Downtown Has Taken The Curve

If you don’t believe it’s was going to happen in Downtown Miami… the proof is in the pudding.  Three years ago I stood in the middle of Flagler street at 6 o’clock and it was just me and the homeless people.

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Back then the Downtown Development Authority was starting up a big campaign to tell us Downtown was going to be the place to be.  Whether it was to save the butts of all the developers or the work of visionaries… it’s happening.


Dozens of restaurants have opened, and stores are following.  Macy’s made a major move this week to line their abandoned street front retail with some reasons to head downtown.

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There will be a wine store, a jazz club, a coffee bar, and a smoothie place to name a few.  Retailers are welcoming the change.  I said it three years ago and I’ll say it today:  Once they fill those condos the residents are going to need services… services they can walk to.

It’s really exciting.  And the best part is the housing downtown, due to the recession, will be semi-affordable for the work force.  I don’t know about you but I would love to walk to work.  Downtown Miami is making it a reality.



I would give it another three years before you have a “Lincoln Road” esk feel… in Downtown Miami.  Expanding businesses should be taking note.

See our report below for more on this story.

From time to time I plan to post behind the scenes photos at CBS4.  Everyone is always curious how we do what we do.


Photojournalist Joaquin Garcia is hard at work editing our six o’clock piece.


What’s your opinion about Downtown Miami’s Future?  Put it down below in the comment section.



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