Regalado Vs. Exposito Makes National Headlines

MIAMI (CBS4) – It is enough to make Magic City leaders cringe and they are. The feud between Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito and Mayor Tomas Regalado closes the week where it began—with no end in sight.

Exposito has a “no comment” for reporters this week, clearly eager to focus on his job and leave the spotlight. But Mayor Regalado has clearly lost confidence in the chief because of six police involved fatal shootings over the past year, a botched corruption probe and a dispute over a gaming machine law.

On top of all that Commissioner Richard Dunn called for a no confidence vote on Exposito Thursday. He said, “He does not possess the competence.” The criticism only got worse from there and Exposito defended his department. He said it does not support overly aggressive tactics on the streets of Miami but is committed to battling violent crime on behalf of citizens asking for just such help.

Suffice it to say the political drama has earned Miami headlines it would rather not have. That includes a story in the New York Times Friday about the decaying relationship between Regalado and his police chief, men who were allies a year ago.

Other city leaders say it is time to give the feud a rest. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said, “We simply need to act maturely, get to the business of the people, get to the business of the city of Miami and move forward.”

It is a nice sentiment, but the war of words won’t be forgotten and the police chief’s future is in the hands of the city manager. He’s the only person, it seems, who is keeping his opinion to himself for now but everyone is waiting to see when he will weigh in on Exposito’s future. Until then, and beyond, the soap opera will go on.


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