‘Relaxing Drink’ Hits Store Shelves

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MIAMI (CBS4) — You’ve heard of drinks like Red Bull that boost your energy. Now the opposite is hitting store shelves. The drink “Unwind” is marketed as the ultimate relaxation drink.

“It really did help,” said Becky Gutenberger, who tried the drink.

“I was skeptical,” said Caitlin Crandley, who tried the drink.

The maker of Unwind gave samples of the drink to hair dressers at a salon.

“It was nice to be able to drink that and just kind of relax like without having to have the wine or anything. Just it was nice, and not to feel groggy the next day,” said Becky.

“It did relax me a little bit different than wine would do, but it tasted good. Just relaxed me at night,” said Jenny Vogt, who tried the drink.

Unwind contains melatonin and valerian root, supplements that are mainly used as sleep aids.

“Both of them have a little medical data out there that show in some, in some people it helps them fall asleep a little bit faster,” said sleep expert Dr. Michael Nolledo.

He says the supplements can help with sleep, and might work for relaxing, but there’s not enough research on how and why Unwind might work.

“It just has not undergone the kind of rigorous testing that an FDA regulated product would,” said Dr. Nolledo.

The maker of Unwind says the ingredients are well known for relaxation benefits, and in compliance with FDA guidelines as a dietary supplement. Adding it contains additional vitamins and antioxidants to improve overall health. And with only 40 calories, in 12 ounces, the stylists like it.

“I felt like it calmed me down. I was ready to go to bed quicker than I usually am,” said Caitlin.

Unwind is lightly carbonated and comes in three flavors. It’s just now available at a variety of stores, including 7-Eleven. It costs just over $2 a can.



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