CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – A Coral Springs principal who was busted for allegedly possessing drugs was out of jail on bond Saturday morning.

Amanda Miles, 60, principal at Coral Park Elementary School, was released from Broward County Jail just after 4 a.m. Saturday.

Miles was taken into custody at her home in the 100 block of NW 93 Terrace after Coral Springs Police searched her home Friday and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to Coral Springs Police spokesperson Lt. Joe McHugh.

She was charged with felony drug possession and taken to Broward County’s main jail in Fort Lauderdale.

She was not the only one arrested, police say. Also in custody is her 18-year-old son, Michael Miles.

McHugh said the arrest was off school grounds and had nothing to do with the school or the students there.

A glass smoking pipe was found in the nightstand allegedly belonging to Miles, and a tube of herb was found in the master bath cabinet, according to the arrest affidavit.

Marijuana allegedly belonging to Miles and another portion belonging to her son were found, according to police.

A Broward County schools spokeswoman said district administrators were searching for an interim principal.

Comments (41)
  1. george says:

    there must be more to this story than that. Why would police go to her and search for marijuana?

    1. Billie Thompson says:

      That’s what I’m sayin!! I can’t believe marijuana is illegal and she gets a felony at that!?! She’s probably a damn good elementary principal! ;() They should interview the children and see what kind of person Amanda Miles really is now that she’s being judged and condemned by society for smoking something that doesn’t hurt you and comes from the ground!!

  2. jeff says:

    what led the poice to search her house? she looks pretty happy to me. why don’t the police spend more time catching the punks who ransack our neighborhoods instead?

    1. Ftiggy says:

      She’s not a nice and happy person. More like mean and phony.

      1. olive22 says:

        Hey Ftiggy, DOCTOR Miles (yes she has a docorate in education, something the news has failed to mention) is one of the most caring, selfless, community minded people you will ever be lucky enough to meet, I’m sorry you’re mistaken. And as for your prior comment, you have no idea that the pot was hers or that she had any idea her son was selling.
        AND to everyone who keeps saying she’s a great principle and they are shocked by any allegations that she might smoke a little pot, is it inconceivable that someone might smoke pot AND be good at their job? Not to say she does, but these comments keep bugging me.

      2. mag says:

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
        IMHO she truly cares about the students and shows it everyday. I think she’s a superb principal and the school will be losing out if she doesn’t return.
        This was all at her home, not at school.
        Dr. Miles has never been in trouble before and has done amazing things not just for Coral Park, but for many schools.
        I hope they take EVERYTHING into account.

    2. frank b. says:

      correct-cops know a joint of pot can’t shoot back.they always want the easy catch.get a life

      1. Money says:

        Cop hater !!! I dint understand why losers like yourself always Blame law enforcement . You getba life !!

  3. jeff says:

    ur right george, somethin don’t sound right. i wonder if we will hear THE REST OF THE STORY?

  4. Esther says:

    Is this Coral Springs Elementary or Coral Park Elementary… better correct the name because the Principal for Coral Park Elementary is not MILES….

    1. Ftiggy says:

      Yes it is coral park elementary in coral springs. No mistake on the name.

  5. Jose RIvera says:

    Police are wasting valuable tax paper to go arrest a Elementary school teacher. And for what?. A little cannibis? They just randomly searched her house? @ Jeff, ur right, wheres the rest of this puzzle, its incomplete.

  6. Cristy says:

    Leaglize pot already, poor Miles.

    1. Ftiggy says:

      No not poor Miles. She should not preach to kids to be drug free and then have no problem doing it or even watching her son sell it.

  7. Cristy says:

    It’s pot for crying out loud, Alchol & Pills are worse just cause they’re legal don’t make them any better. They kill you and kill innocent bystanders. When have you ever heard anyone die or kill anyone for smoking marijuana. If her school was A+ & smoking marijuana I have to give her props. They should give all teachers a joint before dealing with kids.

    1. Richie Rich says:

      Ha ha – I agree and Florida will be one of the last states to consider legalizing mj.

  8. Cristy says:

    Alchol & Pills are worse just cause they’re legal don’t make them any better. They kill you and kill innocent bystanders. When have you ever heard anyone die or kill anyone for smoking marijuana. If her school was A+ & smoking marijuana I have to give her props. They should give all teachers a joint before dealing with kids.

  9. excop013 says:

    She is a principal, not a teacher and her standards should be higher then the others in the school system .but you would be surprised at how many crooked teacher adminsrative personel work for the school board of broward county.

  10. Hasco says:

    They just distroyed this lady. What a bunch of crap…I would like to see just 1 bankster arrested for hosing 1000,s of families. Pathetic, facist government officals make me sick.

    At the risk of ending up on some sorry watch list I will leave my eamail address.
    Wake up people. It’s your life. happiness, freedom and country that is going down drain.

  11. Stevie says:

    she’s the nicest lady EVER! I go to HER school! IAM SHOCKED! the police are being stupid.

  12. David says:

    Oh noooooo!!!! Not marijuana!!! As another poster mentioned,the same individuals praising this arrest more than likely drink alcohol. The hypocrisy in that is more than astounding considering that cannabis is one of the most benign drugs on the face of the planet. The principals use of the substance renders her neither immoral nor incapable of being a terrific principal as her record serving the school and district attest to. We live in a truly dysfunctional society when rapists are set free in order to lock up a pot dealer/user.

  13. Colleen Rivas says:

    Sorry but yes it is. go look at the schools website! Dr Shaw is the Principal of coral springs elementary!!!!

    1. mag says:

      Dr. Amanda Miles IS the principal for Coral Park Elementary which is located in Coral Springs.

  14. Dante says:

    I have an interesting question for the forum…

    How much marijuana must you ingest to die from it?

    How much alcohol must you ingest to die from alcohol poisoning?

    How much oxy must you ingest to die from it?

    How much acetominophen before you experience liver failure and die?

    How much drain cleaner?

    You getting the point here?

    1. True Conservative says:

      Yeah, you want pot legalized and are willing to use exaggerated hyperbole to further that end.

    2. richie Rich says:

      Well said…

    3. Dante says:

      Let’s take your ‘hyperbole’ charge even one step further.

      Which one grows in the wild?

      I am not pro legalization but am pro decriminalization. There IS a difference. I think what is going on in California with designer weed for ‘treatment’ is ridiculous. It cheapens the industry. You don’t need a designer ‘high’ just to treat your illness – you just need the cannabis effect. And in my thinking, either decriminalize and let people have it if they want it (drug test for critical safety positions of course), OR, make it into medicine (what the Cali people claim they need it for) and get some dosage, strength, and standards behind the delivery and administration.

      I’ll be the first to say you can’t have it both ways.

      By the way it’s a FELONY in FLORIDA to have Paraphernalia when there is an illegal drug present. The drug is not the felony, it’s the dispensing mechanism. It’s not that way in other states.

      1. True Conservative says:

        Thanks for clearing the felony thing up. Wish the reporter had told us why they raided her house to begin with. If they kicked in doors for simple pot possession, Home Depots stock would double in price in one week.

  15. True Conservative says:

    I worked at the Miami Herald for two decades, my very capable boss and at least half of our management team in production were all very regular pot smokers. It ain’t a completely benign drug, but neither is it a hardcore narcotic that will definitely destroy someone’s life. On the other hand, the stuff is poison for me — turns me into a drooling idiot who can’t function for weeks afterwards.
    I would not be thrilled to hear that the principal at my kid’s school was engaging in illegal activities, whatever the type. That’s an important and responsible position kids look up to.

    1. Dave says:

      Very True.

      Ask yourself this: Would you hold it against a principal or teacher for having a glass of wine every other night after dinner ?

      The law says that this is a bad bad drug & therefore illegal & a ‘Felony’. But is it really a bad bad drug ???
      Do you deserve a double felony charge because you smoked once with your management buddies ? I dont think you do… would your kids need to know all that because your state govt. & police cant handle differentiation ??? & then you are marked for the rest of your life with a double Felony, where every job & every passport & every NSA security guy is going to be trouble for you for the rest of your life ? Total BS.

      They teach your kids to look up to Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, Lincoln…(There are lots more, I cant remember all of them) all either growers & smokers, or just smoked the ‘sweet hemp’ on a regular basis. They just leave that part out because its not convenient. Look it up on the web…

      1. True Conservative says:

        I’m not gonna wade into the swamp of pot legalization with ya, said what I wanted on that to in my original post.
        Is marijuana possession a felony?? That’s news. However, running — or permitting — a drug selling operation out of your home is a more serious matter.
        It’s her position of leadership and authority in the lives of the children entrusted to her make her decision critically important. If she ran an auto parts store, this wouldn’t be in the news.
        For the record, I never smoked with the people I worked for, you’ll notice I said it was “poison” for me. Does something you use for disregulation impair your ability to absorb written information??
        And further, I don’t care a whit what the “founding fathers” put into their bodies. They were imperfect people as we are, and lacked the benefits of the 230 years of learning in science and medicine since they lived that we now enjoy.

  16. Dave says:

    Its probably because she was a patriot fan… (see the little helmet on her walkie talkie ?) just kidding.

    It’s really a shame that people get prosecuted for marijuana like you were selling crack or heroin. Its not the same & should not be lumped in like that… if it is not legal in that state, the penalty should be on par with smoking in a non-smoking area & an infraction w/ a small fine. Is this teacher a huge drug smuggler from some cartel ? I seriously doubt it.

    I would venture to say that more than half of the people at every high pressure job need a release, either a few drinks or a joint or whatever. You may want to argue, but if you talk to people in these professions (police, doctors, firemen, bankers, judges, attorneys, politicians, etc. to name a few), you will realize the truth of the matter… everyone needs a release or their minds will blow-up from the pressure of it all, it cant be laugh or cry all the time. Then if you do a little research, because you are smart, you realize that drinking alot is inherantly bad for you & causes a lot medical problems. MJ does not…

    I know I am alone in this: but, I wish it was mandatory for people to keep a MJ-joint in their Gun-Safe, for when they get too fired up & want to harm people… “In case you feel like an a-hole, or wanna kill someone, or both, break glass & smoke this” The world would be a better place, and a federal judge & child would probably still be alive.

  17. GSmooth says:

    Clinton admitted smoking pot……….Obamaa admitted smoking pot AND doing coke. This counrty gets more f’d up every day. But a school principal gets fired. What a joke

  18. Peggy Gildon says:

    This is the message you are sending our children? Just a little pot? Let me ask you if she hadn’t been a Principal would you think any differently? Take her son for instance, is he selling to your children? Would that be okay with all of you? If she were anybody else would all this hoopla be printed above! We are all subject to the same standard and pot is still illegal for “most” of us! So go ahead and send this message to your children and when they come home zoned and eat everything in the house, give a pat on the back and hand them the cocaine because we all no there are very few who stop at pot! And if trying pot is okay with you then trying crack, heroine, oxycodone is okay too right? You’re all examples of why our children are dying everyday from accidental overdoses. If she were anybody else, a waitress, a bus driver, a trucker, this conversation wouldn’t even be a conversation. What makes her so different is her influence on our children and I don’t do it very often but I commend BSO this time.

  19. mrkoe says:

    This is ridiculous….. She is a highly regarded Principal who helms an A Rated Public School. If she was a drinker and by the way as a bartender of some years, alcohol is a FAR more dangerous drug, they wouldn’t care. Let’s move forward people and legalize a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps Gangs, Criminals and Drug Lords in Diamonds and Mercedes, as well as armed like the military and let U.S. Citizens reap the benefits of all that tax revenue…… THAT will end debt and foreign cash dependency and reduce violence !!!

  20. Steve Corrington says:

    I guess there are still goverment brain washed people that acually think pot is something bad……there will be a time in the not too distant future when people will say ” You mean they used to arrest people for having pot”…..”How stupid we were”……

    1. True Conservative says:

      I’ve met — and endured — too many goofy potheads to buy the line that pot is completely harmless. The damages beyond the physical reduction in lung hygiene and function and heart health generally include a certain unwarranted smugness and arrogant self-confidence that just ain’t warranted by their performance. And that’s when you take out counting the true burnouts who never should’ve touched the stuff to begin with. People come in all sorts of physiological strengths and weaknesses and some are seriously mentally impaired by the stuff. Same way some people cannot handle alcohol and some can smoke cigarettes their whole lives with no obvious harm.

      In view of the costs involved in enforcement, I have to say that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it did get legalized. But, don’t underestimate the resistance from the people who make money off of alcohol it’s taxes, religious types against it on moral grounds, and those whose family or selves have suffered damage from it.

  21. Peggy Gildon says:

    I have to say that everyone in my family has at one time or another smoked pot, so I am not a fanatic or government brainwashed. My 77 year old mother up north is trying to get a medical marijuana license so she can smoke everyday. But it is not legal here yet and I’m sure one day it will be. Yes I think it is bad, one because it is illegal and two, I know way too many people who smoke pot whose only ambition in life is to smoke pot! Then there are the people who can’t smoke pot because the job may drug test them or they are on probation so they go a step further and try something else to calm their nerves and you don’t see that then you are just ignorant! What is red
    My point is everyone of these comments have insinuated “it’s just pot” well tell it to your kid or the officer who arrest them for the misdemeanor, or remind yourself when your handing $1500. to some lawyer to get your kid out of trouble, because you have no concern over just a little pot. You do know I hope that Broward County Jail is full of people who said that at one time or another.
    And I truly believe that every okay let me say 90 % of the crime we have is due to drugs and last I heard marijuana was in that category! What is ridiculous is all these comments. I understand that she is a wonderful person and how this came to happen to her is very sad and she will pay for the best attorney and she will walk away. I don’t think our children should be led to believe that when it happens to them, and it will as you can see it did after all happen to this wonderful educator, they will get a slap on the wrist and set free to do it again! That is not the way it works for normal people who don’t make the evening news!

  22. Vicki says:

    Boy I bet those steroid injecting police officers are proud of their catch!

  23. Peter Priore says:

    Say What, Get Real and help citizens , don’t penalize this lady for a minimal offense, there are more important things to focus on…………….

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