Over the next year, Smart Phones are expected to start outselling home computers.

If you’re using your computer to figure out your finances and taxes you don’t have to wait any longer to dial up your tax returns right from your Smart Phone.

But are they really smart enough to trust with your taxes?

Nobody likes doing their taxes, but home computers and sophisticated all the available software programs on the market right now make it a lot easier to figure out.

It’s not a secret that technology always changes. Smart Phones are already taking over almost everything a computer can do.

And a growing number of Smart Phone Tax Apps are being released for this years’ Tax Season which ends on Monday April 18th.

They’re being published by a growing number of big name tax companies.

They claim, from the comfort of your own phone, they can help you put together your tax return and even e-file it to the IRS. 

But some home financial planners say not so fast!

Josh Mungavin of Coral Gables based Evensky & Katz Financial Planners says ” Most people can go to the IRS website and fill out their tax returns and Efile it for free. The keyboards and screens are a lot bigger and it’s a lot easier working on all those figures than working on your phone screen.”

If you still want to try, and don’t mind the small screen and tiny keyboards, look for Tax Apps that also offer tax tips either online or on the phone. They’re handy in case you need case you need any help.

Make sure it can also E-File your return to the IRS. Don’t forget about checking out any security features they may include since you’ll be storing and sending your most personal financial data.

You should also consider double-checking the store reviews offered by other customers who’ve purchased them online.

CBSMIAMI webmaster Dave Game, a long-time Tech Guru, warns to want to check out the reviews before buying them to see from others who bought it to see how well it performs.

The Smart Phone Tax Apps are available for I-Phone and Android Platforms. They usually cost under $10 and many are offered for free. Don’t forget, their cost is probably Tax Deductible.

Before trying to file your taxes by smart-phone, you still need to know what tax information you’ll need to complete your filing.

But if you have many deductions or investments, or any other Tax Complications, you may need to file a more complicated tax return and consider the advice of a tax professional.


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