternative legislation—tort reform and the interstate sale of health care policies are high on the list. They also vow to try and starve the health care law of funding.  California House Democrat George Miller countered, “This is life and death, this is the security of your family.”

The House repeal Wednesday does not scrap the health care law because leaders of the Democratic controlled U.S. Senate will not go along with what they deride as a purely symbolic vote, and pure politics. Some South Floridians CBS4’s Natalia Zea spoke with agree.

I really think it’s stupid, I think it’s gonna hurt America and the people who voted for it are really un-patriotic,” Pamela Hinkin said of the Repeal vote.

Victor Espinoza said, “It was really hard to pass the law, they battled for months and to try to repeal it after all that effort is just a waste of tax money.”

But others, like Natalia Cintas, believe the law needs to be taken off the books and examined.

“I think it was a little rushed, Obama was like pass it, pass it, pass it and nobody really looked at everything, the fine print so I think it’s good that they’re taking a look at it again.”

So, keeping your children on your health care policy until age 26, bans on denials for pre-existing medical conditions and many other changes will remain in place or go into effect by 2014. That, at least, is how things stand for now.

Florida, meanwhile, is leading the legal charge against the mandate that adults be required to buy health care coverage or pay a penalty. Many critics are calling such a requirement unconstitutional.

Dr. Laurence Gardner is a health care policy expert at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. He told CBS4′s Michael Williams, “If insurance is not mandatory only the sick people will buy it. They will slowly destroy the health care system in terms of costs.”

Dr. Gardner argues that without mandated health coverage and better access to basic care the costs for everyone cannot help but keep climbing.

He said, “It turns out that to deliver health care through emergency rooms and to wait until people get desperately ill is more expensive for the entire U.S. and the health care system than developing a program of preventive care and management of chronic illnesses.”

Comments (5)
  1. tired says:

    How do they justify wasting the taxpayers money by challenging the Federal Healthcare Law? If it’s unconstitutional to force the citizens to purchase health insurance, then why are we forced to buy car, insurance, home owners insurance, pay for garbage collection, or pay taxes. In all of these transactions the state is forcing it’s citizenery to purchase something or pay a fine, loose a privelege, suffer a lien, or face incarceration.
    You don’t have to be a lawyer to see that this “suit” has no meritt and is a complete waste of time and money and will be dragged out in the courts for years. Not to mention that if you are successful, extremely unlikely, the precedent you are setting could likely force the state(s) to return all the money they collect in fees,taxes etc.
    I for one would gladly pursue a class action suit against the state of FL to return all of the fees, charges, sur- charges, taxes,etc Not to mention the ones that would be filed against the insurance companies. Wonder what that would to the campaign contributions of our elected officials?

  2. RCD says:

    What do you expect from the state of Florida? Look at the Governor just elected. Morally the state is controlled by a bunch of sad sacks. I rest my case

  3. tiredofcorruption says:

    Pretty much takes an act of God to over-turn a Constitutional Amendment while the President who signed it is still in the White House(veto?)…Wasted a day to appease some out-of touch voters. That said, I think they should all be docked today’s pay!

  4. CB says:

    You are not forced to buy car, insurance, home owners insurance, pay for garbage collection. If you don’t have a car, own a home or get regular garbage pick up then you don’t have to buy anything. You have to pay taxes because the constitution specifically grants the government the right to levy taxes. Nowhere in the constitution does it say the government has the right to force you to buy something from a private company. Don’t like it, move to another country with another constitution. FYI, none of the states have the money to pay for this unfunded mandate to state medicare–that’s why the states are pointing out the illegality of the law. Try watching something except Rachel Maddow or whatever her name is for a change–you might learn the truth.

  5. dayton says:

    They need to listen to Dr Gardner makes a whole lot of sense take for instance Home owners insurance hurricane flood etcwe all pay but if it (hurricane tornado whatever) does not happen ib your neck of the woods what you pay covers those affected mandated coverage will do the same its the right thing for the American peopl those who want to repeal all have coverage its not Obama care its smart logical thinking because they could not think of it they rather repeal. Health care for all is keeping America healthy, saves money and lives create a healthy working enviroment and our childrens future in good health God Bless America.

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