MIAMI (CBS4) – After an embarrassing and futile display of ownership by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, the Fins now must move towards hiring a new offensive coordinator to breathe new life into a vanilla Dolphins offense.

Two names have surfaced, according to the Palm Beach Post, as the Dolphins search begins: Dallas Cowboys tight ends coach John Garrett and San Diego Chargers tight ends coach Rob Chudzinski.

John Garrett is the older brother of new Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. He has ties to the Dolphins after working with both Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland. According to Sports Illustrated, the Dolphins have received permission to speak with John Garrett for the job.

Garrett has coached Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano and current Cowboys All-Pro tight end Jason Witten. But, John Garrett has no experience as an offensive coordinator at either the college or professional level.

Chudzinski currently coaches for the San Diego Chargers, but was at one time the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. His offense lit up the league in 2007, but became stagnant with bad quarterbacking play the next season and he was eventually fired.

Chudzinski’s offense in Cleveland featured a big-bodied, fast receiver with sometimes questionable hands. He also had a developing offensive line with a stud left tackle and not much else.

The team had bad quarterback play from both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and the Browns offense sputtered as defensive coordinators figured out both QB’s weaknesses.

Dolphins fans will have déjà vu after reading the problems Chudzinski’s offense faced in Cleveland. Neither is likely to engender a great deal of support and enthusiasm amongst Dolphins fans, but the process is just getting started and both are just the first names to appear during the search.

Comments (6)
  1. dan fan says:

    let dan marino coach the dolphins

  2. Joe says:

    Why would they even look at Chudzinski? We have that now. Whatever, man…I’m tired of the whole scene. Wake me when they wake up.

  3. Ismael Cabezas says:

    The dollpphins need more than a bandaid on their team chemistry. They need attitude monitoring software that tracks performance and team memeber desires to establish and maitain a winning team!

    Ismael – Hollywood

  4. Lawrence Horn says:

    Chudzinski did a great job in Miami with the Canes when he had a spagetti armed QB and an old fuddy duddy at head coach. I think he is a good choice if no real big nams are interested. Chad has a canon and Marshall can be a top teir WR. Go Fins!

  5. EL CUBACHON says:

    Start paying the players minimum wage and you’ll see how they play smart and not stupid. Seems like the Miami Dolphins players just play for the money and not a ring. What’s the point in wanting to replace Soporano? We have replaced like 5 coaches and nothing has happened.

  6. Old Time Dolfan says:

    They should really consider hiring Tom Heckert, Jr. as the Director of Footaball Operations. He’s a Dolphins Guy! He worked under Shula and JJ. He was with the Eagles for years and they’re a perrenial playoff team. His first year as GM in Cleveland, under Holmgren, they drafted CB Joe Haden and picked up Peyton Hillis. If Mr. Ross wants the Dolphins to go back to the good old days, this might be the best way to do it.

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