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BOYNTON BEACH (CBS4) – A trio of Miami men face robbery charges after surveillance video showed two of them dressed as women trying to rob a Boynton Beach Home Depot on Wednesday.

Surveillance video from the store shows a wild scene near the exit to the store. When the cross dressers were confronted by a store employee about some stolen items, things got out of control.

According to Boynton Beach Police, the two men — Kendal Lowry and David Tucker — entered the store around 12:45 pm. The pair are accused of hiding six power tool batteries in a large white handbag and trying to leave the store.

A store loss prevention officer stopped them but both men tried to get away. Police say Lowry pulled out a can of pepper spray and started spraying indiscriminately — inside and outside the store — at several people who came to assist the employee.

Lowry made it out of the store while two employees subdued Tucker.

Moments later, Lowry is seen on video running back into the store to help his friend. He is seen using the pepper spray can to hit an employee repeatedly on the head.

Police say Lowry also continued to spew the pepper spray. While one employee lay on the floor, Tucker continued struggling with the second employee. When that employee fell to the ground, Tucker and Lowry run from the store.

They did not get far, however. Police arrested the pair and a suspected getaway driver, Jeffrey Baldwin. The three are charged with robbery with a weapon. Lowry and Tucker face additional charges.

Several employees and a witness called 911 after seeing the fight break out.

One caller was dealing with the effects of the spray.

“There’s something going on in the store,” the caller told the 911 operator.  “People are being maced in the store. I see two black ladies. One white man on the floor. Oh God, I’m starting to choke,” as she started to cough.

A total of 6 people were affected by the pepper spray. Four of them — including an elderly female customer — were taken to the hospital for treatment. All are fine.

One shopper seemed to take it in stride.

“It’s sad that you can’t even shop in broad daylight,” the shopper said.



  1. tired says:

    This is TOO MUCH! The crossdressing thing might have worked at, I don’t know , say WalMart, Kmart. Crossdresssing shoplifters robbers at the Home Depot? What were they smokin’? Talk about desperate and STUPID!!! This is DEFINATELY going to make “America’s Dumbest Criminals”! Save the dresses guys, they’ll come in handy in the “joint”!

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